Watch: Vindman corrects Devin Nunes: ‘It’s Lt. Col. Vindman, please’


  1. This "Col." is a freaken joke and liar not to mention a wuss!!! What a freaken joke of a process!! he's a weasel and a do-BOY, feel bad for his kids if he has any…. What an embarrassment .

  2. Vindman wears his military dress uniform, while porno CON man Gym Jordan comes undressed and keeps his hand in his pants while he snidely smears American patriots and intelligent people. Then he goes all red in the face and hyperventilates. Wonder if Jordan is just following the Trump playbook

  3. Ok lets get this straight Lt Col Vindman says he doesn't know who the "whisleblower" is but won't name the name of the other person he spoke to. Use logic folks, if he doesn't know then why not say the name of the other person he told?….that is because A. he knows that person is the whistleblower or B. they may have had clearance for the info but had no reason to know the info so it would be highly unusual for them to have said info and he could be in trouble.

  4. So,Aleksandr Semenovich Vindman is leaker. He was not pleased to hear that Trump was not helping his native Ukraine. He called his connections into the deep state and launched a hunt on Trump.

  5. This guy is a disgrace to the uniform and he should not be wearing it right now! he needs to be stripped of all his Honors and kicked out of the military . he's a freaking traitor to the uniform and the US Military !

  6. Adam Schiff is a LIAR. How can he stop anyone from dropping the whistleblowers name if he doesn't know the whistleblowers identity?
    Dirty LIAR

  7. So we can only trust commissioned officers of the U.S. military who provide flattering testimony? This man has obligations to the U.S. constitution that by far supersede any obligation to make Donald Trump look good.

  8. Benedict Arnold was a decorated veteran too and even the commander of west point. Wait we gotta redo history Benedict Arnold couldn't have done anything wrong he went to west point like this guy

  9. Stiff never even looks at the Republican council to his left or ever addresses or speaks to them directly. Whenever they ask him a question he just stares straight forward without a word and bugs his eyes out even bigger.

  10. He's Mr Vindman to Nunes and any other civilian. He made himself look EXTREMELY power hungry buy insisting his rank be used when addressing him. If it was Private Nunes then I see his point.

  11. Vindman just showed he lied under oath
    He knows who the whistleblower is or he must answer the question of who he talked to about his sedition and should be placed in cuffs and walked out of the hearing and marched into a court martial hearing for breaching oath and sedition against the United states

  12. What a freakin’ fumbling stuttering awkward pansy of a witness Lt Col Vinman is 🥴 This has got to be the worst joke ever played on the American people ever. Wake up people or gtfoh to the socialist/communist country of your choice!! ✨ 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🗽

  13. Holy cow is this impeachment a joke! These democrats are so guilty of being incompetent it’s unreal. Ive never seen anything like this in my life.

  14. The MSM should be charged criminally for lying. Trump is a massive failure for not appointing prosecutors for these criminal liberals. Trump should have appointed 1 prosecutor for each criminal Democrat there is. If it was Obama or Hillary, every single person going after them would already be in jail facing life.

  15. Glad to see that Lt.. Col. Vindman corrected him. He reminded Nunes that his tittle was earned by serving for decades this country and putting his life at risk in battle. Contrary to Nunes that got his Congressman tittle by lying to his constituents.

  16. This Vindman is a snotty little so and so hes no soldier hes a politician and hes under oath and not telling the truth, this guy is the original leaker……

  17. Let me put this to bed for you all. Rep. Quigley stated "Hearsay can be BETTER than direct evidence". Federal Rule of Evidence CLEARLY STATES hearsay is NOT ADMISSIBLE as evidence. If all your evidence is hearsay, then you simply have no evidence. If you believe Trump will be impeached and/or removed from office you are lying to yourself. Not lying to us, just yourself. Heres the law…. A statement that: (1) the declarant does not make while testifying at the current trial or hearing; and (2) a party offers in evidence to prove the truth of the matter asserted in the statement. (F.R.E. 801(c)).[2]

  18. LIEUTENANT COLONEL Vindman is more of a Patriot and AMERICAN than any of the Trump Cultist or REPUBLICANS commenting here.
    Impeach AND Remove the trash in the White House 2020 🇺🇸👍

  19. Hes a traitor of this Country. How shameful to boldface lie in the House and in front of millions of Americans. He knows who the whistleblower is

  20. So far the dems brought in their show ponies. This guy missed Halloween and tried to dress the part. Shameful how dems use these hearings to praise anyone against Trump, but if anyone say anything positive about Trump they must be lying. It is annoying that they want to impeach the president, but all they talk about is "your a twin like me, people died in Ukraine… What about people dying in the USA? Do they care about other countries and illegal immigrants more than the American people? Is Biden and his son not even a slight concern? They kissed and licked Vindmans behind clean…according to dems nobody should question a person just because they wear uniform or they are running for President. Did they not investigate Trump before and after the elections? Enough already! I pray the American people stand up against these rats.

