hola Bonjour Maribel konnichiwa gwaan I like that intro still but how's it going people welcome back to my channel and to continue supporting the thing obviously follow me on instagram turkish LDN follow me on twitter turkish LDN i'm using that a lot more now so yeah keep on keep on doing what you like i've been doing recently man helping my channel grow helping helping everything grow you know i mean and i'm trying to give back to you guys by doing what I think is right and saying what I think he's right about Arsenal Football Club oh let me not saying was right about a football club I mean what is the truth about us in the football club because a lot of people in and giving you the truth I'll be honest with a lot of people been giving you the truth and and it needs to be highlighted it needs to be highlighted obviously the big music today's ado has finally been confirmed that the technical director director of football have whatever you wanna call it however you want to see it and we finally got someone in that role to me the bit inexperienced but listen he's an old-school Arsenal man he knows what it is to be awesome he was with us during the best period we've had at Arsenal Football Club so is what it is yeah it's good to have it's good to have someone there that you know what truly does care about Arsenal let's just hope let's just hope he doesn't turn into a yes-man because we've had people Arsenal before that I for truly do love the club and care but just come up with some statements that I have to cringe at times you know I mean and and the way they've kept silent throughout this dire period we've had kind of indicates to me that they're kind of just company men now too so hopefully this is a new change roll has spoken highly of Eddie he sees him at the final piece of the puzzle in terms of the backroom staff at Arsenal so we'll see how it goes and we'll see how it goes like I said it's good to finally get that role covered finally have some direction in terms of someone in control of everything now like I said about an experience yes he was director football at Corinth I think it was about eight years ago for a few years and he's been in it in and out different roles since I think he was a general coordinator for Brazilian copper maricon which day one which day one with that name R as well so I say an experience but who knows it's not like I followed him throughout his his post-playing career I haven't I haven't seen what he's up to a torso and he's been a big part apparently of bringing in Martinelli which makes a lot of sense whether Martin L he's gonna be a shoe buy or not we'll soon find out I guess that 18 if he is good enough if he is a wonder kid as they like to say then we should see in this season because 18 year olds to kind of get game time especially club like Arsenal if this is a Wonder kid then we should be seeing something from him this season so we'll see how that first recruitment goes under this new era of direction but it's an interesting it's an interesting appointment as well for we might look at that Marc Overmars I think we might would be dead well a rumored we did and you know what I think about rumors but like I said it is ways we've gone on school man in finally a bit of positive news I guess I think I've started this quite positive like I love positive not so here I do in by the end of the day back to the negativity without funds without investment without without more interest from our own or Kroenke and few times are gonna be tied to an extent to we're still gonna be recruiting young talent hope in there in a few years we'd ever have a sale on value and maybe then we can reinvest that Liverpool did but to get to that stage it's a long way and you know what I want to say let a lot of people were saying that crumb cake card invest let's get this straight FFP look at the last three years of income and expenditure at a football club they take the whole free is into account and they charge you based on that if you break the break em don't break even in that period now no risk no reward that's the that's a phrase people have you heard that before and it's the truth now it's just in reality the situation when you look at a club now that will compete in with for the top for next season I look at Chelsea they've lost their best player they've got a transfer ban yesterday sign coverage these some player but they had them last season then yes they've got a few players coming back off loans and whatnot and yes they've got pewter sitch which they bought him by in my opinion they're gonna be they're gonna be in that battle for top four then I'll say four top four and you look at men United and this whole pumper situation right now they might be losing their best player and their recruitment so far this summer although they've recruited well remember soccer and James is an unknown talent long staff who they're interested in an unknown talent so who knows if that will work out who knows it it's only at the wheel arrow will work out I think he's an ideal time to take a risk and Stan can invest now and buy no risk no reward I mean if he invests if he invest some money now let's say our transfer budget is around 70 to 80 mil yeah if you invest a hundred mil potentially we could make that back through getting top for next season through improving it as a squad and taking advantage of the of the lack of activity and lack of big activity from our rival sort of top force for now let's take the onus for once and actually take the risk because other teams of well perform Tottenham other teams have taken massive miss even Liverpool I know they've recruited well by its massive risk Anderson and Van Dyke massive risks it's worked out and they're reaping the reward and they're solid for it now now what we are trying to do a hostile Football Club is kind of balance out the mismanagement of winger Inga's Edie's but balancing it out will mean this is deliver we're going to stay on till we do take a risk we need to take the risk of investment and Kroenke needs to pay up that delay that that is it at the end of the day yes now the structure is in place there's no point having a structure if you have no ambition what is the ambition we've heard previously there is no interested in trophies as to the bottom line is the profit that he cares about and if that's the case then it's do the Cronkite thing yes people have misinterpreted I said I started the obviously it's been