Way #48: Educating the Educators – Rabbi Noah Weinberg – 48 Ways to Wisdom

well number 48 of the 48 ways and number 48 of the 48 ways reads him ask him estaba am asking means to make smart as a boat his teacher what does it mean to make your teacher smart I think ideas what do you say that's one aspect right don't swallow what he has to say get articulate them to explain get them to focus on where he's not clear that's making them small yeah but there's another aspect of making them smart and that's the first aspect we're gonna discuss and that is you've got to make them smart in your own eyes which means give him some credit accept the fact that he has something to say the second aspect is get him smart by asking them questions keeping them on his toes now I like to focus you with a story you know an idea to focus you on what we're trying to do so somebody tells you if I told you right now look that's your chair let saying right that's your table I'll turn it into solid gold what would you say go ahead what you wouldn't say that's ridiculous it can't be done there's no I've never heard of such a thing that's absolutely outrageous it's a her friend go ahead right now you say that's outlandish nobody does such a thing right but the idea is that when we're talking about something that we want why not for goodness sake solid gold go ahead yeah so the question is is wisdom is meaning is life is pleasure as valuable as the money that you hope to spend on getting some pleasures some life some wisdom hey what are you doing you're gonna go out and buy some happiness the opal make gap treat it in the same way okay so how do we go about it Roman numeral one the first aspect of make them smart is number one of this is the point of making him smart is where you disagree where he is stepping on your prejudice where he is going contrary to your opinion when he's right on your prejudice no problem we go along with him right on you're telling me you know where he is on to your desire no problem the idea of making them smart one isn't important when it's against your inclination it's against your desire it's against your prejudice what he's telling you what he's teaching you about life the idea is at that time that's when you need to make them small okay so number two is how do you make them small so when you feel you would like to think that you're happy enough you can teach me how to be happy what's what's wrong I don't feel like doing work I don't like this idea that I can't wait for the new pac-man game to come out and then I'll be happy yeah I don't like this idea then that it's it's work what's your prejudice oh why is why not do you see that why not so when you hit a hit or a teacher hits on your prejudice then you've got to overrule it and say to yourself this man is just some knowledge you know something he knows what he's talking about he has a point of view let me hear it that gives you a tip on the stock market he's a wealthy man let me hear what he has to say where does it come from let me hear whether you'll buy or not and secondary but at least consider that he has something worthwhile to say number three is for goodness sake never dismiss what you teach has to say by saying it's ridiculous you can't do it you can't define love go you can't do this mission and this is a natural you've taught you of dismissing what people had to say when they saying something that's against your what you're used to don't do many be of this is that you will most probably say ridiculous when it's most important that you're isn't when we're hitting on a prejudices which you should get rid of that's what most probably won't even give a man a hearing you won't even listen to it and that's when we most need to listen to so see if this is remember if the man has taught you something we're talking about teacher if he's taught you something he is likely to be just as smart as you are it's not gonna say something that's ridiculous and when you are prejudiced when you're upset by what he says you're not as smart as you usually are so if a man has got something he's taught you something he has some wisdom sees nice as smart as you but you're prejudiced you're not being smart so override that ridiculous it's impossible can't be I know better over right number four that northern do this well an accomplished professional manner you have a deep appreciation you're making some mistakes you're not perfect maybe in this case you're making the mistake maybe you don't know what you think you know can't prove the desert God you sure you have proof it can't be proven maybe you're making a mistake B of this is definitely certainly if you're not so sure that you're right you're not so sure that you can't define love or that you can't know what you're living for well they can't prove God that sure you don't have proof so what are you saying ridiculous a man is talking he says I can do it yeah it's silly and see if this is particularly important when you realize that perhaps you have a sneaking suspicion or you really think it can't be done yeah you really think that the other guy is right and you'll say it's ridiculous that's really the power of schizophrenia that's within us yeah we can say it's ridiculous when we have a sneaking suspicion that the guy is going to tell me something which makes sense which is true it's very important quietly defeating yourself all right number five is that in Judaism we say if you have a real teacher what is a real teacher somebody who's taught you a lot of wisdom somebody who's consistently taught you things that make sense then