  21. So this “patriot” doesn’t wear a uniform everyday at work, but instead wears a suit? And people don’t see this uniform for tv as grandstanding? What a disgustingly annoying drama queen.

  22. Another pissed off person as he was pulled from being a in Charge. Also if he only met the Presedent of Ukraine during a quick meet and greet and in his own words not a one on one did he advise him to stay out of American politics ? I personally do thank him for his service but he really has a ego problem very obvious in his its all the I did this and that ect……..

  23. This of military need to Recept Nunes he is not in a military court he is in a civilian court i know i was married to a millerty men. This Backstaber that the Democrat have hidden him is not above the law needs to come CLEAN. President Trump in Commander Chif he has a right to know. Now to say this some people let Obama pass a bill of Sin.?

  24. Vindman slipping up..he said " Individual, then IndividualS"…Starting to look like Schiff and Vidman created the WB storyline. Vidman may be the original rat and passed it on to his attorneys who said dont talk to anyone….yet. Coordinated with Schiffs aids who then raised the issue weeks later.

  25. Since when does a civilian have to address an army officer by his rank I'll tell you how I would have addressed him with my bird finger I have a bronze I have a purple and I have a blue plate you don't see me running around looking for praise and glory he's a traitor

  26. Blaa Blaa-Sham Impeachment!

    The DoNothing DemocRats and their Corrupt allies (Fake News Media +The Deep State) know that they can’t face Me off and have the Stomach for another humiliating defeat in the coming 2020 election so they resorted this Blaa Blaa Nonsense which will only deepens the deep deep hole I as Your President put them in one of the greatest nights in History November 8th 2016!!!

  27. It is in no way necessary for a civilian to recognize military rank in this setting. This Vindman guy is too full of himself. Just the fact that he wore improper attire, his uniform, to this hearing is a thinly veiled attempt to make him seem more believable, as if military personnel couldn't possibly lie. He's covering for Joe Biden's crimes like a good little comrade. The American public sees through this charade and because of it will re – lect Donald trump. Thank you, stupid Dems, for these hearings that prove you couldn't accept Hillary losing.

  28. Republican Congressmen are working directly for International Conglomerates and only work for the USA's interests when it is cleared by CEO of said Conglomerates. They are "tools" by definition.

  29. Mr. Vindman was on the call listening….The Republicans are fill of BS when they say all the testimony is hearsay and second hand witnesses. Nunes looked like a fool. He's toast.

  30. Never uses the term “demanded investigation”, until today.. then stumbles and fumbles all over it. Nope. No coaching or witness tampering here. What a piece of schift.

  31. Ok now we all know who the whistleblower is and Schiff is being honest when he says he knows him and does not know him it Casper the Ghost a totally made up persona

  32. Vindman just looking for attention and trying to sound important , it’s lt col. What a farce you and he wears regular clothes other than the hearing,he’s a joke

  33. There you have it , Vindman is a deep crony liar, following the corrupt shifty Schitt, secret meetings in the bowels of the DC swamp.

  34. Notice that all the dems have adopted the word "demand". This was already determined not to be the understanding of both presidents that never served in the military and would not interpret it as such. The new spin word for Dems and fake news will be "demanded". I think Trump could have communicated his concerns more diplomatically to start with. We really didn't need any help knowing the Biden's are corrupt. US citizens want corruption stopped and the Biden's held accountable for our tax dollars slipping back into their personal hands. I am behind Trump to seek the truth in this matter.

  35. The best part is that none of this posturing by the GOP on this particular line of inquiry is going to matter a lick when the courts force Trump to hand over his financial records and they show hard evidence of money-laundering and the full extent of his financial ties to Russia. This is the PG-13 article of impeachment, and the GOP still has no substantive defense.

  36. The testimony of the various witnesses plus other items of evidence will either be adequate to support impeachment or it won't. If it is adequate, then the whistleblower identity is not needed. If it isn't adequate, then, even if the whistleblower had a smoking gun or perfect exculpatory evidence, too bad. The LAW of the USA says the whistleblower must be protected. What is so hard to understand? Every Congressperson with a legal background knows this. If one of them requests that the whistleblower be exposed, then that Congressperson is manipulating you.

  37. My council advises I may not answer any questions that may identify the ghost that we have been chasing since the beginning of this investigation , the country knows this is a coup orchestrated by the Democrat controlled CIA and corrupt Democrats they are fighting to protect

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