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[MUSIC]>>TEXT: Curtis, Marine Corps
Veteran, VA, Education and training>>SPEAKING: My name is Curtis.
I was in the Marine Corps. I came in in May of 1995 and I
was medically retired in November of 2009. Well I knew part of my plan was
that I was going to go to college. I had taken a couple of
online classes while I was in the Marine Corps, so I knew I
could do it. So I contacted the school, who had a VA
representative liaison. And once I was accepted into the
school, she gave me the paperwork to fill out. And they
pretty much handled everything else from there. And it’s really
easy. People think it’s hard to use the GI Bill in school. And
it’s not. It’s a seamless, easy program, that the school does
most of the work. And the benefits are just
unbelievable. While everyone else is working and scraping
through college, you don’t have to. You can concentrate on
your studies and that transition into becoming a civilian again. I have a wife and two sons. It’s
going to be an example for my sons, that no matter what your
limitations are, that you don’t put limitations on yourself.
Just because you had a brain injury, or just because you had
PTSD, or just because you have an obstacle, that doesn’t mean
you can’t accomplish a goal. And I kind of set that out, to
show my kids that hey, look, no matter what it is, there’s no
excuse for not finishing your education or not doing whatever
you think you can do. The GI Bill–there’s several
different programs that they can be utilized for. It can be
utilized for a technical school, can be utilized for an art
school, vo-tech. I mean, I’ve got friends that are going on it
to welding schools, pilot– there’s all different kinds
of programs out there. And if a Veteran decides that
he’s not going to go to school, or he uses some kind of
different program, that GI Bill can be passed on, signed over,
to one of his children. And his children will receive the exact
same benefits that he would have received.>>TEXT: The GI Bill® can also be
passed on to your spouse. For more information visit
VA.gov>>SPEAKING: Without the VA
there’s no way I could have worked and gone to school due
to my injuries. I couldn’t have done it. Without this benefit,
it would’ve been a no-go for me.>>TEXT: Don’t miss out on
benefits you may have earned. Visit VA.gov

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