never really dismiss what he has to say even after you've given him a hearing unless you convinced him that he's wrong another chance think it over tackle him again miserable he's as smart as you who's making the mistake but whatever you sense to you it's ridiculous you've proven it you've got the evidence he's wrong if he hasn't agreed with you yet then what's wrong you go back that's Jewish that's the discipline of having a teacher because you know that he's as smart as you and you're not quite sure that you're right he's wrong even though you're sure but not absolutely sure so you're gonna tackle him again and it's also question of loyalty but that's a different one of the 48 ways question of loyalty he's helped you so much help him alone yeah he's given you wisdom but here it's masking miserable make him small he's small he's tortured don't dismiss what he has to say number six is that if you have a real teacher somebody who was a wise man sometimes a wise man then the rabbi's tell us that you will never completely understand him up to 40 years that's their expression 40 years I don't know if they mean exactly 40 years or they mean that means that a wise man is deep is deep he's got something so you don't fully understand you keep on going thinking it over what did he mean that's even if you agree with it don't think that you've gotten his full message you really appreciate what he has to say so 40 years later that's what the rabbi said it certainly gives you an implication it gives you an appreciation that keep on digging B of this is especially in the wise men of the tongue in the mission in Matthew miserable in the 48 ways what do they mean by this what exactly they mean there's a thousand different aspects you haven't thought of there's deepness to it and you gotta keep digging keep learning Jewish consciousness week learning that all in our minds and we graceful number seven is the same thing goes as far as Jewish concept says and good can important ethics of our fathers the rabbi's alte Basel follow them don t mastic will hold the vote say English Adam st. Lucia no daughter Shane Lee Malcolm don't argue with anything don't don't a a big buzz means contemptuous of any man's opinion no become melanda is county from all those who taught me I learned human beings have wisdom it's not your teacher but don't say the idiot the fool tried to understand another you were being mask you miserable he means trying to teach you give him some credit he has a point of view try to understand where he's coming from where his mistake is what he does see search for what he appreciates what he understands certainly if you are prejudiced but in any case give a man a good hearing it's hard to do when you think you know things the rabbi say it's a smart thing to do it's stupid not to a human beings not wisdom a technique for doing this which will help you tremendously and your conversations with friends or people trying to tell you something is play the devil's advocate you know what the devil's advocate is be a lawyer be a lawyer and his defense you don't agree with him but give me ten reasons that he's right now I say you should stay in a yeshiva for two years yeah minimum are you talking about ridiculous first give me ten reasons that I'm right you know get into my frame number eight for living it's very essential when you're emotionally upset and you're fighting with your parents and they say you're wasting your life you're fighting with your children and they say you're you're breaking my back yeah you're fighting with your friends motion attention very important give ten reasons why they are right if you understand that point of view you'll understand where they're coming from when your Christian comes up to you starts arguing rather than go to the shooter you go to his seminary Sepideh that's why I explained to you Peter is asking the players played in the devil's advocate right fine so that's why I am why not for the Christians I explained that when a man in love all humanity right when the man is attacking you you're in danger not love Hey right that's why the Almighty gave us hate yeah because we're in danger hey that's the way to fight now hold it I'm not no I'm not saying that you should hate it games it's kind of different opinion but why do we say I don't want to talk danger I'm gonna have to give up my career I'm gonna have to give up the girlies I'm gonna have to give up the comfortable life Oh danger I don't want to talk yeah danger thank you or what I'll find truth mmm play devil's advocate does that make sense danger of giving up comfort hmm play two Devils that you give the guy a hearing yeah but here a guys coming to you among Christians I don't know how to discuss with these people I don't know where they're coming from I don't know my own religion I don't know how to make decisions right yeah danger I'm sorry I don't want to discuss what are you gonna say to the guy I don't want to discuss what's the matter with you you say look friend I don't know my own concept of God my religious concept of God I don't know my my my mind I don't know how to think I have to learn how to think I'll go tell your sheep that's where I gotta check it out I just want to tell you a little story once had a guy before I had you see what I was one of the first rabbis American rabbis in Israel who was living in 22 years ago so fella walked in somebody sent them to me because I was the addressing name was David Cohen from Kew Gardens Dovan if you hear this on a tape get in touch with me it was a medical student and in the university I forget