Where to look for part time jobs while studying at Canadian universities?

well there are ways to find out
the job for yourself the very first is a at your university and college they have
job bulletin board, so you need to see those job bulletin boards
time after time maybe weekly or maybe everyday kind of a thing and
there’s a chance that you might get employment from those job bulletin
boards. The second option that you have there is a very popular website in
Canada which is called the kijiji.com I’m sorry www.kijiji.ca you can always look
for the latest opening at Kijiji.ca and I believe that mostly Canadian
employers they use www.kijiji.ca and the third option that you
have that is the government website, which is www.jobbank.gc.ca.
It is the website which is supported and run by Government of Canada, so you’ll
see the listing of all sorts of the openings and and they will always update
about the latest jobs and the fourth option that you have that is the
recruitment websites like Workopolis and others. You can post your resume on
this website and whenever any opening are there you just go through all the
details of the opening and you can apply for the job directly to the employer and
last but not least references work. Everywhere in the world if you’re
someone is acquaintances and if he puts in a good word for you there’s a chance
that you will be employed.

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