What it’s REALLY like to apply for a Masters Degree.

Oh man… This is all starting to feel way too real. Hi everybody! *signature cough* For any of you who don’t know, my name is Alayna Joy, and I am currently in the process, well, currently just completed the process, of applying for my Master’s degree. I am specifically applying for a Master’s of Counseling Psychology in beautiful, British Columbia, Canada and I wanted to make a video documenting the entire process taking you guys along showing you step-by-step what applying for your Master’s actually looks like because, OH there’s been some ups and downs. But not only do I want to show you guys what this process has been like for me I want to give you some tips and tricks that I have learnt or used along the way to hopefully help any of you guys out there who are either thinking about applying for a master’s program or actually starting the process.
Without further ado, Let’s jump into the video because I have a lot to say. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Winnipeg I studied psychology. I did a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree with honors, which means that I completed a thesis I did a research thesis as a part of my degree And I did that because I knew that the graduate studies that I would want to do would require me to have completed a thesis as a part of my undergraduate. A little bit of terminology stuff just to make sure we’re all on the same page. Here in Canada at least, I don’t know how it is in other parts of the world, here in Canada an Undergraduate degree and a Bachelor’s degree are the same thing. That’s like interchangeable language. As well as saying a master’s program or a graduate program those are the same thing a graduate program could also be your PhD, but when I say graduate studies I’m talking about Masters y’all. And honestly, that’s where my preparation for my Master’s program already began. Any of you who are in your Undergraduate program or who are doing a Bachelor’s degree of some sort, if continuing your studies into a Master’s program is even remotely on your mind begin preparing now. Just, just trust me. You’re gonna make your life so much easier down the road if you start preparing early. And what I mean by that is not just your grades, because obviously your grades have an impact on how you look on paper for your potential Master’s program, but your experience. There’s three types of experience that you’re going to want to look for. The first two kind of go hand in hand and these are Teacher’s Assistant positions and Research Assistant positions. So when I was in my second year of my Undergraduate program, I got a Teacher’s Assistant position and then a Research Assistant position with a couple of my professors. So how do you get an RA or a TA position you ask? Some schools will post when those positions are available. But honestly, most of the time, the way that I did it and the way any of my friends did it was we just asked professors that we liked or that we got along with. And my professor who I started doing the TA work with actually ended up supervising my thesis. We did some advanced readings and research courses together. I still consider him a mentor and a friend to this day. He was a reference for my Master’s application. Getting a TA or a Teacher’s Assistant position was honestly one of the most valuable things that I did in my Undergraduate experience. So, would highly recommend. And then, the third type of experience that you want to get is experience of some sort in your field. And I promise I’m gonna get to like the storytime part of this soon. I just want to make sure you guys have all the information because when I was in my Undergraduate degree I didn’t know that having volunteer experience or having a TA position or RA position, I didn’t know that those things mattered until somebody told me. So, this is me telling you. If you didn’t know before, now you do. It’s important start as soon as you can. Also, I feel like this lighting is a bit wonky. Is that better? I can’t tell. So, for me, I volunteered as a Sexual and Reproductive Health Educator at a teen clinic in my city. When you’re applying for a Master’s program, they want to know what kind of experience you already have in your field. And so, the sooner that you can start getting that experience the better. And you also need to make sure that you have completed all of the prerequisite courses. So for me, even though I have an Undergraduate degree in Psychology, and I’m applying to a Psychology program, I didn’t have all the prerequisite courses. I needed to take extra courses in counseling outside of my degree before I was allowed to apply to this program. So these are things that you want to know ahead of time before you go to apply, because they can take months and months to complete. You don’t want to show up ready to apply like a month before the deadline and find out you need to take six months worth of courses before you meet the prerequisites. And this my friends is where my story begins. So, I found out that for the program that I wanted to apply for I needed to take three Prerequisite counseling courses that I didn’t have from my undergraduate program *frustrated groan* *laughter* I knew this ahead of time. It wasn’t like this was some big surprise. But, I went through some learning figuring out how to take these courses. So, my first instinct for these courses was to take them at the school that I was applying to because the University itself offers these courses. And so I thought, wow, this would be great if I could take those courses at the actual University that I