which university he met he was reform Joey we've had no particular allegiance to Judaism it was a you know humanitarian and Friends how he came and he happened to get a couple of friends witnesses yeah we are the witnesses right there are very very dedicated missionaries and these witnesses were friendly with him he was friendly with them they started talking about do you know what you're living for what do you mean their God is irrelevant what's the matter with you you know and they hit on that made sense so they said to him listen you've seen it we were right that there is a God you gotta relate to him you've got to find out so come and join us he says wait a moment wait a moment before I join you guys yeah I gotta find out what Judaism is about you know we also talked about God yeah did we ever talk about God we also talked about God right you remember right I gotta check it out so you came to Israel check it out that's one and a thousand you found otherwise the guy says huh boy pray with us hey prayer is real oh yashka huh yeah prayer is real hey you know I look in you know Jews come back hey meditation is real oh come we got it come come that's loyalty does that make sense that's loyalty let's check it out well you know where do we where do Jews come from fund me you wanted to say sir what about Christianity well see me go to university to learn science yeah but question is gasps my food to go to a Christian learn Christianity certainly wouldn't want you to learn Judaism from in Moscow University I think it should go to Jews to learn about Judaism we're 100 percent right go to Christian so in Christianity but don't learn Christianity before you learn Judaism that's always said yeah now you say okay so rabbi you're not Judaism so why don't you go learn Christianity I know Judas want to go learn Christianity why don't you go learn Buddhism why don't you go learn Buddhism why don't you go learn there's an American concept a big mistake Americans think that you don't know what you know until you've heard all the different versions of reality in Judaism we say you know what you know you know what you know you don't have to hear anything else I don't have to know the different opinions about happiness or about love to know what I mean when I say I love you I know hey that's it I got it you don't have to hear all the different opinions as to whether you got ten fingers or 11 or 12 or 15 I got 10 fingers you want to prove to me that I got 12 very interesting please yeah I know who I am you want to prove to me that I'm a flying snake I'm not afraid please let me have the brute but I don't have to go through all the versions of what human beings are monkeys and snakes I know Boyan so if you know something you don't have to find out where other people are coming from before if you know why you know it what's the evidence on what do you base it if you believe something then don't find out what other people believe find out why you believe what you do at any rate we're going back to eighth is that it's essential to know when you are emotional II upset with parents and we are prejudiced against your friends your children give ten reasons that they are right give your parents particularly your wife get married you're gonna have some arguments give ten reasons that she's right then you'll try to understand her point of view do you understand otherwise Doong Doong Doong miserable she's got something to say give ten reasons that she's right am i making sense very important do you follow what I'm saying that you get into where she's come from me because she's wrong but this there's a reason and she's coming it yeah so you've gotta go through ten reasons B of this is that it's a terrific technique of healing rivers if you walk over to your parents and you say look these are the ten reasons I've thought of that you're right would you mind giving me ten reasons that I am right do you see that no argument can last under those conditions are you skeptical if you won't go over the appearance you say look I got to decide what career that I want yeah and they say well you don't know enough and you've got to do what we're telling you yeah all right so you've given ten you are much more mature you have a lot of a lot of a lot of experience in living you know a lot more about careers and I do ten reasons that they're right yeah and then you hope that they'll give ten reasons a man has to make his own decision and to what how old are you before you get to choose your own career etcetera but you'll understand each other oh we you see that okay number nine is number nine is that my friends the same thing goes for the Jewish people and that means give us ten reasons that were right the reasons that were right for remaining Jews ten reasons that were right for being loyal to the Torah before you dismiss us that's loyalty you really should give us a hundred reasons that were right after all we are the educators we are the teachers of humanity and you are included in you mainly we've taught you human rights shalt not kill love your neighbor we are our brothers keepers tolerance we taught the world that's it's a teacher give us credit yeah number ten is the same thing goes for your Creator you gotta take it up to your Creator given ten reasons that he's right don't tell no grudges think ten reasons that he's right he's right about the Holocaust merciful God just gone he's right that stuff um deserves at least boyar be is lawyer yeah that makes sense ten reasons that he's right about throwing it down the stairs yeah no ten reasons try try to get it this