When The Teacher Won’t Let You Go To the B*throom!!

Excuse me teacher I gotta go to the b*throom No, you already went, you’re just trying to
get out of learning But teacher, I really gotta go to the w*shroom Shut the **** up and do learning Blah blah blah 5+2 blah blah blah Horses are big dogs blah blah blah blah blah Doctor, what happened to this student? It appears the cause of death was Having to go to the B*THROOM Mother****er I told you I had to go to the b*throom! “I have to go the b*throom too” BIG CHUNGO! I love to go to the b*throom! [Tune of Camila Cabello-
“Havana (feat. Young Thug)”]
♫Big Chungus ooh na na♫ Ok we’re here with the creator of the video,
I have to ask, have you ever had to go to the b*throom? Are you trolling me bro? Yeah I am LOL LOL


  1. I was so #waiting for the surprise “tw*st” before the surprise *twi*t” (the “twis*” (#spoiler alert) is that big (spoiler alert) #Chungus is have to go to the ba”throom (ch*ngys” that when the surprise “t*ist” happe #Ned I was so surprised by the “*wist” it was a “”surprise” tw*st”)

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