want to apply to. Maybe I can meet some of the professors. Maybe I can form some relationships get a feel for the school. It just seemed like a really good idea. And it would have been if it had worked out. It would have been. I would recommend taking the prerequisite courses at the school that you’re applying to. If that works out for you. So, I applied to this University as an undergraduate because these are undergraduate courses that I needed to take. I applied in the… I’m trying to remember, this was so long ago already… This process has taken me like a year and a half; this application process. Learn from me. That’s what this video is for. So you don’t have to make any of the same mistakes I did. I applied last year? Two years ago already. Holy this… has been a process. Not last summer, but the summer before. I get accepted into the undergraduate program. I put myself as like a non-degree program because I wasn’t gonna be trying to get any sort of degree. I just wanted to take a few courses *sigh*
Mistake number one. Fall time rolls around enrollment into these programs opens up and I get my notification that enrollment has opened for me and I find out that all of the classes that I want to take are full. I can’t take a single one of the classes. And I reach out to the department and ask them if I can like be put on some waiting list or something. And they let me know that because I’m in a non-degree program I have like last access to enrollment and it’s unlikely that there will ever be room in these programs by the time my turn rolls around. So I’m like, oh. Cool cool cool cool cool. Cool I’ll just reapply. What this means is that I have to then wait months for This round of courses to be finished. So that a new round of classes will open up. I reapply. This time I apply for the education program. So that’ll have earlier access to these classes. This time I’m accepted into the winter term. I then realized that I won’t actually be able to take classes in that winter term because I had work, I had travel, it just wouldn’t have worked out. So I’m like fine. I’m in. I’ll just wait for the next term. I’ll take these classes in summer. Mistake number two. Summertime rolls around And I’m waiting for my enrollment date to come around so that I can log in and sign up for these classes. These classes that I’ve now been waiting to take for like six months at this point. And I come to find out that because I was accepted for the winter term… *laughter* And during the winter term, I didn’t take any classes. There’s something in the fine print that your acceptance then expires. So, for the third time, I’m unable to take these classes. This is all happening last year, like March-April of 2018. I want to apply for my Master’s at the end of 2018. Like, I want to start my Master’s this year in 2019. So I needed to complete the application in 2018. Like, time’s starting to tick now to finish these prerequisite courses. So, after all of this and wasting SO much money on all these application fees and the deposits that I had to put down. Which you don’t get back, by the way. I was like, okay, this is clearly not the road for me. How else can I get these courses done? And I found out that the Vancouver Community College offered these courses as well. So I thought okay, let’s give that a try. And I don’t remember if I phoned them or emailed them or what. It was within like two days I was all signed up. I had applied. I had been accepted. I was enrolled in all of the courses that I needed to take. It was just SO simple and I wish, I wish I would have broadened my scope, my field of vision, a little bit further a little bit sooner. Because I could have saved myself a lot of headaches if I hadn’t been dead set on taking these prerequisite courses at that one specific University. So, in that way a tip I have to offer you is know your options. There may be more than one option available to you in terms of taking these classes. I would also look at your transcript or look at your grades from your undergraduate degree. And if there are any classes that you’ve taken that you think are relevant to the program that you’re applying to and maybe you don’t have the grade that you would like to have. I would absolutely recommend considering retaking those classes. And don’t discount community colleges. As long as they’re listed on your program’s website as being relevant and accepted…
*knock on door* Sorry, I just got some mail. What I’m trying to say is don’t discount a community college just because it’s a community college. Keep an open mind. So… *exasperated sigh* That brings us to the actual application process. Most universities will offer some sort of information session for potential applicants to attend and I would definitely recommend attending this if you’re able. Those information sessions are full of so much valuable information. Obviously, it’s an information session! But, not only information about the program itself but information about the actual application process. And sometimes they might even give you little hints as to what they’re looking for in an applicant. I found this session incredibly helpful, even if I did lock myself in a stairwell afterwards! I just finished the Master’s information session. And I decided to take the stairs down instead of the elevator and now I’m locked in the friggin stairwell. I came into the stairwell no problem. And now I have gone to every level and all the doors are locked. