Why Do We Need Inner Engineering Book? | Sadhguru

I was wondering if your new book, what significance
it had for people who have completed Inner Engineering and other programs. Sadhguru: Oh, you mean to say the failed candidates
of Inner Engineering program? (Laughter) See, even when you went to school, the teachers
came and taught you something, you did not get it. So you went and… went home and read the
textbook, you did not get it. Examination came and you failed, obviously
you did not get it. So then they’ll give you a guide book, you
know? Like if you cannot see, they’ll give you
a guide dog. Like that, if you cannot get it, they’ll give you a guide book which is a simpler version of everything. If you could get it, you could read a textbook
and find it’s not enough and read a reference book which has many more things than what you need for your examination but you’re interested in knowing, you’re not interested
in just getting a little bit. But if you can’t get it, then we give you
a guide book. So this is more like a guide book (Laughs)
– those, who will not get to Inner Engineering or those, who got there and didn’t get it. “No, Sadhguru, I got it!” That means you did not get it (Laughter) because
Inner Engineering is not a one-time thing, it’s an ongoing process. This is the nature of the existence. Right now… you may just see the color of
the leaves at fall time and have romantic ideas coming out of it but as far as the earth is concerned, it is engineering its future for the winter because if the leaf doesn’t cover the earth, and when the snow falls, the tree will die. So, when the sun was up, it needed leaf up there. When the snow falls, it needs leaf down there
and if the foliage is on and if the snow falls, the tree will break too. So, they’re engineering their life continuously,
the way it is necessary for them. So engineering is not like one time you did
it and that’s it – “I’ve done the program.” It’s not a qualification, it is an evolution
of the human being. So, you have seen – this is not because
of nature of what is being offered to you, but the nature of how most people make use of it. Have you not noticed that when you went through the Inner Engineering program, whatever you went through, whether the fourteen-day one or seven -day one or five-day or four-day or two-day (Laughs), you remember, immediately after the program, how beautifully it worked! Yes or no? Tch, but slowly, many have gone back to their
old positions. They remember Inner Engineering as a nice
experience in their life. It’s been… From an aspiration – Inner Engineering was an aspiration – now it is gone into a cherishing mode (Laughs). No, Inner Engineering is neither an aspiration
nor should it be in a cherishing mode. It should be in an ongoing engineering mode. That means constantly engineering this (Referring to oneself). The fundamentals are there, but engineering
must continue, isn’t it? So, the book is a wonderful reminder for those of you, who found Inner Engineering worked in a fantastic way for three weeks .. and pretty good for three months, Six months later, just a few things worked and six years later, Shambhavi was such a pleasant memory (Laughter). So this book is not something that you read
and throw kind of book. This is something that you use every day to
engineer yourself, to bring certain simple aspects into reality. The book is not teaching you how to become
something, the book is only talking about how to position yourself so that life will find its way. In what posture should you sit right now for
these lungs to operate properly? Is it true that if you lie down on your face
your lungs will not operate properly? Yes or no? If you sit up like this (Gestures), it works
better. This is how the body is engineered, so we
have to… If we want to breathe well, we sit like this
(Gestures). Similarly, for various aspects of your life, there are different positions that you need to take- physically, psychologically, emotionally,
energy-wise for it to blossom. So these are simple fundamental principles
as to how you can hold these different aspects so that it’ll blossom. Inner Engineering program also is the same
thing, but as you have relegated it into cherishing mode, that you cherish those seven days – “It
was so nice, the program.” – then the book will bring back the program
and remind you there is nothing nice about it (Laughs), It is just that if you use it,
it works, if you don’t use it, it doesn’t work. It’s just simple (Laughs). There’s really nothing nice about Inner
Engineering, – what’s nice about it? Nothing nice. In fact, what’s nice about me? Nothing nice about me – all the time picking
problems out of you. Just three days ago I asked somebody about
something (Laughs), “Did somebody give you feedback on what you’re doing or did they praise you?” They told me, “Whoever praises anybody in
Isha? All they do is, pick on problems!” I said, “That’s good” (Laughs) because
what you’re doing well will anyway bear fruit. We don’t have to say anything nice about
it, it will anyway bear fruit. What you’re not doing well is what needs
to be fixed. And people who want to be popular with you but they don’t care a damn once you’re not with them, they will praise you. But if somebody is really concerned about you, they’ll pick on all your problems and tell you what it is because that’s what needs to be fixed. What you’re doing well anyway will bear
fruit, isn’t it? That doesn’t need praise from me or anybody. Life will pay you back for doing things well. What you’re not doing well, for that life
will punish you. It’s best that those things are fixed at
the earliest. So the book is just a reminder, daily reminder. Reminder means… See, it’s like your alarm bell. You want to wake up in the alarm
at a certain time, you keep an alarm bell. “Sadhguru, ten years ago I set… I had set an alarm one day, I woke up on that day.” It’s no use. Today morning did you wake up is the question,
isn’t it? So is alarm bell a one-time tool in your life
or a daily tool? It’s just like that. Inner Engineering is a daily tool. It’s not a one-time thing. Book is to make that statement very clear
to you – “Inner Engineering is not a one-time thing, it’s a daily thing.” So, those who have done the program must carry
it with them as a guide book. Because you don’t have a guide dog, you
need a guide book (Laughs). And you should not take it as a teaching,
you should just carry it as a toolkit.


  1. Sadhguru/Isha I love you!! Thank you for bringing joy to my life.
    If you see this comment have a great day!
    (And this is the second comment Yay!!)

  2. Thank you, Sadhguru. You are a wonderful teacher and it's a pleasure knowing you. You changed the way I see the world. You change the way I think now. Thank you.

  3. inner engineering is day to day internal body work but the outcome cannot taste or seen is a misery-Reddy Airoli Navi mumbai

  4. reading it for the past two weeks or so and reflecting, digesting, etc. along the way. book is on sale at Amazon. happy reading

  5. Sadguru I listen to your lectures everyday.I am so greatful,l am being enlightened.
    I love to know…gain knowledge.
    I share what l learn and encourage others to subscribe.

  6. Why did nobody film the making of the Adiyogi statue? How sad we cannot see or watch them build this Master-piece!

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