Who is Bitkub ? and What we are here to do

Many people think that Bitkub is only an digital asset exchange But in fact, Bitkub Capital Group Holdings is a conglomerate that embodies 4 seperate identities. That is, Bitkub Online Bitkub Blockchain Technology Thai Blockchain Hub Education Center Bitkub Investing Arm Although they all have the same goals that is to develop a blockchain ecosystem that is robust and efficient throughout Thailand Until today, everybody is still in the physical world that is the offline world and we, at Bitkub, will be the center point for people to access the digital world that is the online world with easiness Bitkub Blockchain Technology will help us build a digital world that has a solid foundation that will allow sustainability. That aims to help other companies integrate blockchain technology and launching numerous ICO projects. Bitkub Online will have the goal to build the bridge between the two worlds Becoming the gateway between the two worlds allowing people to trade digital assets through buying, selling, and exchange. Thai Blockchain Hub Education center helps building and preparing people through learning and application for the crossing of the bridge to take part in the digital world with ease. None but not least Bitkub Investing Arm helps blockchain related start-ups to easily take part in the growth of the Blockchain ecosystem All of this with the goal for us to be at the forefront for tomorrow’s challenges.

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  1. Hi, Bitkub exciting project! It would be a pleasure to discuss with you about the concept behind your work, WebDollar (WEBD) embraces the same concept from its creation, and collaborations certainly lead to an increase in the crypto community around the world.

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