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to get out of here. This is the only other door that there is but it says this, “Emergency exit only alarm will sound when opened.” Why is the door unlocked for people to get into the stairwell if there’s no way out? Help. Somebody let me out of here. Like, I’m not joking! I’m literally locked in the stairwell! And I don’t know what I’m supposed to do! Now, we’re at the fourth floor. And the worst part is it’s these double doors like there’s another set of doors there. So I’ve been Knocking and banging on this door because I can see people through that peephole. But no one can hear me! I’m gonna die in here. Okay update. It’s been a while and I’m still in the stairwell. I’ve been banging on these doors forever. And then my phone actually lost like data service and I freaked out for a second. Because I’m thinking wait a minute. I’m actually going to be stuck in here and I’m actually gonna die. So when the data service came back I looked up the number for campus security and I called security And now they’re gonna come and let me out. They’re never gonna let me into the Master’s program now! Oh my god. *laughs* Security Guard: Just so you know for the future, that set of doors and just go down the stairs there. You can just walk around to the parking area. Alayna: The doors that say, “Do not open the alarm will sound?!” Security Guard: You can open that door. We just, it just causes an alarm on our system. They’re just so that we know that people have exited the space. Alayna: Ohhh. Okay.
Security Guard: So, you can exit the doors you don’t have to wait to be rescued. Alayna: Okay! *laughs* And then, there’s writing the actual application. Ohhhh the application! When you’re applying for a master’s program, generally, it’s not just as simple as filling out a form and saying, “hey! Let me in!” Okay The actual application portal, like the online application stuff, opened yesterday. And now today I have submitted the first part of the application, which is basically just like my, you know, personal information. Like my name, and my academic history, and my references. They have to review all of that before they open it up and let me submit all of the written parts. BUT, It’s crazy because I’m in the running now. It’s official. I’m in the system. They’re watching me. Now, for the next few days, all there is to do is wait until they review and accept that portion. And then after that we just continue preparing all the other documents Just checked my email and my application was received! *air horn noises* Doesn’t really mean anything like I haven’t been accepted or anything. It just means that I’m allowed to keep applying. *air horn noises* So my program had three written parts. I had to write a letter of intent. Which… almost killed me. I had to submit a writing sample on a topic that they provided and a research proposal. Since the program that I am applying for is research focused. My first tip for writing these parts of your application is not to leave them to the last minute. Don’t try to write these things in a weekend. Give yourself time. Give yourself time to flesh out your ideas what it is that you want to say and give yourself enough time to be able to walk away from what you’ve written and come to it like a few days later, a week later to go over it all again. Because chances are once you’ve had some time away from the beast, when you come back to it you’re gonna have changes that you want to make. Hello everybody. It’s that time of the week again where it’s the weekend. It’s Saturday. A Saturday that I’m not traveling. Which means it’s another day dedicated to this damn application! But, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because this is the last major writing portion of the application. There’s three main parts to this Master’s application in particular. A letter of intent research proposal and academic writing sample. I have done the first two. That’s not my middle finger. And this is not an engagement ring. Next tip is to have other folks in your field proofread your work. And not just a proofread for grammar and spelling, but to get fresh eyes on your work who can look at it from the perspective of somebody who’s working in the field or who has gone through the application process themselves. And who maybe has a better idea of what to look for than you do. I sent my written portions to two of my professors as well as a colleague of mine who is an actual therapist. And getting their feedback was.. You’re also gonna need to submit transcripts from any schools that you’ve attended and you’re gonna need to get references. Now references is another piece of the puzzle that needs to be started or you need to start thinking about it as soon as possible. Like as soon as your Undergraduate degree if possible. Because more likely than not, it’s going to be professors from your undergraduate degree. Oh, I just thought we weren’t recording on audio! Oh my god! That vote for you as a reference as a part of this application. I personally used two professors from my Undergraduate degree as well as my co-teacher from the MSC program I teach here in Vancouver. I know that you guys are probably sick of this exact same shot by now. But, you won’t have to look at it much longer because I’m about to upload the final piece of my application. And I wanted you all here with me. Here we go! Choosing letter of intent Alayna Fender PDF. Then we’re gonna save it. Oh my word! And look at that, letter of intent Alayna Fender has been uploaded successfully. That means I’m done. Oh my word. Now, I basically just wait… and see if they want me. It’s January 9th today. Hello future Alayna. Remember that time on January 9th when you submitted your first ever master’s application? *loud