What If – Why Educators Should Teach Science Fiction


  1. I just shared this with a cohort of public school folks who are preparing to be school library media specialists. Great presentation!

  2. This is truly inspirational!!!! I cannot tell you how much I love this video. I will be using it for my Science Fiction class project and hopefully you are not offended by me doing so. If you are not please let me know. I want everyone in my class to see this.

  3. I used this vid in my DeVry University Sci Fi class ====>> fantastic and thank YOU!! Austin, Texas 

  4. Very touching video. Reminds me of myself when I was young and was first exposed to science fiction by my primary school librarian. I am 73 now and it's time I did the same for my 7 year old grandson.

  5. Fantastic video! Very motivational for instructors to teach science fiction and for students to get involved.

  6. Yes, I am a high school language arts teacher. And I'm actually currently teaching my science fiction unit. 😉 Thanks for watching!

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