going for a while up in chrome cat for a while but he's had shields in front of him I'm hoping that relevant I ain't sure of Anatomy the shield but Raoul is his experience at bars on a dusty a football man hopefully he's not a shield for Cronkite so things continue to unravel for him it's a crucial period now that we've got it do me bug that I look at six days now we're playing in our first game on the American tour I think it's six days or seven days one of them surely we should have a site preseason a start it surely we should have a silent in at least but come on we've got the same exact team as last season and you know what quick shot at least no soon promote into the first team obviously that was obvious Emil Smith row Joe we looked them in the first team and I liked it I actually like that like we need a bit of young talent in the yes they might they might not make it in the long run but at the end of the day these bears we've got right now is fuckin their shit and they're apparently big-name so let's just try and get some some youth coming through at least you know I mean because that could be there that could be the the core of the team at the end of the day I've got high hopes a Nelson you know I mean when Wenger was playing him towards the end of his tenure I feel that he was holding no some back in terms of really attacking I feel like he you know that that the passes around the box that Wenger likes to defer that Nelson would really thrive just warming down that side getting to the bile and cutting it back or getting a shot off so hopefully that and that we see big things from Reese this year and I expect him to be in the first team squad to be honest I expect him to be in the first eleven he's in that Easy's that only out and that winger we got from tired of playing with stuffy and almost a FEMA Qatari and um these names when they just it's like nightmares you wake up we still got my stuffy maket arias mad but um one pair that didn't make it christian Bialik who had you had a good loan spell and then was married imagine the in the play-off final and he done well he's done well internationally he's at an age now where I guess he deserved a chance similar to chambers I guess but surely that's an area were lacking him right now and yes we're rumored to be close to see this alibi but we'll be saying that for weeks or not meet not we some of these news news places or YouTube been saying that we've been closed for weeks but hasn't happened yet if we are and we're loaning him back it still doesn't we still need to prioritize the fence right now sell it by next season will not be the sole answer a 19 year old senator Bakk do you know I mean we will not be the sole answer so we need to send a solid centre back now for the first team get me the most fe foxy you've got rid of players before other teams have got rid of players that come on man we can do this now we just cut our losses what's the point in paying these these men what's most I feel about hundred K night okay what's the plan just save that money just to send them on it or send him on his way send him on his way but like I said Gaelic I think he deserved a chance I feel like it's an area where listen I probably give delica chance over nanny I'm honest maybe even Jacko cuz I know jack is gonna start the season with the same old antics and it's just gonna be the same old shit again same more shit again from Jacques Renault's oldest season well I'll wait on it before I chat shit our way on it because people were telling me to wait don't protest yet wait well it's a week after mr. Nate sign no one and still the same shit we still the same shit they should be here preseason getting used to the team getting used to the manager getting used to the surrounding being comfortable taking this long with these sign is teeny how close was we last week Zaha well we never close to that fucking bit half half the guys value oh but the club say is vandalism I am reading what Raoul was saying he has great experience and technical football knowledge back to here do you cook me most important is that you ask the man he understands the club when what we stand for to our millions of fans around the world that that kind of worries me what we stand for to the millions of fans around the world because what do we stand for that if you haven't stood for a football club for a little while so please live seek some clarity on that one his arrival was the fan of a very important part of jigsaw yeah maybe working closely at Emory and the first team coaches solid philosophy through all our football activities okay or saying all the good stuff and like I said started the video a bit do probably ND ever do because I've mentioned Salib Roswell I've mentioned that mentioned there's nothing to mention on T any anyway God knows what's happening with them I think one of his friends or family put up a Facebook post a few days ago saying he's staying so that's that's what I believe for now I mean if that's his guy I'd you know I mean then and if he was against him saying it surely he'd say it you know I mean but he he's put it up so that that looks dead right now even though I even had high hopes for that one because it's not a big value for fuck's sake is 25 mil I thought would get it over the line but ask the Football Club a Arsenal Football Club so yeah right new costs away I thought I can actually wait for that game I can't wait for the season to start in a weird way I do miss Arsenal Football Club you know I mean I do miss it but yeah I don't expect big things at the moment I don't expect big things I will have to see how the recruitment goes and I hope you don't leave it to the last week you can really panic by like we've done in the past otherwise we'll be in the same fucking situation three years down the line three years down the fucking line but yeah people like I said the beginning video continue show in the Instagram love continue showing the Twitter love yeah continue subscribe we share and doing all you need to do for this video and my people in America do this Kroenke out protest at this kit launch but wherever it is am but the details I won't be there but just do the thing in America man please like just just follow it up cuz it's fully fully on the way over here created of wormwood the friends over there that went to Boreham wood because they got it into the UK press so why it's gonna build it's gonna build but yeah love people love