exhale* Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Okay, that’s it for me for now. Wish me luck! *squeals and laughs* Oh my god. mmm Breathe. Oh my god. Okay. I just got an email. I just got a very exciting email that I made it through to the shortlist for my Master’s application. Out of all the written applications they take like 30 people and they shortlist them. And then those 30 people go through the interview phase and to the submitting this like video thing phase. And then out of those people, the like twelve or so that are accepted into the program, are accepted into the program. And I just got the email that I have been put on the shortlist! which means that I can stop thinking and obsessing over the written parts of my application and I can start thinking and obsessing over the potential interview questions they’re going to ask me. And it also means that if I don’t get accepted I have a better chance of getting accepted next year. So all-in-all, great news! What the heck. I have to prepare for an interview. And I have to film a video of me mock counseling someone. And if I get in, I have to do a master’s program! *laughs* But I’m not in yet. I’m not in yet. Okay, that’s my update. Love you guys! Okay everybody! Here we go! *nervous laughter* I am in the car ready to head to my Master’s interview. I’m wearing just like black pants with a tank top and then this like collared over-shirt thing. Because I feel like it’s still me like I still look like me, but just like a bit more professional! This is a big day. This is a big moment and I’m excited for it! I’m terrified! But also there’s excitement in there somewhere. And my biggest tip in terms of going into the interview is practice! Go online. Look up questions that are likely gonna be asked in a Master’s interview and come up with answers ahead of time. Practice saying it out loud. Because it can be surprising how you can think that you have an answer down, because you’ve read it a hundred times, and then you try to actually say the words out loud coherently and it comes out like garbled gibberish. So practice, practice, practice. I have spent hours and hours and hours preparing for this interview and I think I’m about as prepared as I am gonna get. So all I can do is walk in there and.. and do my best. All right! Let’s go. And then the last thing that I had to submit was a video of me mock counseling someone because I guess they want to get an idea of where the applicants counseling skills are at today. So I did that with my friend Bre. Thanks Bre! You were a big help! And that brings us to today. Like I said, my interview was yesterday. UGH, I have no idea how it went. I genuinely have no idea how it went. Potentially it went well. Potentially it went terrible. I really don’t know! It was a group interview. So, there were four of us. And the other women that they were interviewing alongside me were incredibly qualified, Incredibly articulate, intelligent women. That they would be lucky to have any of them in the program. So, I mean I did my best! I answered the questions honestly and to the best of my ability and I just tried to be myself. Now… Now I try to not run over every single thing that I said 7,000 times in my head and try to live life until the end of April. Which is when we find out. THE END OF APRIL! And I think that that’s it. That’s all that I have to share with you guys for now. If you want to find out whether or not I get accepted, definitely follow me on Instagram. It’ll be the top link in the description because everyone who follows me on Instagram, those are gonna be the people who know first. But with that being said, whether I get in or not, this has been an incredible learning experience for me. And I get to make this video to hopefully help some of you guys in your process. But I do want to say, That something that I’m trying to keep in mind and something that I want you to take away from this video as well is that there are so many different paths, so many different ways to get wherever you’re going. If my goal in the end is to be a therapist or a registered counselor, there are so many different paths to get there. This one Master’s program, at this one University, this one year, is not the only road. It’s not the only option. My whole life doesn’t hang in the balance of this acceptance or denial. And I want you to understand that for your life as well. I know that this can all be really overwhelming and scary. Trust me. I understand. I’m in it, but at the end of the day there are so many routes that your life could take. This is just one of them. I’m gonna grab a cat now! Also, the launch of “The Other Side of Overwhelm,” my brand new six-week program has already been going so great. If you want more information on that, also stay tuned on my Instagram because, honestly, that’s where I talk to you guys the most. And those are the folks that get any and all updates first. That’s it for this video. I love you so much, and I will see you in the next one. Bye! *kissy noise* So let’s do a couple of examples shall we? What do you do in your spare time? Well, Interviewer, I make youtube videos. *laughs* What do you do for a job? Well… I make youtube videos. Any hobbies? YouTube videos. Why did you choose this career? To help people. Alayna Fender for Miss Universe 2019. What other schools are you considering and why? None. This is the only one I applied to. Oh shit.. Define success. mmm, Gucci slides. *laughs* What do you believe can be determined about an applicant at an interview? Not much. Let me into your program so that my true personality can shine through. And other questions like that. That’s what I’m doing today.


