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It’s a very nice place. It’s like the
idea of festival that you are replace and there is a good complacence of business
and culture together. Out of the ordinary, totally unexpected, not typical, inspirative.
I think a very good example of interdisciplinary work. HUB Festival It was such a new thing I experienced.
I’ve never been to an event like this. We started 10 years ago
with our furniture days which started small and went at the end
really, really big. We took a one-year break and then we
decided to do something different. The people they’re seeing so many things
every day and I think people who are visiting Interprint believe that we do
something different which gives them something new to think or to rethink or to explore.
And it’s really a self explorative thing. Together with partners
and people from other areas which are important to make sure that we all
supply a nice furniture. So it’s a way to put together different things
on a same event. You know, in Italy ‘trend’ is a bad word. We prefer to use ‘vision’ because to understand a trend you have to have a vision. To talk about trends is also for me always talking about the future. Working with trends is becoming more important because the time span that the
teams have to develop products is not getting a lot shorter but the market is
moving faster. So you cannot really speed up in order to keep pace. You need to
look more into the future to be prepared. The customers they’re focus on trends even more in the future. So, if you don’t know what they will like in two years you
cannot prepare. There will be other brands and other furniture brands that can because they are on trend. Future of trends there are so many that we think
– not only for us as well for everybody else – we need to make sure that we pick
up the right ones and maybe we have to think much more target groups. My topic in the moment is ‘I live where I work and I work where I live’ because this world
is changing you work at home you work in a coffee
or in a bar or in a hotel lobby and then you go to your office and this world
looks different and I think nowadays this world are getting closer together.
And I think there’s a lot to do in this free spaces and this is a moment of the
era which I’m really looking forward to to be part of development. Ah, that’s my favorite one. Furniture has to be put in scene like I
have to go to a place to enjoy furniture. It’s not like I go to a place and I
compare 10 sofas. I will I will go to a place which I know it is appealing to my
lifestyle and I will experience mixed things. For us there is a big change now
and the store of the future is in your device because you inform yourself
what you want. You check situations and you check your environment and then you
just decide what you want to buy and you buy it. You don’t need to go actually
anymore to a big, big furniture store. I think this is something which is
happening now. Maybe not ready now but it starts to happen and I think we need to
be prepared for this as an industry. I cannot imagine that a furniture store
will completely die because when you buy a piece of furniture which you want to
have for your life. Like an expensive bed or sofa: You want to feel it, you want to try it out you want to sit on it, you want to lay on
it. Like today you go and you use a car for 1 hour, 2 hours. Probably in the
future you will have the possibility to stay 1 day 2 days in a house to
understand how your house could be. Oh, Italian design Italian Design, in my
opinion is a sort of historical movement with the idea to change the planet. There is also a very interesting young generation of Italian designers coming out.
So I think it’s a really nice period but as I said I’m Italian so maybe I’ve
passion on this I’m Italian and now I have to say something which is maybe not nice for all the Italians. I’m not really believing anymore in really only
Italian design. I think Italy is more the playground and
all international designers, all designers all over the world go to this
place because it’s the nicest playground maybe of the world and then they start
to be creative. Maybe together with Italians but only Italian designers for
me not enough anymore For me it’s not an experience because
it’s my target, my job. I’m really looking forward to what the other
guys are saying to experience decor paper. I’m really, really looking forward
because for everybody it would be something new. I didn’t think about it
before I get in touch with Interprint because it was like okay,
there are floors and furniture and somehow they are printed with a wooden
look or something like this but I never thought about these things and where
they come from. I’m a timber girl! I thought everything should be real wood
instead but it’s not possible. So you have functional aspects you have cost
and even in public spaces when you don’t have 3 million as a budget you want to
give that space and appealing touch and you want everybody to be able to enjoy
certain styles. And in my opinion the paper decor will be a very, very big –
very important future.

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