  1. There is a lot of support for u Turkish on KRONKE OUT as I’m 1 of them , I believe the movement will grow stronger over the season !!!

  2. I don't think Edu will be a company yes man, he's too old school Arsenal to do that. This man knows what it's like to be a winner and he knows what its like to be legendary Arsenal winner, this should help bring our club back up to where we should be.

  3. Get Strahinja Pavlovic 18 years old 1,95 the new Vidic from Partizan
    Belgrade as Juve are taking De Ligt they seem to lose interest on him
    for now..I reckon 6-7 mio euro should be fine( with 2,5 mio upfront)

  4. I saw Turkish blogs at the start of the season. If you have experience arsenals transfer business over the past years and years there is no need to wait. Any sensible arsenal supporter could see what was coming. Wait? for what?… For who? Kroenke and the board? people are trying to blame emery in the same breath these players ain't fit to wear the shirt comes out of their mouths and its TRUE. Mustasfi, Elnelly, ozil, Zhaka, Jenkinson, Miki, Iwobi just to name a few with the whole defence including accept soc and holding. And they want to blame Emery for the shit that was in the club before he got there? Are they mad. ffs Welbeck was better than these last year b4 injury.

  5. Thats great news. I think the fact that he knows the club well will help us massively. We have less than 5 eeeks to sign players yet here we are just being linked with players. Get deals done FFS Arsenal. This transfer window has been a shambles

  6. Turkish , you raise some valid points regarding our club and I do get it that we need to address those issues and be realistic but I struggle to get to the end with the most of your videos , way too much negativity , I'm tired and frustrated how we operate during transfer windows and i'm not happy with the way how Kroenke is running this club but I'm willing to give them a chance until the end of transfer window , I didn't really understand the idea of protest during the launch of new kit and criticizing the advert – let's give them time till the 8th of August and if we still have Ozil and Miki on the books with no solid additions to the squad I'll join and support your KROENKE OUT movement

  7. Yes Turks !! U man should link up get lee judges and deluded gooner and u have a team of knowledgeable football fans that will get across to the world . U 4 would have all the ingredients to take over a certain other group of ppl

  8. Arsenal ain't got no funds, bet you didn't know the stadium is still not paid off. We are broke, sorry to say

  9. Respect Turkish, well done sir! Keep up the good work! Its just mind boggling how so many of our fans can be so naive about our situation and the dickhead Kronke. It’s like waat the fuck it gonna take for them to wake up and see wat he’s doing do this club?!? It’s like an abused spouse who’s been brainwashed and keeps going back. Anyway agree with your position n analysis of current status at arsenal 💯, and keep up the good work – respect again from Canada 🇨🇦

  10. Close tabled bid rumours protests need to happen banners we need to act this club are mugging us and other teams are getting stronger. When is the last time a big name or any name has been signed before pre season rass this club is always penny pinching.

  11. Everyday i check the market nothing this is bullshit this club think we are sheep and some of us are buying the kit. We will not buy anyone apart from saliba. Plus loan him back joke bro tell us next walk im there this club is ripping us apart chatting shit trying to put rumours to get us buying tickets we need to force this scum of a board and owners out of club. Big up turkish keep doing ya ting

  12. Lmao watching these videos makes me laugh but its honestly so sad at the same time we really are a banter club

  13. I Just love you Intro Visuals, and your logo is sickkkkkk, love it. Thanks for the good content and keep them coming.

  14. Eazy geezer!!! The dead wood is still in our club -5/6 players still need to be shipped out ASAP ( doesn’t look like anyone wants them to me).

  15. Lads it's the classic time wasting in the transfer window full of fake bids just to keep us busy and then

  16. Ngl chelsea have more of a chance of getting in top 4 than arsenal when you realise their loan players been working under jordy Morris for 5 years is their time to show their ready and most of them are 23

  17. Not even a arsenal fan but you and arsenal realist doing the right thing unlike some yes fans aka flip flops but your gonna need way more voices to get your arsenal back

  18. If you start to sound like arsenal realist you’ve lost a subscriber man, you talk sense that clown in the mask doesn’t don’t jump on his wave man

  19. Kroneke can invest but he won't look at all the clubs the average wins like calorardo rapids doesn't invest except for LA rams he doesn't have ambition

  20. I understand your frustration with no players movin out yet, but bottom line is the reason we want them out of the door is the reason most clubs dont want them walking in. My two cents anyways, luv the vids bruv and stay on dat grind👍👌

  21. The ones doing it for the game,money&likes like Robbie,Troooz&DT are afraid to protest!Probably lose certain privileges

  22. We are so indecisive keep changing targets. We dont know how to negotiate or close a deal anymore. Dont be surprised if we blow 30 or 40 mil in the last week on a panic buy for a player worth 12 mil

  23. Turkish, Hughwizzy and Arsenal's Realist are great value and tell it as it is . . . Robbie, DT and LEE are fucking fence sitters!!!!

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