Working with… Nether Alderley Primary School

Nether Alderley Primary School is a small
rural school in Cheshire We currently have 105 children and we part of the Fallibroome multi-academy trust We had already had a set of Apple iPad So we started to see the benefit in terms of pupil engagement We wanted to take that step further and we felt one of the ways We could do that was through 1:1 iPad
provision It was very important for us to engage parents on this Because the children would be taking the iPads home as well We did some sessions with the
parents after school to basically train them up to know how to support their
children at home we found that the parents were really really interested to
see what they would be doing The majority of staff were very positive
about iPad they could recognize what the learning potential could be Had some twilight sessions with the trainers from Jigsaw24 came in and showed a
number of different devices and apps that we could use on the iPads Things like Socrative and Showbie we needed some training because they were new to us We’ve had a one-to-one provision in place for one year now and the data from that year it is very very strong One of the key advantages of using iPad on a one-to-one scale it is learning is very personalised When you’re discussing work with children via Showbie for example they’re getting high-quality feedback
relating just to their work Now the teachers can like record their feedback And then they can type notes on a bit that that I could improve on And I find that so much more easy It’s a lot more helpful with the comments and feedback Because instead of doing it face-to-face you can use it on the iPad and it’s just a lot easier Our PCs that we had were coming to the end of their life Several of us were Mac users at home and had iPads And had seen the benefits that
they brought And thought that would be much better for children We could see they would be much much better than the PC platform that we already had We could work across device with iPad as well So we now have the potential for
children to be outside in the school garden for example Recording footage on their iPad then bringing that into the classroom Where they can AirDrop it
onto the MacBooks and then work with the more sophisticated tools within
programs such as iMovie for example iPads came as a very very pleasant
surprise because we’ve virtually got no technical issues We’ve been able to introduce it much lower down the school We’ve got children age seven doing
things that I wouldn’t have believed possible The parents have been really
really positive throughout they’ve really enjoyed the the project in terms
of them being able to support their children at home as well and see what they’re learning about at school I quite often know what she’s been doing at school before she brings her iPad back because of the Showbie app so quite often I’ll have notifications on my phone or my iPad When she comes out of school I can
say oh tell me about this they’ve been doing so that’s brilliant really really
change the way we have those conversations Not only would I recommend
this technology to other schools I would suggest it’s an absolute must The benefits are there for all to see Working with Jigsaw24 has been really
positive from the outset We’ve had a really high level of support and training Every step of the way there’s always been somebody at the end of the phone has always been that support The headline I would say is happy children learn best And iPad in our setting certainly makes our children happier At my old school I was struggling with quite a lot of things like writing and reading
but now that I’m at Nether Alderley and I have the iPad and the computers I found
that also much easier They’ve helped me so much

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