way she believed in gone you understand that's what you have to do you got a grudge against him doesn't make sense alright Roman numeral two is make him smart that was wrong one about how do use and consider him smart Roman numeral two is making smarts in the morning make them smart is be critical don't swallow goodness sake don't swallow one of the proofs of turf from Sinai is that the rabbi's intentionally intentionally made misstatements today students misstatements and logic misstatements and facts in the tone and why why would the teachers do that to their students so the rabbi's say listen dude just sharpen them what does that mean to sharpen them go Stanek last and 15 the class of thousand in the class and they say do you understand do you agree do you see them and woe to the fellow who said yes what do you mean you understand how to act they understand something that's are not understandable that's keeping you sharp on your toes so that's really a wise man who puts in a little bit of of a twist and the thing to make the students check it out so once some bees parrots tape recorders not if you have the truth and now if you have the truth if you're a good scientist you want your students to be kingly critical right if you have the truth the more critical they are the more they're on their toes the better off all of us are right if we have the truth the more critical don't swallow nothing we don't want a small yeah so for goodness sake don't small once again all right but be critical what does critical mean check it out does it make sense do I understand do I perceive that this is true or not you have to check it out that's critical that's the first thing the second thing is if you want disturbed by anything then analyze what is it my prejudice Canon is something wrong with a definition for love what's wrong and and I don't like the idea that there is a definition there's nothing wrong with the definition yeah all right well I think you can define things like that it came to find emotions all right can't define emotions I think you know you can't define the motion that's right you came to find the motion so ask you I analyze what's bothering something's bothering you what's bothering you ask the question how can you define emotions so the answer is you know define emotion you define what brings about this emotion saying you love is this what you feel identify it fine that's making your teacher small what's bothering you analyze it track it down and put it on the table what's bothering something's bothering it track it down number three is that if you disagree and you think he's wrong then for goodness sakes become but after you analyze don't speak up and say you're wrong that's not speaking on figure out why do you disagree what makes you think he's wrong what's your evidence what's your reason don't just protest you think he's wrong you think there's a better definition say pardon me and in Jewish form we say when it's a teacher a wiser man than you couch it in terms I don't understand it seems to me that that is not the definition say he's wrong intelligently now that includes in saying I'm upset by your concept because it means that I have to work at happiness and I was awaiting happiness to descend on me that's all right at least you see if you don't what's bothering you yeah I mean it's a little embarrassing to just take that as a reason but the teacher knows oh I'm sorry I'm stepping on your prejudices I backed off yeah and maybe the pleasures worth they don't make sense number four is then best time to do this at least at first is after class because you're not used to tracking down your particular what disturbs you about something but make a note of it you know put a big X ng yeah on this point yeah and then after class check it out what's wrong discuss it with someone else discuss it with you teacher but does it mean at class you can say I'm not trying to turn off the questions yeah but you'll feel more comfortable you're not comfortable asking questions and it really it doesn't really make sense if you can't track down exactly you're not juice to tracking out what's bothering you something that he's saying is off what soft disagree with you so make a no track it down think it over analyze it what's wrong you'll get it then you come back this is why I think that you're wrong and to a teacher you should say pardon me I don't understand it seems to mention number five is properly done combined wrote number one with roaming the world to which means play the devil's advocate answer your own questions what would I answer you take my role am I making sense do you have a question you disagree you can't define love there's something take my role play the devil's advocate first analyze what's wrong and then say well what would he answer say the teacher sometime and and broaden your own understanding of the concept by looking at it from another point of view I have some opinions Gordon the cancer number six is that the idea over here is both of them we have this this power within us and the whole thing is to be real when you're real you do this natural you don't swallow your critical at the same time you don't dismiss so to give me an illustration of how you're real and if I say to you stop right you know and I I'm serious I look as if I'm serious there's a few guys with Italian names from Chicago they're looking for you they say they have a score to settle with you and I look as if I'm serious yeah an alert danger you take me seriously what do you say yeah you don't dismiss that's ridiculous why would the Mafia be