What First, Business, And Economy Classes Are Like On Emirates

Treat to see if I will fit. Hey, it’s Rachel. We’re
at the 2019 Dubai Airshow, and this is Emirates’ huge A380 plane. The airline has over 100 of the double-decker planes in its fleet, making it the largest
operator of the A380. Passengers on board can choose to travel economy, business, or first class, and we’re gonna hop on board to find out what the real difference
is between all three. First up, we’re gonna check out Emirates’ economy section, which takes up the whole
lower level of the plane. So, every seat in economy comes with a little cushion for you
to put behind your back, headphones for the entertainment system, and a blanket. Come in, you know, plastic packaging, but that’s to be expected. It’s actually a very, very soft blanket. And then the headphones are quite basic, but they’re fine. As well as a 13-inch screen, there are an array of
USB and charging sockets, as well as a drinks holder. And there’s an OK amount of legroom, I’m 5-foot-9, so I’m
quite tall as a woman, and it’s OK, it’s not loads. There’s a remote control
in the back of each seat, which you can pull out,
and you can use this as a controller to play
games either by yourself or against other passengers on the plane, and you can even use them to
call other people on board. Economy passengers are served
all their food in one go. It comes in little plastic containers, and you get a cold starter, a hot main, a pudding, as well as
some bread and cheese. And what is nice is you
get real metal cutlery to eat it with as well. Now we’ve finished checking out economy, let’s go and look at business class. To get there, at the back of the plane there’s a spiral staircase, which you have to walk up. Let’s go! At the top of the stairs, you come into the lounge area. There’s an array of snacks and any drink you could want, basically. If you get bored of your first-class suite or your business-class seat,
you can come to the lounge and enjoy a piece of cake and a drink as well as a change of scene. And now we’re in business class. Let’s see what you get. The business-class seats
are a lot more comfortable and a lot more spacious than the seats on economy downstairs, and it’s also really nice
to have a bit more privacy and a bit more space for yourself. You get a blanket again, but
it’s a lot more luxurious, it feels a lot nicer, and you also again get headphones, but they’re noise-canceling, and they look a lot more sleek
than the ones downstairs. Here you get socks and eyeshades,
which is a nice addition, but again, they come in plastic. So, much like in economy, there’s an array of plugs and USB ports, but what you don’t get in economy is this really nice little
bar area full of soft drinks, which you can just help yourself to so you don’t have to
bother the cabin crew. There’s also a table, as you’d expect; however, it pops out like this and is really big, so
you’ve got room for food and sort of, you know, a
notebook or anything on there, and you can adjust the seat by bringing yourself closer to the table. So, there’s two levels of
footrest in business class, and there’s a really
nice amount of legroom. Like, you can stretch out a long way. When you’re ready to have a sleep, Emirates staff will come round and lay a mattress down
on top of your chair, which reclines into a bed. You can change the setting and the angle that you want your chair to be, and you also get a bag
of toiletries by Bulgari. There’s one for women and one for men. We’ve got refreshing towels, a hairbrush, dental kit, a perfume, body lotion, tissues, a nourishing face emulsion, which I think is just like a face cream, and a compact mirror. In first class, passengers get
a whole suite to themselves. Not only are the chairs supercomfortable with a fluffy white pillow behind them, but there’s loads of space, and everything is incredibly
lavish, with lots of gold. You get a selection of soft drinks, and you can just help yourself. The table pops out from the side. You just have to pull it out. And it’s huge. As well as the main toiletry
kit that people will be given when they’re ready for bed, in the shelf in front of the TV screen, there is extra toiletries in first class with a lovely mirror. You get a facial toner, eye cream, moist towelette, sleep
oil, and a pillow mist. So you have everything you
need for a good night’s sleep, and you can even check
yourself out if you need to. There’s a selection of different
snacks, sweet and savory, waiting for people when
they come on board, and there’s also rehydration
tablets to ensure you don’t dehydrate while traveling. When all passengers are on board, first-class passengers are
offered Arabic coffee and dates. They’re able to choose
from an à la carte menu and dine whenever they want, and everything is at an even higher level than in business class. For example, if business class passengers are offered Veuve Clicquot champagne, first-class passengers get Dom Pérignon. First-class passengers also
get a leather-bound notebook and pen with Emirates branding, and they’re allowed to take that away. If you want some privacy, you can close the doors to your suite. There is so much legroom in first class. Like, you could be very tall
and still not reach the end. We’re now inside the shower-spa, which is available to all
first-class passengers; they just have to book a half-hour slot. It’s big enough for
tall people to stand in, but if you prefer to sit
down, there’s a bench. The A380 as a plane is
incredibly impressive, and I was blown away by the
lavish opulence of first class. However, it’s also wildly more expensive than traveling economy, and
unless you’re a billionaire, probably best to stick
with economy travel.


