Waves Ep. 246 Globetrotting, Universities, Trump and the Future of Media

the unshackled waves episode 246 good casting from Melbourne Australia this is the ocean waves with Tim will hello everyone welcome to another waves episode at the unshackled as part of our continuous expansion we've welcomed aboard a few new contributors one of them is Aidan green who also operates the commentariat where you produces commentary videos and articles about current global events with a particular focus on the Trump era in the United States he studied international relations at university and has also traveled widely around the world he has also worked in the mainstream media so he has had quite the life experience at such a young age I thought it was about time to introduce him to you properly and have him on the show Aiden welcome to the show and welcome to the unshackled thanks for having me on Tim now your main area of interest in news is International Affairs now I just wanted to start by asking did this develop when you were young or a university where did sort of this fascination come from probably probably not when I was young I think it developed more so when I was 18 I moved over to England played cricket and I stayed there for two years and then I came back and from there I kind of developed a bit of a travel bug and then I decided to move to Canada 50 years and I think that's about the around the time of when I was 21 was when I started to start getting a bit more into politics and and culture in the world that we live in and then so I spent Qi is there and then after those four years of travel I decided to then start University and then actually take on international relations and international studies at territory level so when you were young it's it's it's fair to say you are just more interested in gaining life experience you traveled widely whatever you mentioned England where else have you have traveled to I've traveled to every continent in the world about maybe 40 countries total but I also lived in France when I did I exchanged in 2017 so about two years ago now which was which was fantastic yeah I think it's important to travel I think it really makes you realize a lot about yourself and a lot about the people around you and just how I don't know I guess we're kind of insignificant in a way but as a collective we're definitely not yeah because believe it or not I've only ever been in Australia in New Zealand which are similar countries I've never gone on that sort of life journey overseas but I see it every day on the on the news what's happening over there what are the issues there but what's it actually what do you did you observe on the grounds in in those country is is that a different sort of culture and sort of way way of seeing the world yeah definitely I think it depends on which country you travel in in which you're in because all cultures are a little bit different there I think France for instance their politics was a lot different to England and and Canada Canada was similarly polarized to America with their left and right Republican Democrat but with France it was very much like a socialist democratic state lots of protests everyone involved totally different to England but I think one thing you do gather from traveling to all these nations and leave me in these nations is that everyone's really kind of pissed off I think with politics just in general and everyone it's just really common that people feel disenfranchised with with politics and especially politicians but I think I try and tell people to maybe not be so against politicians and more it's the system itself I think that was broken because a lot of these politicians are actually you know doing a a lot of work and a lot of public service just and they genuinely want they generally want to help I'd probably disagree with that myself I mean if a politician wants to make a positive change that the people want there they can the way our system is is set up is the majority plus one gets to make the laws and set the the policy direction and so I've I definitely feel that we've been more let down by our leaders in the Western world especially in Europe I guess it depends I think in Australia you have this just Labour or liberal so it's basically liberal so it's basically almost just have one government I whereas in Europe you do actually have the chance to push through either left wing right wing far right far left socialist you can pretty much do have a stake in the claim with the way that their their systems work I think in France they have about nine really strong politicians debating for at least a week and then that gets cut down to five and then it goes from five and then they get us to two and anything can happen in European politics see I think you do have that sort of freedom for anything to happen in those places but in Australia I don't feel that way at all I think you feel not in the mainstream political realm then you know you don't have a chance yeah with Australia it's because we've got a parliamentary system with single-member electorates that means that we're used to one of the major two parties having a majority at least in in the in the lower house and the best minor parties can do to break through is in the Senate but as we've seen with every sort of minor party which everyone thinks is going to be big it always implodes with no the the new MPs you know getting a big head and sort of leaving and going out on their own and then by the end of the term in Parliament it's it's fallen apart yeah I definitely I think my own their only reasons that people will vote for smaller parties in Australia is knowing that they might put a bit of influence I myself I usually vote for minor minor parties knowing that they won't get in by just because I think I might actually have a bit of the influence on the on labour or little blows in power yeah yeah as you mentioned you went to university later on you went to the the University of Wollongong now everyone sort of claims that you know their university is the the worst but it's sort of it's there they're all pretty