  1. thank you so much for this video! I'm finishing up my second to last semester of my undergrad and then I am applying to law school next year. I also totally do the same thing where I worry about the LSAT and applying and then I'm like worried about moving and ACTUALLY BEING IN LAW SCHOOL and I have to be like calm down you haven't even been accepted yet, so it's nice to see other people do that too.

  2. I’m really glad you made this video. Even though I’m not looking to do my masters in psychology anymore, I was totally clueless about it when I was there. My advisors didn’t help, I am a first generation college student and I was seriously just clueless. This video would have been SO much help back then!

  3. Hey Alayna! I really hope that you’re successful. I applied to clinical programs in 2017, and didn’t get in at any of the five schools I had chosen. In 2018 I tried again with 8 schools (some of the same ones, some different, and including SFU actually!) and only was accepted to one, but it was my first pick! So now I’m at Lakehead University and it have loved it so far. It is INSANE but the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done and I have definitely chosen the right path. But if you don’t get accepted this year, ABSOLUTELY TRY AGAIN. It’s expensive and it sucks, but now that you have done it once, you will have much less trouble the second time.


  4. So happy for you that you get to start the masters programme. Learning from your mistakes is also a useful experience.

  5. And honestly i think you should have dressed more professional for the interview. Most schools (atleast here in US) require business casual.
    Great video tho

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  8. Wow…your master's application was so much more complicated than mine. For my linguistics MA in the UK I just had to give the personal data and "personal statement", which was basically a quick "this is who I am, this is what I hope to do." And my scholarship application was about the same. I find it amazing how complicated it is in other countries.

  9. I started my masters in September and I just want to echo all of your advice!! I have one question for you: did you talk about your online presence in your application? Did you ever receive feedback about what might happen if the university googles you? I was told to like “clean up” my social media presence so I put everything on private so I’m just curious if this crossed your mind! 🙂

  10. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I'm an only child, neither of my parents completed college, and I live far from other family. I have noone around to help with this process. Thank you!

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  12. Wow what a process! I'm currently applying (deadline is April 1st so I'm finishing everything this weekend actually) and it is so different! I'm in Montreal and I'm applying for a Master's in Theatre though, so it obviously is very different. It would also be the same for Literature. I know because I hesitated for a long time and kind of prepared for both. But they're related field of studies so it might be why it's a similar process. Or it is because of the province or the University itself… That, I can't tell. We only have to fill a "pre-thesis document" in which we write what the research is going to be about, explain the methodology, and put in a bibliography. And we need 3 letters of recommendation. The rest is just entering some basic information about yourself like you full name, date of birth, etc. in the system. Pretty easy. Stressful, but easy. And by stressful I mean the whole "finding a research topic" and reading a lot about it to build your bibliography and your research problem during the end of your last semester, which is already the busiest ever! But otherwise it's pretty simple…! It helps of course that I'm applying to the same University I'm doing my B.A at. They already have my file, my grades, etc. in the system and the teachers already know me/us (it's a pretty small School within the University so… We're like 10 to graduate in my field this year! — about 35 if I count the 3 different fields.) As for the prerequisites, they're already mandatory to graduate the B.A program… I don't get how they can ask you to take more classes if it's a Master's in the same program and it's a continuation of your education… I would if it were a different program, but it doesn't seem to be the case so… How did they not think their B.A program with what is needed for the Master's Degree after in mind?! (I know you did your B.A in a different University, but I thought there would be equivalents or something between two universities…)

  13. Wow! I have an MA in counseling psych and I don’t remember it being nearly that challenging to apply (I’m in the US), good luck!

