Will not approve establishment of Sharia universities – PM (English)

don't go to Uranus fishing gear wish Massimino the biggest issue we have right now is whether to have separate schools based on religion or whether to have common schools for everyone we have already decided to take all religious schools under the purview of the government except Sunday schools Muslim Parliament areas agree to establish a board to overlook madrasa Institute's and take them under the purview of the Ministry of Education we will not allow the establishment of Sharia universities in Sri Lanka we need to have a common schooling system it is all right to name a school under the name of a religious leader or a saint the question is should they be categorized as Sinhala Tamil Buddhists Catholic Christian or Muslim one or two years must be given to convert such schools into public schools the international schools don't belong anywhere and there must be regulated the Ministry of Education should be given necessary provisions to regulate them and oversee their syllabus


  1. Biggest issue is your parlimenterians has no disciplines and most of them are racists. Teach them we are live in a world. And we have a little country. India, Pakistan China don't support racism. If your MPs behave well people will automatically behave good most are corrupted uneducated and thieves..

  2. ෆොන්සේකා… මෛත්‍රී …….. ධම්මික……
    අවුරුදු හතරකට කලින් මේ රටේ මිනිස්සු රැවටුන තමයි රනිල්… ආයෙනම් රැවටෙයි කියල හිතන්න එපා..

  3. Pakada kariyo laba ganna thiyenne thoge ammata huka gan aye u n p ekak kawadawath enna ida thiyanne na api kari wada balla

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