much the same I've sort of heard a few stories about sort of activism at their the University of Wollongong yeah I think University of Oregon is actually one of those universities actually say that the best they don't really go around saying the other worse they definitely have a heck of a lot of activism which is you know it's good to see that people are involved especially in political terms but yeah Wollongong definitely has they they definitely do have a lot of pride for the University it's it's probably the it's the staple for probably wore long itself now it's now the young leading economic producer ahead of the coal terminal and in PHP and things like that because it used to be such a labor you know working-class city so much so that you don't even liberal doesn't even contest down here it's just out of labour and the Greens yeah the the two seats there Whitlam and cunningham there there's such safe flavour seats and it's interesting thing you know you mentioned the sort of coal heavy industry in Wollongong and the the Illawarra I just buy labor you know bracing the climate change a ginger and wanting to phase out call people of Wollongong still voting labour yeah yeah it is interesting I personally think that it would well along would probably be a lot better if liberal did some contesting down here because then at least you get a bit of bush for something something different or a bit more initiative and activism from liberal Danny it actually career like make them do more because it is such a safe seat we probably do get left behind but it's still we're still doing pretty well sort of great city I'm proud to say I'm from from all along for sure now the University of Wollongong they they tried to oh they were looking at introducing of setting up a Ramsey Center for Western civilization which is this request set up trying to get Western civilization courses at Australian University is they've traded a few universities with with no success so far as always the the local academics and activists you know claim that you know this degree is you know racist and you know white white history and the same thing happened at Wollongong yeah absolutely did and I think the only reason that got through is because our vice-chancellor fast-tracked it at a middle of the night when he knew that all of the academics that were 100% kind of oppress the idea he pushes straight through and it's is going ahead it's it's gonna I think it starts in 2020 but there's been a lot of backlash from it there's been protests it's been all over the news oh yeah I wrote an article about it and it it went quite viral so yeah it's a lot it's a lot going on to be it's a big story for little little town of all non yeah yeah oh it's good that it's finally found a a home and it shouldn't be controversial to study you know but because we are here today because of Western civilization but the the the left who control most the university is believe that it's the the birthplace Western civilization of all oppression and violence and bloodshed even though that the the peace and the standard of living that we enjoy today is because of Western civilization the places that don't have Western civilization Africa and the Middle East you know that's where human rights are respected and where there's still civil wars yeah that's a hundred percent correct and I think that's basically what I touch them in my article and I myself copped a lot of backlash for literally just stating stating facts about how women's rights the highest in Western civilization so as minorities and you know the Western amount of scientific scientific method the abomination of slavery the West we have a lot to be proud of and yeah like you said it's not a controversial thing to say that you we appreciate the world that we live in that we've grown up in there going on from that I I post the article on it on a UAW buy and sell site full of you know obviously full of a left-wing crowd and the amount of hate that I copped was quite funny I think it got up to about a hundred comments bitterly reiterated my point and made it quite clear that the left that the universities are left-wing and it only proved my point so though really what was it like in the the classroom itself because obviously some conservative right-wing students especially in the humanities find it difficult to sort of you know speak up about their views in the classroom because that I want to get mocked down by the lecturer or shouted down by their their fellow classmates oh absolutely I think maybe because I was a bit older and because I did have so many years living in the West that I was quite happy with you know kind of standing up for the West or just not not going along with the politically correct narrative that we would all sit there and say you know postcolonial give him talk about post-colonialism or identity politics and the postmodern narrative I would just yeah you would it wouldn't be awkward because they're probably out of the class of you know 20 politic students it probably only would be two or three that were conservative or even considered conservative thought and the lecturers themselves I think only came across one or maybe a two that you would think I'm not quite sure where he leans on the political spectrum whereas most lecturers were just filed you know so left wing that if you even questioned it or answer the yeah you get scoffs all my roles and things like that yeah haha that's not too bad but yeah it's it's sort of the standard and sadly whatever what's to be expected yeah and I think that's this is why the range degree is quite important because it's going to just balance out politically legal speech a bit more and balance out the thought process because it is completely dominated and it's not just Australia it's all Western nations and then Jordan Pearson's spoken about this well I don't know ten ten to twenty years and now he's actually opening up his own University because of it so you know when you block out conservative speech for so long and you block out conservative thought other universities will emerge and other think