  1. The older Emirates A380s have smaller screens in economy – 11” perhaps? I have a feeling that those aircraft are also just 2-class – Economy and Business, with economy extending into the forward area upstairs.

  2. The woman’s voice is incredibly annoying and her attitude is so obnoxious, it’s obvious she has no idea what she’s talking about, useless reporter

  3. It's no surprise.

    The differences between Economy, Business, and First…

    I just can't imagine how great it must be to be able to travel in First Class and have all of these luxury comfort options available to you.

    It's been over a decade since I've went on a plane, and I've only had a lot of bad memories of being very uncomfortable and the food not being tolerable for me.

    I distinctly remember the vacuum sealed smell that made me lose my appetite.

  4. They won’t let you have “deadly nail clippers”, but they’ll give you stainless steel cutlery at your seat. 🤔

  5. How much would a first class ticket be sans all the extra goodies? You’re spending like, $500 at least, just on all that extra “free shit”.

  6. I've been flying Emirates (business and first class) for over 15 years.
    Their service is inconsistent, ranging from average to darn right despicable. The old right thing they did as "build a brand".

  7. I always want to travel on first class but it is overbooked, economy class is good 🌚. Both classes will arrive at the same time, there is no different 😂

  8. Am I missing something? Would you not want the courtesy items to be presented sealed in plastic? Does it not denote some sort of sanitization process between passenger uses? Does anyone think these are just thrown away after each use? That’d be ridiculous and crazy expensive for the company. Of course they’re used over and over, so I’d imagine they’re somehow cleaned and sealed after to be reassigned to another flight….right? 🤔

    PS – I realize addition of plastic waste to environment but…how’re these items going to be kept somewhat clean and secured after sanitation otherwise?🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. Very beautiful. Like always but. But if the plane goes down, first class, business class and Economi, we all scream Please God help us..hahah..

    Kongo for life and Afrika for life…

  10. That lady did a terrible job explaining smh… she’s bothered because the eyeshades and socks come in plastic packaging. Next time i’ll ask them to wrap it in gold foil for you.

  11. Now i have watched this, i can boast my friends that i have seen Economy class Of the Emirates and give every details of thing that are provided

  12. Emirates Airline is the worst Airline in the world I have ever seen..I will keep saying to everyone don't dare to take risk of flying on this criminal Airline..I have uploaded a video I captured showing how did they attack the passengers inside the Aircraft and the incident was reported to the general prosecutor in Dubai to take action against the criminal Emirates Airline administration..I have a lot to say about this barbaric airline

  13. Business Insider posting this video as if all of us have never experienced Emirates Different classes let alone seen a video yours not the only one in the world to make this video we have seen this already

  14. imagine being a billionaire and not having your own private jet, but then again maybe that's how they stay billionaires how tf would i know.

  15. Quick question: all these stuffs such as the headphone, blanket,etc can you take them with you after the ride or have to return it?

  16. "unless you're a billionaire, probably best to stick with economy travel." CC churner checking in! The wife and I flew on Emirates First class SFO-DXB on the A380 then after a 3 day stopover, we flew DXB-HKG on the 777. All for $67 and 180,000 Alaska miles each. Then we flew back on Cathay Pacific First class HKG-LAX for 70k miles each. No need to be a billionaire.

  17. Weird question but I'm curious. Can u take those Bowers & Wilkins headphones with u or do you have leave them in the Aeroplane when u leave?

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