  14. Good luck! I really hope that you get in!!!

    I found out the end of February that I was accepted for early admissions for the Graduate program that I applied to for next fall.

    The whole process leading up to that was a really rough ride,
    But I got extremely lucky in that the head of the program that I applied for knows both of my advisors from my undergrad, and knew who I was before I ever even knew that this program existed.
    Because of this, I had the opportunities to chat with her along the way through the application process and get a better understanding of what they were looking for.
    It also helped me that I am wanting to do research in the same area of study that she does.

    This is the only program that I applied to, and they only accept a small number of students each year.
    It's nerve wracking
    But if I hadn't gotten in, I was just going to try again next year

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  16. Great vid Alayna! I’m in my Master’s for English right now, and my biggest advice for you is to STAY CALM. I got denied from my two “safety schools” pretty soon after my applications went out, and I thought the world was going to collapse. and then I somehow got into my dream school!! There’s no way to know what they’re looking for, and if you happen to get denied somewhere (fingers crossed you won’t!) You could likely just not be what they’re looking for and it has absolutely nothing to do with your worth as a person or student. Best of luck I’m rooting for you! 🎉

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  25. That’s the degree I have. 🙂 Graduated in NY state in ‘92. I LOVE my profession and what I do (I’m a clinician, not a researcher). I think that you’ll be great! I understand your nerves and frustrations but it will all work out ok. You are just finding your way…growing and learning from all of these experiences. Just remember to breathe! I’m glad that you are trying to keep in mind that there are many paths, not just one. I tell that to my clients all of the time.

    Also, you are enough. Really. Try not to over-prepare. People in this field don’t expect perfection. The reality is, clients want to go into therapy with human beings who are real people. You don’t have to have all of the answers. The real skill is to be able to let go of what people may or may not be expecting of you, and instead sit in a room with someone else, being present with them and with their experiences. You develop a way to tune into your “gut” about what is going on with them, by quieting your mind and taking in everything from their facial expression, body language, and both what they do and do not say. I’ve been following you for a couple of years now (many of my clients are within the LGBTQ community), and I’ve always been impressed by your insight and your ability to be introspective and your passion. Those qualities will come through. And, you are always learning. Good supervision will teach you how to pull from those skills that you already innately have. And know that you will make plenty of “mistakes” or wish that you had done things differently. We all do. I am still learning from colleagues, and even my clients, 27 years later. Allow yourself to enjoy the adventure! Good luck! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

  26. Dang. To get into my masters all I did was write half a page, in 20mins-ish, about what I thought I might like to work with which could be changed later, and I did change it twice and that was it. I didn't even think seriously about taking this particular master until my last term of my bachelor. Then again Norway has all the uni's and high schools digitally connected so because everyone applies through the same digital portal all school related info is just stored there attached to your ID code. Didn't fill out a single form :v

  27. My biggest mistake was not understanding that I needed to start planning for my counseling masters until my 3rd year of university in Canada. Needless to say, it's taking me a much longer time but hopefully, I'll be applying for September 2020 admission! Best of luck!!!!!!

  28. Omg this is my life right now! I relate to this so hard! There is so little information about what you actually need to do to get in to a masters and too often people (like me) only find out this stuff as they are getting ready to apply (which is too late to start getting all this experience). So you end up scrambling to fulfill all these mysterious requirements and having to take extra years (which I have to do and there is no shame in it) and it's really draining both emotionally and physically

  29. Expanded tip on the written portions: if you already are attending the grad school you want to apply to but as an undergrad often some of the TAs in your relevant courses will be in the grad program you are interested in. Hit them up for help and sometimes they can give you samples of their letters of intent or whatever so you can get an idea of what level of detail and writing the school is looking for. I did this for my letter of intent and it was a huge help cause I had like rewritten it 4 times at that point, so reach out to TAs!