tanks emergent it's what we're seeing now and then you could even go further with that with what they expose doing in the rise of other social media platforms when you just silence people that people don't remain silent they they don't find other avenues to say that this speech and it's not it's not even the controversial speech justice it's something that we need you know it's not like everyone votes left-wing it's not like we just have left-wing parties or the silent majority you know actually owns the realm of politics when it goes to the voting and you only goes to the polls yeah look at all the recent elections in the US Australia and the UK I mean the the conservative movement has has always won and it's always come as you know a big shock to the the media and the the cultural class but you know it despite all of this like indoctrination and you know preaching at and you know finger wagging Peter people and again the the ballot box they still believe that right-wing parties are the most you know responsible to deliver economic stability and social cohesion yeah I think a lot of the younger people are more focused on disappearing nice or you know it's a competition if he can be having more moral moral standards or who can virtue seek my highest but when it comes down to the rating of the polls yeah people end up dissipating very conservative most the time well one of the the greatest examples of that was the the election of Donald Trump as president in in 2016 that the Trump phenomenon was one of the things that motivated me to start the unshackle because I was before he came along quiet disillusioned with politics but then you know Trump came along and he was just putting the establishment to shame and yeah it was I came to the conclusion that you just need to tear their political establishment and down then it was just you know hugely entertaining and of course when he won there was the the mass triggering from the the left and the not my president rallies and where we what was your initial thoughts when he ran for president and as sort of what had how did you observe it as a gained steam the Trump phenomenon I think I was maybe bit blind like everyone else I think it was back then I probably was still believing in the mainstream media but I always had in the back of my head breaks it that was kind of the first shattering of the anti-establishment movement that we see going on around the world and then yeah it kind of just kind of just hang in there he kept winning he kept kept using quick wit and I've even one of the many things was which I kind of liked about him was the fact that he wasn't a politician and what was I found they run the same well you know like I'm so secretive politicians you know this I'm so I ever am I don't want to vote for him I don't trust him and then Donald Trump comes along who isn't a politician doesn't act like a politician and then gets eroded in and then everyone just hating like this you can't play these can't play some people I think at the end of the day now everyone was predicting when Donald Trump got elected president that I'd be a disaster for America the economy would imply that he being peach within six months but it's over two years on now and the US economy has never been stronger and every time the the media have tried to predict the end of the Trump presidency or this is definitely gonna be the the beginning of the end now it's it's the the media that cried wolf and you've done a few videos like rationally analyzing his presidency and no basica basically he's been able to like fulfill most of his promises and also managed the United States government and economy quite well yeah absolutely I think when you actually look at him objectively and put all the the aside he actually finally doing incredibly well I think it was unemployment's at three point three point seven percent which is the lowest in 50 years female unemployment was down to sixty were lost in sixty five years african-american unemployment was lowest i think ever like ever on record Asian and Hispanic was also the lowest ever on record so the whole country's doing that uh mine are minorities are doing better there's no impeachment there's no impeachment coming he's definitely going to get voted in again in twenty two so I'm really interested to see what actually does happen with mainstream media and the left when when we're going on into that you know fourth fifth six year of Trump are they really going to be peddling conspiracies and I think the other day it came out that they were pushing that how it was a fraud that lost a billion dollars back in the 90s but that's something that they're clutching at straws and it's getting quite it's getting quite embarrassing really when Trump was running for president there was a whole lot of Republicans who never Trump as they thought Trump was a menace to the Republican Party but now he's got an 80% approval rating among registered Republicans and all the the polling here is indicating that he's doing much better than other presidents during their first term in office and there's a melbourne cup filled of Democrats who want to run against Trump and most of them are the the intersectionality candidates because that's who's taken over the Democratic Party but it's quite ironic that the front-runner was Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders old white men supposedly the enemies of progressivism actually that's it that's a pretty good point only really think of it like like that I guess that is this the hypocrisy of the left in itself right there I do think if Bernice and I think Bernie Sanders was the only person that really has a chance because he was quite anti-establishment and I feel as if I feel that when back in the election when Trump was running against the Democrats them when was which was Hillary's downfall was not making Bernie Sanders have her vice president and then I think a lot of those anti-establishment voters that work go in a Bernie Sanders kind of said stop this I'm gonna I'm gonna go on vote for Trump and now that Trump's doing well the Democrat Party