Your MLIS Degree. Your Career.

I Have a masters of Library and Information science from San Jose State University And I chose that program because I could manage my own time the classwork was on your own at your own pace Which is helpful not only if you have a busier week But if you just want to get it done early you could get it done early I was a working adult and I was looking at schools Specifically that offered an opportunity to have that flexibility doing what MO is at San Jose State my main Considerations were to be able to be in graduate school and practice librarianship SDSU was wonderful because I could still continue my internship and go to school at the same time And I didn’t have to give up Our master and library and information for each program is offered 100% online because it really fits the life style of our students our students are coming to our program Virtually from all around the world and so they need a range of options that allows them to take courses when it fits their timelines and interest One of the great things I liked about the San Jose State program was that because it was online the instructors too – were from different parts of the country They worked in all kinds of repositories and libraries and I think that Diversity of experience really showed through in the classes that I took whether they were five miles away or 3,000 miles away They were still able to translate their work and their passion their knowledge into the course I was taking through a very easy-to-use format online when I initially started. I wasn’t sure which path and librarianship I wanted to go down well There was such a breadth of classes available that it was really easy for me to jump tracks I remember graduating thinking like man. There’s still so many classes I wish I could take we develop our electives carefully by following the business and Technology trends and the library trends in the field to make sure that we are always providing the most relevant Course offerings and that our students come out very well prepared I would definitely recommend San Jose State University’s master of library and information science it allows you to work at the same Time as going to school. Also allows you to live anywhere in the country I did feel really prepared when I came out of the program It felt like a great investment find something that was both budget-friendly and still a high quality program Was essential for me. It was an excellent academic Experience it was great for my career, and I also made a lot of friends I have friends all around the world now because of this program I actually interned at Apple during my time at San Jose State University and One of my final interview questions there they asked the why did you go to SJSU? I said to be in this room right here and got the job Jump this skill set you learned in the MLS program at San Jose State is gonna allow you to market yourself as that professional that big companies are looking for. SJSU iSchool was a great choice for me. It was a great investment I would not be where I am now that having gone to this program

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