  30. In the bit about the portal opening some of your personal information is easily visible, you should somehow obscure that info Alayna!

  31. I applied to my undergrad program for interpreting in early March and I won't know if I got in until mid June… So I understand the stress of having to wait to find out. I also found out there are only 24 spots, and like 50 people applied….

  32. Aww this was such a nice video! I just got into a master’s program in Ontario (I’m from BC) and so its so cool to here from someone in a similar position as me. Good luck on getting in!!!

  33. omg i'm from the u.s. and about to start my masters too and let me tell you that application process was my nightmare. i thought it would be the same as undergrad, but good god was i mistaken lol.

  34. Loved this video! I find it interesting that you held a TA position in undergraduate because in America (or at least the midwest) you can’t become a TA until you’re IN grad school.

  35. I graduated with my masters in counseling in June and this made me so grateful that I'm done 😂😂 I absolutely wanted a support group when I was doing my applications because it made me so nutty.

  36. Oh buddy I just went through the same thing and I feel this so hard. Thankfully I'm going to start my program in August!!! You'll make it through I just know it!

  37. Alayna, I'm a little bit confused because I'm currently finishing my undergraduate degree on psychology in Argentina, but my plan is to move to Canada as soon as I can (once I finish college, of course) and even though my degree allows me to be a therapist and I've been trained to do so, I got confused because you're applying to actually become a therapist even if you've got the same degree as I have? Would you please help me understand what are the labour competences that your degree allows you to do? Thank you very, very much!

  38. what is it with SFU and stairwells!!! I got lost on one of those kinds of stairwells in my first week there -_-

  39. Omg, I applied to a clinical social work program (to become a private therapist) on January 9th too!! Weird! Thank you for saying your life isn't hanging in the balance with this application, bc, that's how I feel waiting on my reply from the university and it's so stressful and makes me doubt myself bc this is almost a vulnerable position to be in. Your insight at the end was much loved!! <3

  40. yoooo i'm a student at the u of w right now!! it always thrills me when you mention a winnipeg/mennonite specific thing in your videos!

  41. This also applies to apply for undergraduate programs like nursing. I'm doing this right now, and your experience sounds really similar to mine.

  42. Did you ever disclose that you had an undergraduate degree in psychology? I don't remember you doing so, and I was a little concerned at all your talk about mindfulness because I didn't know that fact. The fact that you do have that degree makes me more confident in mindfulness and your discussion about it, but I wish I'd known that before now.

  43. I finished in the fall! I got into all of the counseling programs I applied to!! WOOO! My best tips: 1) Start earlier than you think you need to. In fact, start earlier than that. If you have to take the GRE to apply, start that AT LEAST one year before you apply. 2) Get help from other graduate students. 3) Prep for your interviews. DO IT. Know your school before your interview. 4) Take every opportunity to learn in undergrad–I TA Human Sexuality at my uni, I work at my school's counseling center, and I'm an RA in a social psychology lab.
    Congrats on being done! Best of luck!!! You're great!

  44. My application for the masters program is in two stages: first I'll have to fill in a form that I may or may not accept one of the masters programs (the options are limited to my field and my university) and second part is to actually accept one of the options.

  45. I'm finishing my third year of a four year BAHons degree in Sociology and Politics. I'm definitely considering Masters but idk if it's a financially good decision. I might get a job in my field and then apply for a Masters in a couple of years.

  46. What I did for my master's is i emailed the professor i wanted to do research for with a cover letter, CV, and transcript and they were like yup cool I'll take you as a masters student next year and then I applied to the university and got in. No written stuff on the application for the school either really. I wrote like a one page research proposal and that was it. I'm in chemistry though so maybe that's why there was way less writing.