is in this looks like it there in absolute disarray there's probably only I think maybe even a AC is acting like I don't know completely who's making a complete mockery of herself yeah I mean they did win the House of Representatives the the Democrats in the the midterms but yeah yeah Alexandria kasi at Cortes you know the the future of the Democratic Party with a green new deal and the fact that she says things like oh it's it's not important to be factual you only just have to be moral and the fact that she sounds like just so stupid and actually it makes like the old guard like Nancy Pelosi the House Speaker actually look you know more level-headed oh absolutely and she just plays way too much into identity politics I think I sort of the other day of her speaking in you know I think Brooklyn it was in front of a majority african-american crowd and she totally changed her accent sound as if she was a black person which is this the epitome of patronization and if something if if John Trump went and did that into an african-american crowd you could just imagine the absolute uproar but just because it's coming from the left it's acceptable yeah I recall Hillary did that as well yes yeah she did I featured in one of my videos yeah that's yeah it just goes to show that it's that the left who like their weather like the real purveyors of racism like they're the ones who see people as you know all members of different tribes so you need to be treated differently yeah that's exactly right they they see everything through a lens and then whilst you're looking through that lens it's like well my lens says that you have to think this way or you have to behave this way or you have to vote this way and luckily we do have things like the legs that are actually kind of shattering the politically correct narrative and the breaking the shackles of the way that people think and the simulation fear that is installed by the left and it could actually it could actually happen the legs at the removal of african-americans from the Democratic Party moving over to the Republican Party and voting I think he received 40% in a Rasmussen poll in October just last year which is the highest ever by a Republican president in the history of the nation and that is absolutely remarkable like in terms of anything that is remarkable but you would not hear it on the mainstream news you will not find it in a newspaper you only find out on the Internet well Donald Trump he's he's not a racist he never has been I mean when he was a celebrity businessman like he used to associate with black celebrities all the time he's had heaps of like black senior executives that is from organizations there's absolutely no evidence for that it's it's it's just the the usual you know hysteria that are you know because he wants you know strong borders a border wall that I must be a racist I think that's one thing that the left doesn't realize is that patriotism patriotism doesn't see any color but the left truly does and going on from Trump not being seen as a racist he featured in 67 chart-topping hip-hop hits before he was president so he was absolutely praised by african-americans before he ran for presidency so I don't know why they would praise a racist yeah exactly like you don't just magically become racist when you're a Republican yeah and of course the the main thing they've tried to get him on the the meteor is the the Russian collusion thing and we had the the mullah Special Counsel investigation which you know found you know no collusion no obstruction of justice I fellas there's never anything the only thing they sort of found was you know Peter like associates of ears had spoken to people who were connected to the Russian government which would happen in political circles all the time yeah yeah like nothing that was out of the ordinary and if you put a lens on well if you actually investigated Trump a sorry Hillary as hard as you just invested in investigated Trump she's going to find a hell of a lot more problems you know that's where that's where crooked Hillary really comes into it but she still hasn't been there to promises that Donald Trump hasn't fulfilled is the the border wall and locking Hillary Clinton up yeah I think locking Hillary Clinton up will be quite difficult the bottle wall is on the way part of it is it's happening but there's now that the House of Reps is majority Democrats going to be quite difficult to get funding yeah and his biggest cheerleader and quarter she is saying that if the border Wells not built there the Trump hesitancy will have been a just a joke yeah and culture says a lot of things well probably the other big climate geopolitical event of the the past few years has been Breck said that was sort of the first event we should have showed that the the right was on the resurgence but it's three years on and brexit hasn't been delivered well Teresa may she's she's now going to resign because she hasn't been able to deliver it that just shows that the the left they can still do their best to stifle the the will of the people even if it is a democratic vote yes it's quite bizarre what the left can get away with compared to the right itself I was actually eating than when you keep God up the first seat back in 2012 and that was that at the time was massive massive news that the right was kind of coming you know that resurgence yeah you haven't way back in 2012 when they won that seat and then move on where 2008 it brexit 2009 in you have you keep has several you know several seelix in parliament and then it breaks the party that's how that they've been around for six weeks comes in and completely shatters the mep elections for for the european union so it looks like breaks it is definitely going ahead and marine lepen of france was voted in as well so friend probably friends it italy will probably go as well and the european will probably be obsolete in just a few years i think now we're both in the the alternative media and we've we've done a lot of commentary on how the the mainstream media a corporate legacy media is dying a you actually have had