You’re Not Alone! – Food, Housing and Transportation Resources

I am a mother and I’m a student at De Anza College. I do the Food Pantry, which is the
best thing. I go there every Thursday. The best thing is when they have fresh eggs, and milk
and cheese. And it’s been a savior… when I don’t have enough. A lot of the things that I hear on campus from professors is that a lot of students don’t have housing
and don’t have food to eat. The Food Pantry is one of the best resources that we have
here at De Anza. It’s just a way, you know, to make sure no student is hungry and being a student is your top priority. Having a food pantry here means
to our students, that they have to spend less money on food and more money can go to bills or to other expenses. I cannot express my gratitude enough for, actually, for the food that I have here. The food, which is my only food that I have per week. If you’re homeless or struggling to find shelter, we can refer you to groups that can help. The best thing that happened to me was stepping into college. I can recall when my youngest daughter introduced me to a friend and said, “Oh, my mom’s in college.” And I think at that moment she was really proud.

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