What Is A Likely Letter | A Sweet Surprise in College Admission | Hizami Accepted To Yale University

hi I'm Aiman Amazon as the tale suggests this video is on likely letters so what is a light-blue letter they lightly letter according to this article is an admission tool used by highly selective colleges and universities we'll explain a little more about that in detail later in this video but for now I have this unlikely letter from the Yale undergraduate admissions office for Asami so I'm gonna pull it out and have let me read a segment of it hmm there is ami with great enthusiasm I'm laying in love for you now if you like me admission the Yoast class of 2023 congratulations having reviewed your exceptional application we feel confident that as long as you maintain your current love our academic performance the admissions committee will be singing you a formal letter of admission on March 28th we send only a small number of applicants this typically knows from you and me takes this step to applaud your accomplishments and the state providing you effective Oh introduction to yo experience Wow so that is the Yale likely letter so first off congratulations to Asami I'm like we getting accept accepted into Yale now before Bobby even received this letter he actually received a phone call from the Yale emissions office do you want to tell us about this is AMI so um they gave me a phone call a few days before they send the letter is saying congratulations basically and they told me that the biggest reason they saved me was because of my mathematical accomplishments and then they told me that this letter would actually be coming in the mail and a few dates and they said they usually send this call before the letter because they were sort of a surprise but also because they want to make sure that um the person gets the notification now when they sent this call they obviously have to make sure that he's not in class one day do it so even before that call he received an email I mean do you want to tell us about that No so um yeah a few days before the phone call the axiom said dears ah me I am the yellow admissions officer responsible for reviewing your application I was wondering if you have a few minutes tomorrow or on Monday to challenge the phone above your application can give me a few times when you would be available in the next two days yes so when he got this email he actually he knew was all about so he called my mom and my dad of course separately and for my mom it didn't really click but for my dad it came as a surprise to him to say the least and he was like Zama you didn't do you didn't do something on your application and he was worried and then I know Tommy in his head he was like how can he not know what's going on funny alright so Tommy's busy thank you for your time you know so we're going to move into my room to talk about this further but for now we're in my room now and I do apologize if it's messy but first off let me explain why I did this video so the first thing you're gonna look at when you get a like letter or you want to find out what it is is look it up on Google so that's what we did and there is a heap of reading material on like letters just look at that however in terms of videos there isn't so much and even with the videos that we have right now they're mostly reaction videos so this video is really good for people especially like my mom who has to manage time efficiently you know she she takes care of uh sorry she takes care of seven kids and she has to do a lot of work in cleaning and cooking so this kind of video would be good for people like her to listen to Wobby multi-task before we get to a second reason why let's talk more about the likely letter so you already heard of ami read it out loud but I'm going to put it in the video for you to read you could take away a lot of information from that picture but for example it basically guarantees that you got in they usually send this early February and you might have some other questions like what school send like letters we're not an expert on this but this article states that besides the oh there's Harvard UPenn some other Ivy League schools will send like letters even some select universities like University of Virginia will send them we haven't received I mean Kazami hasn't received any other awaken letters but if he does I'll share them with you another question you might ask is why do colleges send out like the letters and let me simplify this for you so there are two rounds for applications there's early decision and Regular Decision early decision is what happened for my brother he got accepted into MIT and we knew that in December however regular decision happens in late March and some colleges like the ones I said before are bound by a common rule that says that they're not allowed to notify applicants of regular applicants that they got in until decision day so these likely letters are mostly used to recruit the already accepted applicants let me just rephrase that just so I'm not being unclear here they're not already accepted they're just pretty much accepted so I have this article right here that says that they actually use like letters as a marketing tool to recruit students and for example Harvard in 2015 sent out 300 letters according to this article and 200 of them were to athletes however they also send like letters to students who are exceptional academics I know in a zombie's case he was accepted because of his mathematical brilliance they also send out like letters to exceptional students from low-income households students who are minorities and other demographics there is a few other reasons why colleges send out like letters for one even though students are competing for the best colleges colleges are also competing for the best students and they actually use the like letters as a way to advertise the colleges to these top students and you see from the letter that the first few paragraphs maybe the first two are actually the life letter however the rest of them are basically trying to get assigned me to go to Yale like it says yells exciting into interdisciplinary majors Yale offers Yale offers courses in over 50 different languages so basically they're just trying to market it to a zombie there was a few other reasons why colleges do send out like letters but if we were to state them all it would end in a lot longer video if mommy gets a like letter from another college we'll be sure to do a video elaborating further on like letters and answering more of your questions but that brings me to the second reason why we did this video so zombie is really excited to get accepted into Yale and the reason why is because he'd want to get into Yale ever since he was a kid we practically grew up in and around Yale and we've met we've been to many of their programs for example the pathways to science programs the math mornings when we're going to mass mornings with my brothers and my sisters Yale University and science Saturday's we're here at Yale for Lawrence on Saturdays Yelp's okay you can find them all in our childhood videos which I posted on YouTube and Facebook which I highly encourage you to check out and he's even attended some of their summer programs like us grand yellow young global scholars a few of a few other people in my family have them as well and finally Axios one is the most important is that he actually works at the Yale Peabody Museum so he's definitely on the track for you however as ami also got accepted into MIT early decision and he's still waiting on some other schools so this begs the question which university is he gonna pick and even if as ami doesn't choose to go to Yale we'll still have this video to look back on because it was an opportunity for my parents for the first in her family to go to an Ivy League granted my sister Amira did go to Stanford one of the top schools in the world but still not considered an Ivy League so check back on my Facebook page or my youtube channel to see Asami has gotten I like leaded to any other colleges and when he does well college he's gonna pick and why so before I go there are three things I wanna mention so first off even though this video was supposed to be released around late March or early April we have to record this in early February so we don't know when we're a zombies going second off I want to mention that we have this Isle of Malaysia banner behind my computer that's because my parents actually came from Malaysia so Mina's ami we're actually a Malaysian Americans and last year my friend Natasha you might have seen a seen her in our videos she actually will have got accepted to and went to U and she is also Malaysian American and her parents aren't from Malaysia as well and finally if you've gotten this far then I encourage you to go back to the beginning and see if you notice any changes about a zombies table I mean Nina's ami say that they're not subtle changes but my dad says they're pretty unnoticeable so let me see if you can find them so I'm a month and I wishes ami was here but he's sleeping right now cuz he's really busy and thanks for watching please like rate subscribe and comment especially congratulated ami I'm getting into you because I I'm really excited for him I kind of really want him to go I especially if you're from Yale and you want him to come to your alma mater then of course encourage him so I'm I'm on and thanks for watching


  1. Is the Likely letter a recent method for universities to persuade students to enter their universities? I remembered only receiving an acceptance letter from Purdue in 2007. Congrats, from your fellow Malay

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