some work experience with the mainstream media what does that like yeah I actually quite enjoyed it it's a lot more on then it still is the trusted the Fourth Estate as as we have at the moment things are slowly changing I think Fairfax recently just sold I think six or seven papers in in Australia the Illawarra mercury one of them they originally bought it something like a few billion and they recently just sold it for only 300 million so just the amount of money that is going being taken away from newspapers and mainstream media is quite large so I've have kind of I don't know I'm not and we're all being 10 years but for the meantime I have kind of chosen into yeah just because it's a bit more a bit more freedom and I can make my videos and commentator whatever I want to be my own boss risk level I think they say with a lot more risk comes a lot more reward in a loan yeah I've haven't worked in the mainstream media but I know like how it works is that you know I'll when you know you're a journalist in a in a major corporation you know you're given assignments by the editor you have to like cover what he instructs you to do you you know you can't really put your own spin on things that it's very much just sort of you given a quota and you're just sort of churning it out oh yeah you definitely do have to pump out the articles and you don't always get to decide what you want to write about and you do have to obviously stay ones of the letterhead and there is that underlining tone of I think Fairfax is a little bit left in news co-op is a little bit right mm-hmm you never really gonna go outside those lines you're never really gonna take any risks mainstream media takes absolutely no risks whatsoever whether that's a good thing or a bad thing that's up for debate but yeah I still have a final I still enjoyed it for sure yeah I've noticed the two mainstream media journalists that weave News Corp initially Samantha maiden and Peter van on Celyn when they're quiet sort of they were right leaning but now that they've left Peter Van Daan salons with Network Ten and Samantha maidens with the new daily which is a union aligned online newspaper they're now all of their commentary is really hard to the left and it's just it's just interesting that sort of they sort of like even though they are like good journalists they still toed the sort of like corporate line I think all journalists within a day I think money talks I think if you tell anyone any journalists you know you go you're gonna have to write this way I think with it being such a hard industry to get into and almost a dying art there aren't too many journalists that do kind of take that independent route and do take the risk to go online and live off things like patreon and donations in itself because it is so risky so you know I guess some journalists to kind of sell their souls or before their the internet media age newspapers could rely on all the revenue from the classifieds a television could rely on all the the ads from like the the major corporations it was that they were your only options like print or broadcast media but with the the Internet and the fact that information could now be accessed for for free like you didn't have to pay a dollar for the for the newspaper every day you you could just go online and so and also with the Google and Facebook they've basically consumed all of the the online ads I mean or most businesses now just advertise on those two platforms and with the classifieds now you have like all the jobs are on seek.com today you there's other online classifieds that's just drain their revenue right down yeah absolutely they're just taking pretty much all the revenue and that's why journalism is a dying art that's why it's hard to make a bang for your buck online because if there is just my eyes is taking everything right up up against the top but you know things are changed you know I think we see a lot with the Facebook censorship that's going on a daily basis this censorship of right-wing comment is cannot really go on for too much longer I'm surprised that has even gone on this long I'm surprised that mainstream media hasn't actually put its foot down yet and started to actually give everyday citizen this information because a lot of people a lot of my friends or just everyday person they have no idea what is actually going on and the scale of how big this is in the history of human civilization like we have never gone through he have never gone through something where and a private entity has owned over three billion people's social media accounts and essentially decided that we're just gonna be left-wing like where are they gonna put out information that's left-wing like that with us Stalin and what Stalin was doing bad but this is this is on an even grander scale and because they're doing it because Silicon Valley is left and because they think that hate speech is a real thing or basically anything that they disagree with is being shot down that it's okay and the the the legacy media now they're reliant on Facebook and Google for most of their their traffic I mean at such a so many people are on it now that now to know remain competitive these corporate media they've got to have a major presence on the the social media outlets but the also as I mentioned the the main problem is is that now people with the internet they're used to getting their the news and information for free they they don't feel that they should pay for apps like through subscription but that's the only way it's it's going to survive if you want journalism you're gonna have to pay for it obviously News Corporation they've got a pretty pretty strong pay wall I think all of their websites except for news comdata you as pay world Fairfax have like on their websites 30 free articles a month it's sort of a bit more liberal than that but it's that's gonna have to be the the model a sort of pay-per-view yeah it kind of looks like it is going that way I really hope it doesn't because people seem to be having less and less money every day and the the gap between a rich and the poor does actually