1. Years of tree huggers and obscure animal rights activists have eliminated brush clearing operations and tree cutting now , the idiots are burning themselves up and can’t figure it out

  2. What the hell is Pelosi's nephew smirking and guffawing about?
    Is it a contrived prank (to him) he's laughing about, to get federal money that's otherwise been denied, for sanctuary communities?
    Is it odd that several fires start simultaneously, miles away from each, as electric power is shut off to seemingly prevent this and the winds come, on cue, seemingly?
    Pelosi commented that "they" would continue with "their" agenda – there would be some collateral damage; stated months ago.

  3. Everyone in this thread are all questionable to live! THEY JUST PASSED STRICT LAWS LAST NIGHT! Check them out there gonna take your guns or your neighbor can!!

  4. Imagine that, the power was off and a fire still started in the brush?
    Someone has seen on a wether satellite the exact time 4 fires erupted at the same time!

  5. You mean another wildfire in California? Geez, between the overabundance of criminal occupants, the massive increase in taxes, the SJW lunatic pack dogs, and this, it's like they want California to be destroyed.

  6. Yes , I believe in God > And I also Believe in Satan > Given That with this opinion , I believe the Fires that are always Happening in Calif-pornia > Could be that God's saying > Until These Vile Democrats are Voted out of All Government agency's , Office's , Any important issue's , That I will let Satan deal with your sickness's !! > Just Sayin !!

  7. Every thing on fire .! No it ain't..! Three Leaves aren't touched.!
    BETTER MAKE FRINDS WITH ISRAEL AND FIND OUT HOW TO FIX IT..! You've Overexposed your methane in action figures for its now vapor by taking all the water off the top of it that kept it under pressure and liquid..! You best be making friends with Israel and find a way to fix it or get off California land..!

  8. Would it be difficult to have people spotting at night for fires with air tankers inflight ready to hit it before it gets to big? Seems like they are always just hoping for the best when they go to sleep at night with a Santa Ana blowing.

  9. PG&E is retaliating on the state for suing them for last years disaster. They are punishing hte people by cutting power unnecessarily. Corporate thugs.

  10. They have identified 4 explosions throught out CA. I wonder about vocanic activity due to drilling for steam and oil. What a mess!

  11. Isnt that Schiff's and Pelosi's area? How are they helping? Didn't think so. VOTE REPUBLICAN AND SAVE CALIFORNIA!!!!

  12. Gavin Newsome is incompetent. Gerry Brown’s policies destroyed California. 5 Reservoirs should have been built over the past 15 years to capture the extraordinary amount of rain that fell three years ago. This wasn’t done because politicians argued it would hurt fish and other species that are not native to California. The state is run by idiots: they push businesses out of the state with high taxes, and the. wonder why there are no jobs.

  13. ….Every time this happens, I have the same questions……….#1…How many times have the same neighborhoods been rebuilt?……….#2……How does anyone there afford the insurance since the odds are so great that their homes will be destroyed by fire.?..….or mud slides………..#3….Why would anyone want to build homes in a dessert that is prone to annual fires?

  14. Civilian satellite weather feed shows flashpoints like military grade lasers erupting in the areas where these fires started.

  15. Gavin Newsom's inferno. Karma comes to those that deserve it. Prayers to all the innocent families caught up in Newsom's political games.

  16. I think its obvious that this is a biblical eradication. 2nd attempt. But then again i saw pictures from last year where cars were completely melted right next to trees and shrubs that were not even scorched. Very strange

  17. If we can just figure out a way to shift public opinion towards the State taking control of the utilities…………oh wait.

  18. Power company shut the power off because they knew a fire was going to happen. Someone has to stop playing with matches.

  19. Start managing your forests and stop listening to the tree huggers. Burn the dead wood for heat and campfires. All that's going on is mother nature taking care if herself. Burn baby burn.

  20. Smokey the bear would care if he wasn't homeless now in LA stealing TVs and VCRs for his honey fix. 🐻
    Edit) this is 1992 right?

  21. Those fires were set, its time to investigate. Sounds like agenda 2030 to me. If no investigation the state of California will be lost. Its time for the President to look into this matter ASAP.

  22. Read Luke ch 21…A prophecy by Christ himself regarding how it be before his return…you can be stubborn if you want and mock the Bible, but there’s no denying what is written is clearly right before your very eyes…the prophecy clearly states before his return, conditions in the world would be like “ birth pains” of a woman in labor…birth pains start out mild and increase up until the very moment a baby is delivered, so don’t expect things to get any better in this world people …you better turn your heart to the Lord and stop mocking…Prophecy also states the love of many would wax cold because iniquity abounds … many comments state the governor is behind this well, don’t be surprised when love grows cold these kind of things are to be expected and will get worse. The only hope is in God…not your money…not your house or car..or your elite status with regards to any position you may hold, it’s time to wake up!

  23. It's truly shocking to see how many of you wish the worst of the people of California. It would probably be safe to assume many of you here are Christian conservatives? Is this the way you really think? Wanting people to die because they think different than you? Never in my life have I ever wished a hurricane or tornado or any other disaster would wipe out a state and it's people just because they're conservative or voted for Trump. Despite what you might think, a majority of us actually care about other Americans and don't wish for y'all to die in fires or floods or hurricanes.

  24. California now able to predict wildfires like the weather man can predict a snowstorm…what kind of science makes this analysis?

  25. Good. I hope the entire state of CA and every liberal in it burns to ashes. Should go a long way in clearing up our illegal immigrant problem.

  26. yup, I think it was on purpose, to push a agenda. call it a coincidence, just days after, pg&e cut off the electricity, to prevent a fire, this fire breaks out

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