after me you say why would the Matthew be did they say anything yeah do they say my full name give a description that they mention where they're coming from yeah why because you serious you mean business something tells you important so you do number one you don't dismiss what the man has to say and number two they make them smart remember everything what they look like I want to recognize him if I see him yeah what client how did they wear the hats I remember mafia picture let's see if that's them yeah am I making sense so anything that you take seriously if you're real somebody tells you I'll teach you how to love your man I'll teach you how to know what you're living for if you're real I say hey this is important this is important that's real then naturally what are you gonna do yeah I'm gonna say ridiculous even if it's outlandish that true you're gonna check it out you can ask him what do you mean living fool what what does that mean I'm going to get some I want to get a degree no that's not what I'm living for what is something disturbing me you'll analyze it you'll check it out you'll come up with it I'll give you a proof that there's a god that there's a heaven in hell that's worse than the Mafia right the phone said nah ridiculous wait a moment what are you talking about how do you know where's it coming from you do both naturally if you're real if you take concepts as realities and appreciate their heaviness okay number seven is to give you the concept of how even the most ridiculous statement we mention it in the beginning even the most ridiculous statement just because we're real it's heavy we treat with respect and I focus your attention again if I tell you you have a knapsack nothing very precious in it I'll turn it into solid gold there isn't a human being around don't tell me that's ridiculous that's stupid I don't want to have nothing to do with you yeah everyone will say fantastic fun okay come on no it's ridiculous statement if there ever is a statement that's ridiculous that's the statement that's ridiculous yeah but at the same time because we're all real hello I've got nothing to lose gold is gold there's really no danger around here right but for goodness sake if the man turns it into gold in front of your eyes don't say I must be fool's gold oh wow I never expected this yeah all right later you'll ask say it yeah you'll see whether it's real gold or whether it's uh whether it's fool's gold bronze burnished as gold don't go and try to sell it right off it's not a gold yeah right but what are you gonna ask him okay more tricks how'd you do that yeah see you said this guy is gonna teach me how to be happy that's ridiculous define happiness that's ridiculous no sweat no danger go ahead define hey you know that makes sense check it out later whether that's really definition to me don't don't swallow this is mind-boggling you can walk through my whole life thinking you can't define love and love there's something that happens to you and here's this guy coming along and saying the Jewish people live 3,500 years with the concept you can to find love give him a hearing that works same how do you do that please explain to me why my disturb that that's the way to be real that's the way to be real the assignment for today is you've picked up something you've been every day you've been here two days you've been in five days you've picked up something take the five most precious pieces of wisdom play the devil's advocate this is something that you need for living you give ten reasons you need it for living and mask a miserable Jewish people says so the Torah says oh I've know it says so yeah fine make him smart what's wrong analyze what's bothering you about this why aren't you using it what's wrong that's the assignment now why do we need this so one of the things that we say is that human beings are essentially lazy if we're not lazy if we're real we already showed you you do one into natural somebody says the Mafia is after you semi-serious look serious you looking gang you check it asking questions if you're serious about living then you gotta be serious about living the second now ask you questions don't dismiss anything and you've got to be serious about like if you're not serious about living you're not gonna make it but number two of the reasons one is that essentially human beings human beings are shallow you have to always be cautious always be cautious that you're getting the full depth of something only by asking questions listening to people in concealing them small and deep then you can get to a deeper level of understanding rabbi say it takes 40 years to really understand what your teacher says because he's coming with something finished thanks 40 years the third reason we needed is like most of the forty eight waves Union because we're precious to get rid of prejudices whatever we've bought this whole whatever you've bought is home you see that wherever you come from you come from China communism is hold you come from America capitalism is only or you're not the society isn't so much for capitalism anymore okay so socialism is holy whatever you come from so you get over your prejudices in the sea truth you have to be able listen to another human being now we just finished the 48 ways but we haven't finished the 48 ways because there are 50 48 ways so tomorrow we'll go on 49 and then a number 50 and then I'll explain to you how come there are 50 48 ways and how to turn your knapsack and depart you have been listening to the 48 ways to wisdom

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