seem to be getting bigger so I know that people like my like university students for one definitely not going to be paying for any information only people that kind of thought it will be paying for any free Meishan so then you're going to have a bit of an intellectual gap for you know in trusted journalism and actual information that you knows is genuine and real and has actually been funded to actually go and find that story so I'm hoping that that is not the way of the future I'm hoping something else changes maybe a new platform emerges away everyone everyone go is on that in the ads that are generated are actually enough to to fund journalism again because it's the way that it's going at the moment it's really hard to predict and I actually don't think subscriptions is the answer like I can't see someone even like myself who reads everyday paying for several subscriptions off multiple from multiple sources it's just it doesn't make sense maybe we can have like a Netflix kind of thing where I can get all you know New York Times on one or Fairfax on news couple and things like that on the other but single handed subscriptions I just no I really think that's I don't think that's going to happen going back to you mentioned the the D platforming because like a lot of youtubers they were able to get a lot of revenue from YouTube ads but then there was the mass D monetization of of their channels because of like a controversial content like Lauren Southern's videos got got D monetized a rebel media's and so then everyone looks at a turn to patreon to you know which is a crowdfunding what we're talking about subscription a base platform but now patreon and PayPal they've joined the the D platforming movement and so not only right-wing and conservative people being like denied the ad revenue new habit now the even ability to get people to support them financially yeah I I did not know that they actually not even allowing patreon this well that is absolutely theirs they actually stopping someone from giving their money to a journalist is holidays beyond me yes I got a card he got banned from patreon so did Milo Lauren southern faith Goldie as a whole list of them yeah I think this just shows just how far way too far left have gone when you actually you know it kind of all is to do with Trump and the election of trial back in 2016 that now they they have so much hate for the right that that'll actually companies now actually decide to be political like we see Nike doing it we see Gillette being political it's almost become normal that companies decide to be political but I always imagine companies to be capitalist and I can't imagine YouTube the YouTube boardroom and I'm sitting in that room and saying okay guys well how can we make more money I know let's deep monetize half of everyone's put a little thought it's absolutely ludicrous and it's one of the most bizarre things it's actually quite fascinating and I love learning about it and I love writing about it because it really is so bizarre that they would actually put political thought over capitalism itself well we saw in Australia during the the same sex marriage postal survey pretty much all the major corporations supported there the yes campaign that I think there was one that you know dared say no and like there are also like all corporations have their corporate social responsibility like their support you know indigenous constitutional recognition of course the biggest one is you know Qantas they support pretty much all the progressive causes and with this like G platforming by the major corporations one wonders where where it stops like is you know a bank going to close down to your account because they don't like your political views is a telco going to disconnect you because they don't like your views that does happen but I think I've read one satire article the other day was actually quite funny and it kind of made put a bit of realization into just how far these things are going it was we need to continue to silence these commentators we need to continue to throw milkshakes at them and then the last illness was a we in fact we need to start killing him he's actually start killing these people but where do you draw the line like when you can't even buy things or when you you are absolutely segregated from society you know what what does have we're not far off an acid attack or an attack by an Tifa that goes too far like that you definitely could happen and it probably will when it was Trump gets reelected in 2020 I all the like lefty say oh it's just a knee against just a milkshake but like all these assaults a enabled encouraged excused and so you're giving like inspiration for people to go further and we saw like in the United States a Republican Congressman Steve Scalise he wish was shot at a baseball game he like yeah it was in a critical condition like hospitals so it has escalated from just an egg and a milkshake yeah pretty sure of British politician was killed last year as well so it does happen and you know if we're freaks using violence just because the left are doing it then really like what where are we getting at where are we getting our models from yeah I definitely I think we're at a an important crossroads but there the internet is also at it's a beacon of freedom like you know they can sense it all they want but they can't unperson people online there's free speech social media those mines gab me we bears there's all different alternatives if you try to kick somebody off Facebook or something else then something else pops up yeah that is the case but at the moment it's Facebook is the complete monopoly it's becoming utility so until all these other platforms do pick up it really is it's just a massive breach of power in my opinion now what do you see as the the future trends obviously in Australia we just had a federal election where everyone was surprised that the the coalition was re-elected labour took quite a far left agenda to the election which was rejected so far they they haven't indicated that they've learned anything they've just blamed or you know vested