What School Should REALLY Teach You

you ever stop what you're doing in the middle of the day and just think I'm a moron whatever every wants a girl superwoman and I've been through years and years of school but I still feel like I don't know how to function like a proper human being in the real world like every once in a while I have no idea how to do a simple task like I literally just walk past my degree on the wall and just wonder like how the F do I still get lost in Ikea every damn time and how can I never remember where I parked my car and I never have enough iCloud storage mostly because I don't know what that is that's because sometimes aka very likely a K like Monday to Friday school teachers kids useless things I'm just saying school should prepare you for real-world struggles number one mathematics I'm lost in a strange place and my phone is dead what do I do recycle 90 times tables said no one ever next is me real most of the math you learn in school is completely useless in everyday life today we're gonna learn how to measure the circumference of a circle the diameter of a circle the radius of the trigonometry the length of this side of this triangle the hypotenuse math is also going to include letters now okay math is now pretty little letters solve for a parabola two parabolas parabola two parabolas acute angles o two trapezoids a and the equation of this hexagonal cosign parallelogram tangent isosceles any questions and because lo fills your head with all these complex equations when it comes to simple everyday math you're an idiot box no so good I use like I'm buying my pants oh oh actually can you split the bill no sorry not for parties over to our calculators everybody who got the steak depends how much was it again what do you mean how much what does it matter what you get the stick the stick I honestly think it's just like $30 each yo I didn't drink both you did also yeah you got walk on sidewalk is an extra okay focus always extra shut your mouth this is include tip yet no so we have a tip individually let's just tip individually cash credit card was just caught 20 bucks each but it includes between okay okay I love that movie that's ratatouille oh this virtu 'ti okay well easy dollar short how because of the tax tax nothing I didn't carry the one what's the standard is a 13% bullshit you might get like can we get some graph paper just to me I had a dollar for every time my friends and I could not figure out the division of the bill I would have enough money to just pay for the whole meal it got me stupid number two foreign languages growing up in Canada I had to learn French so I to my son process so for nine years of my life I had to learn this as a second language so tell me why the biggest language barrier I've ever faced while traveling is in France because I had no idea what the f anyone was saying why you ask because food or welcome to your first day of French class today we're going to learn all about meet the toppings how to conjugate the verb to jump so let me get Bay's lesson circus terms Vaughn ready nap Mel credi Mary ready no nap ready Marek ready Mel ready man freddie creddie how do you say I need help Pamela bush s'il vous plait baby you know what they should teach you in school how to understand foreign languages you will see in your daily life wait can you park here it says I can park here between noon and 3:00 ok so you're good oh if it also says not on Mondays and on days that have a tea in it you're good also not during street cleaning or during a quarter moon I think you're good and by permit only at 5:00 p.m. we're good and I think it's a towaway zone on Saturdays we're still good ok oh no wait forgot my phone what I have for reading parking signs 101 I'm just saying this the type of education we need you little twat worksheets you don't know what frustration or inner turmoil is in life unless you had to cut out those geometric paper shapes and glue them together to make 3d shapes in today's day and age that whole process makes no sense our students now today I want you to cut out these shapes and then glue these shapes together to make 3d shapes it's important to learn high boots because 3d printers will never exist okay and then I want you to answer questions about the shapes what fire do you know how many sides are on a cube make the cube I can literally just count the sides of the cube without building it make the cube I'm done with my sphere a magnacube instead of giving me worksheets full of mindless work teach me how to work with sheets in real life number four dress codes now be straight up the only dress code I had in my school growing up was no gang signs yeah that should put a lot of things in context for you but today dress codes and schools are absolutely ridiculous and not at all a good reflection of what the real world is class as you can see this young lady's skirt is one inch too short and I'm not woken up to realize this dress code is sexist so go home tuck in that shirt young man pull up those pants sir this isn't a Yolo hey no hats looks like your top is one centimeter above your mid-drift we don't want the male students to lose focus now do we fools you have failed as educators if you drill a dress code into your students mind and then they graduate and after they graduate they get invited to events and they still don't know what the eff is appropriate attire to wear hey so what's the dress code for the event tonight missus casual it's like a pantsuit no just I think I'm just like jeans okay hello I'm business casual Oh Peyton hi me office yeah I'm time business casual weather miss cash good eye sir my name is business casual that's what they should teach you in school okay I can do an effort to wear a math class tell me what to wear to a wedding okay to a meeting to a social also what the f is a social since when is social a noun first what what what what but real talks can I just be real with you I know how school feels everyone going back to school it is true a lot of the specific things you learn in school you will never ever use in your life but hear me when I said you will use the time management social skills the work ethic skills all the life skills you learn through being in that environment you will learn so you know what tough it out figure out the goddamn hypotenuse okay I promise it'll be worth it one day kill it hustle hard Oh yoohoo stop stop you're watching right now before you go anywhere don't even think about thumbs up the video don't even do you want to watch more videos like this one right over there my daily vlog channel behind-the-scenes all that stuff right over there make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday and hit that Bell to be notified when I upload one love superwoman that is a wrap and


  1. WUDDDDUPPPP FAM?! Am I the only one who feels like schools need to teach more realistic life lessons?! LET ME KNOW! Also, #SuperSixty starts now! Which means I'll be responding to your comments below for the next 60 minutes! And GO! xo

  2. honestly in my french class they just started speaking in french and expected us to get it. May I remind you this was from grades kindergarden to 5th.

  3. I go to a public school and this is just some of my dress code: u can only wear collard shirts. No collard dresses. Pants/skirts cannot be above ur knees. Us girls wear jeans. WE LIVE IN FLORIDA. WE ARE DYING OF HEAT EVERY DAY! Also we cant wear open toe shoes

  4. I was up til 4 am every night doing a damn chemistry worksheet…just to gwt it wrong and have to redo it

  5. I’m in 12th grade and I still don’t know the T to time management, and my social life is 0 cuz I have to study all day..and well I don’t know about ethic but all I do is work😑

  6. Growing up in Bulgaria:
    1. 10 hours Bulgarian and Literature for one week
    2. Matures after 4th, 7th, 10th and 12th grade. I'm 7th grade. Wish me luck.
    3. English as a second language which is good. That's how I can understand you from here. Greetings from Bulgaria! 🇧🇬

  7. It's actually very easy to get lost in IKEA. The employees move all of the furniture around when no one is looking.

  8. 5:38 Well, I have to wear a UNIFORM. So even though you have dress codes you're damn lucky. Also 2019 anyone?

  9. In my school the dress code literally points at girls like bruh this boy wore literally no shirt to school and he didn’t get dress coded!! And this one girl wore shorts one centimeter above the dress code and she had to go home!!!!!!!

  10. In our school, there's friggin haircut inspection and nails inspection. Like wtf?? What does this have to do with us learning??! aryoudumb???? aryoudumb???? aryoudumb????

  11. Heyyyyy learning all of the in the 5th grade 8th grade in reading math 7th grade yayy yyy I'm smart

  12. My gosh I can relate to pretty much everything… 😂 also ( I am Canadian) so we do learn French as our second language and the pizza toppings one made me laugh. I could probably name most of the things that you put on a pizza, but wouldn’t be able to ask for directions. 😂😂

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