  47. Good luck! I just got accepted to get my Masters in Experimental Psych in AZ! It seems like the process for y'all is pretty different than in the states. I think it's ballsy to apply to just one school, I applied to 3 PhD programs and 4 Masters programs, and I know people who have applied to a lot more. Also, my writing sample just had to be something from my undergraduate work, and I didn't have to take any pre-req courses for the masters. But it's cool to see the differences and similarities between the 2, and there was great advice throughout for anyone applying to graduate degrees. I hope you get in!

  48. Wow, this is such a complicated process! In Norway, you just go onto the university's website, pick two master's degrees you'd like to apply for from a list, write your name and email and click "Send". Application done. Takes literally one minute.

  49. You know what's crazy: In my country that entire process doesn't really exist. Usually people just do their master at the same uni where they did their bachelor, which means you basically just have to fill out one form and submit it. Everybody is accepted.
    If you made the bachelor at a different uni it's a little bit more complicated and you will most likely have to take some additional classes to make up for the differences in the curriculum but still… Everybody gets accepted, it's no big deal at all.

  50. A few days ago, there was a hearing in the House on the Equality Act that seeks to add sex, sexual orientation and gender identity to the groups federally protected against discrimination. This act is likely to pass in the House but very unlikely to pass in the Senate. Mainstream media, and even so called independent progressive news sources, are basically completely ignoring this. NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. I feel that you should mention in a video, and on your social media accounts, that people should be contacting their senators early and often to demand that they vote yes on the Equality Act when it reaches the Senate. It is still completely legal for gay people to be denied housing, denied employment, fired, evicted, and denied medical care for being gay in THIRTY states in this country. The Equality Act would finally give us legal recourse against this kind of discrimination. It is actually getting worse for gay and trans people in many of the thirty states that don't have anti-discrimination laws to protect the LGBTQ community. For example, a bill was just introduced in Texas that would make it easier than ever for lawyers and doctors to refuse service to gay and trans people.

    Long before that most recent bill, Texas has been very clear about it's contempt for the gay community. In Texas, it's not only legal for teachers to be fired for being gay, as you can be fired from any job in Texas for being gay, but even straight teachers can be fired for being supportive of their gay students. A TEACHER CAN BE FIRED FOR TELLING A GAY CHILD THAT THEY ARE A GOOD PERSON AND THEY SHOULD LOVE THEMSELF. This is the sort of hatred and discrimination we are facing in the majority of US states.
    Please use your platform to urge people to contact their senators, especially if they live in a red state.

    I know you're Canadian, but I think you have a lot of viewers in the US. Please help out your queer neighbors to the south, and spread the word.

  51. Hi ! My name is Penelope and Ruby and I are best friends we go to the same school and are in he same class !!

  52. I am so curious, if you end up becoming a therapist/ counselor, what will you do with your videos? I feel like you'd have a hard decision to make in terms of disclosure with clients. How would you deal with any of your clients being able to google you and find out everything about you vie internet? I often wonder this because I am planning on becoming a therapist and wonder if I will have to begin to keep my social media presence subdued. Do you have thoughts on this?

  53. I'm so happy that I've found your channel. I'm 22, I live in Canada, and I'm also gay. Your videos are so helpful and so entertaining. Thank you for all that you're doing! Keep being awesome!

  54. Thai…, ไทยสมุทรแล้ว 🇹🇭 😊🙏
    เค้ากับไข้หวัดใหญ่คน นะนี้รู้จักคิดไปเขาอั้วงนวว่ารุ้ง…. ใจ blessed are it called unto you like our… Chilled… Lucky girl for being me it my.. Look at, better one of my…. Now hurt what l lie… Hoping youre dead to….,

  55. My Master's was a breeze… very time consuming but all I had to do was apply and do a straight year of research essays and test.. I didn't need all the experience you needed though or pre reqs. Mine was in Health Science Nutrition though.

  56. New subscriber here! Have you looked at Masters of Social Work degree? I highly recommend checking it out 🙂

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