interests and people didn't understand our great policies Jesus do you sort of see Australia like because I was concerned the beginning of the year the direction that we were heading but I've become a bit more measured in sort of my expectations actually predicted Scott Morrison's victory I think I read a few articles on it even when he was paying $4 months out you just know that I think there were several reasons why they lost it but the main one was probably just the fact that the way they were straight people Australians boat they don't really vote for the party they actually vote for the leader and if you looked at the polls throughout you know years before it was Scott Morrison was always the preferred prime minister out of the two people just did not like the way that Shorten carried on they didn't like how awkward he was I didn't like he's the zingers he was just not seen as a leader so that I predict even when it was I think it was a it got up to eight dollars in the morning of and then I did that's how that's one way that you can see out of touch the mainstream media is is that he was paying eight dollars in the morning of Bill Shorten was paying a dollar thirty and bookies were paying out the win for Bill Shorten yeah yeah I couldn't believe that political pundits you know why why did they still have a job yeah I mean every all the commentators were predicting a labor when all the polls were as well that was a big thing for but the polls were were all wrong I think the polls being wrong is a it's quite common now you've almost have to predict your own poll on the poll being wrong well there's a lot of us on the right who've like we mentioned the betting markets have become quite wealthy over these shock results because we've always bettered against what the commentators bookmakers and polls have said and one big yeah well I think I had money on Donald Trump's win and that was four dollars fifty in the morning of and that was a crushing victory and obviously you said you believe that trumps going to be re-elected I certainly think that there's no no inspiring Democrat candidate I think that is that a big question is going to be where Europe goes whether the new British prime minister will actually deliver a proper brexit and if that final event elation you know inspires nationalists on the European continent to sort of follow yeah you know I definitely do think the European Union will either be totally obsolete or quite different with more Eastern European nations because they've actually had to get nations to join the union because England's kind of brags it that's you know that's done to us the let us vote for the MEP s with Briggs Briggs a party absolutely crushing it they will be asked in marine lepen winning in France and also Italy their latest election was a coalition of conservative and far-right so they're looking to I tells it so they're looking to get out so that's their arguably there they're the three biggest economies in the European Union other than Germany so once they lose those large economies will probably we'll see that end of this European Union experiment yeah oh that's definitely I feel like I said before that there's now you know optimism and you know excitement again about the the future there was a quite a few people who were sort of black peeled at the beginning of the year but I think things have turned a corner now well yeah absolutely like I think protectionism of touched on of a few times is actually to the one thing that environmentalists and lefties should actually be pushing towards brings that there were eggs and movement in the 80s that was actually led by a left-wing party and this is what people don't understand like when you bring in protectionism and you stop you know you just produce food you make domestic Goods the predominant use for the economy and stop importing goods from all over the body actually stop a lot of carbon dot by being emitted out into the earth and then another result from that is if you're buying local goods you're supporting local jobs just supporting the local economy and it actually makes Goods cheaper in the long run yes your dollar may be a little bit wake up but you'll be buying goods that are actually a lot cheaper and that's what they're finding in England and the world hasn't turned on its head which they said would happen in England is actually doing incredibly well well we'll keep doing a bit here in the the alternative media I'm looking for more of your commentary at videos and articles on the unshackled they've been being quite a welcome addition to our our growing platform yeah thanks to I'm a mix aya under them I got a few great videos in the works and a lot of work to do in the future and we'll chat again soon thanks – and that's the show for today as I've mentioned previously I'm serving a 30-day ban on Facebook so I'm not spending much time on the platform so I'm investing more of my time on free speech social media which the unshackled has a growing presence on we are on gab data edge / – the unshackled we also are on minds at minds.com slash D underscore unshackled we also have a melee page at me Wacom / P slash the unshackled and we also have our growing telegram channel on the encrypted messaging service that T dot me slash the unshackled remember that will rely on the financial support of you our followers to bring you all the content and news that we do you can pledge over at patreon.com slash the unshackled or directly via PayPal dot me slash the unshackled we also have our Premium Membership option on our website the unshackled dotnet slash support options slash premium membership and thank you to all those who continue to contribute on a regular basis it all helps us so thanks once again for you company in the scenic shard thanks for tuning into the unshackled wives please visit the unshackled waves dog net for all the ways to subscribe and follow the shower don't forget to pick up your free e-book at the unshackled battlefields stop minutes and keep checking out the unshackle dotnet for all the 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