Watch A Young Kobe Bryant Do The Running Man At A School Talent Show

(audience clapping) – Everyone knows you as number 24, which happens to be my
lucky number, so whatever. But, I know you as the guy
who took Brandy to prom. I mean, how did that happen? That’s amazing. – I just saw her and asked her. – [Kelly] She was Moesha back then. – She was, yeah, she was Moesha. You know, I’m just a high school kid, but I needed a date, so. – Oh my gosh.
(audience clamoring) Look at y’all! You showed up to prom with Moesha! – Yeah, yeah. Damn, I didn’t have hair
by choice back then. (laughing) – That’s all right, it’s
working, it’s working. Let’s go back even further though. Tell us about this. Yeah! (Kobe laughing) Get it, get it! You don’t care! I don’t care, look at me! (audience cheering) Yeah, body roll. Oh, you went off stage,
you went off stage! – You know. – You exited, you danced and you exited. – Back then, MC Hammer
was like, the thing, he was doing the snake, the typewriter. – [Kelly] I know the typewriter. – You know what I’m sayin’? – Yes yes. – It was like the running
man was the real running man. It wasn’t like this little
running man, people doing now. And yeah, I was energetic,
I was passionate. – [Kelly] What was that school? Was that a school talent show? – Yeah, it was a school
talent show in Italy, and my sister was a part of
it, and an act dropped out, and so she asked me if I would do it, and big sister kinda was like,
hey listen, you’re doin’ it. And so, I did it. – Oh, so you all are close. – [Kobe] Yeah, yeah. – That’s cool. – So, I did that show. – When do you think my
children will be close? When do you think that’s gonna happen? All my children, we got
four, and they’re all like (mouth trilling) – Yeah, well you know how it is. It just happens, and
then as they get older, I think they get a little closer. It hasn’t quite happened for us yet. – [Kelly] Me neither. – They’re close, but they’re not. – [Kelly] Yeah. – They love each other, but don’t necessarily tell each other. – A battle, it’s like Game of Thrones. Which one’s gonna be the ultimate. – Who’s gonna sit on the iron throne. – Yes! It’s crazy. – Yeah, and ours is 16, we got 16, 13, two soon to be three, and one
that just turned four months. – Whoa. You’re tired. Four months? – Listen, I’m okay.
– Or, she’s tired. (Kelly laughing) – She’s like, finally you’re
home, you get a chance to do something, versus like being away. – We have four too, but
yours are all girls. – All girls. – That’s a lot of estrogen, like you went from hangin’ out with all dudes
to just rockin’ with women. – Pretty much. – Yeah, that’s a lot. – It’s all right, I just
leave the remote where it is. (laughing) I’m not fightin’ that battle. – You just know. – No, no, they just come down
stairs, change the channel. I’m just like. (laughing) – All we watch is animated stuff, so yeah. – Yeah, so you probably
watch a lot of Moana. – Dude, I saw you singing
Moana on Carpool Kara– I was singing along with you. – That too, dude, you
got, well, how did I do? – You did great! – Yeah? I thought it was so sweet too. And, to see a grown man, like, my husband sings to my children. – You kind of have to though. If you’re changing them
on a changing table, and you see ’em start kinda go. – [Kelly] Yeah. – Real quick. – [Kelly] Gotta make it happen. ♪ I’ve been staring at the edge ♪ (audience cheering) And, they’re like, they start smiling. – [Kelly] They lot you know. – Yeah, and all of a sudden I go from, I turn from Black Mamba
to the white mamba. – To white mamba! (laughing) – Yeah, I can sing now. – That’s your other alter-ego, actually, that’s what we found, okay. When you’re coaching your daughter’s team, which I think is amazing that you do that. Do people, are you Black
Mamba or are you Dad? – I’m a combination of both. – Okay, ’cause you are a
Virgo, so I know you gotta be a little controlling about the situation. – [Kobe] Yeah,
perfectionist, perfectionist. But, what I found is
it’s really fun to teach all the girls, like,
they’re very passionate about the game, they’re
very curious about the game. So, I try to teach ’em the
finite details of the game. For example, we do things
sometimes in, by the way, this is my little Taurus right here. – [Audience] Aw. – [Kobe] Yeah, it’s real
sweet now until, uh-oh. (audience laughing) – [Kelly] Get it Taurus! – Yeah, you’re right, get off of me. Yeah, she’s a little aggressive. – We are, Taurus’ are. – A little bit. – Yep. This is the future. (laughing)
– Yeah, hey. – You’re welcome. – My wife’s a Taurus too, and so like. – Oh my gosh, she’s crazy
too then, she’s awesome. I love being a Taurus, I
did ask my nanny though, and my assistant, because I don’t know, all being sportsball, but
my nanny and assistant are crazy when it comes to sports, they know more than any man around me. It’s crazy. So, sportsball fans everywhere wanna know. – All right. – There are a lot of
high-profile duos this year, besides LeBron and Anthony
Davis, who are you most excited to see play together? – Okay, um. – So, are there duos that
stick out or something on different teams? – Yeah, there’s dynamic duos. – Dynamic duos. The ambiguously gay duo,
do you remember that? (laughing) From SNL? (laughing) Literally, that’s where my brain went! – Okay, I got a Taurus at home right here. – What two people do you
think stand out though? Which ones are you excited about seeing? – So, there’s another duo in LA, Kawhi Leonard and Paul
George that are really tough. – Yeah? – Really really tough. And then, there’s one in Houston, James Harden and Russell Westbrook. – [Kelly] I’m going to Texas. – These are all phenomenal,
like, if you watch them play they’re all insane. – Yeah? – Yeah, yeah, really talented. – I do get into sports when I’m at a game. I really enjoy it. I don’t like watching it
on TV, I like being there. – You know what? I kinda don’t like watching on TV either. – Yeah, it’s not fun. – It’s real long. – Oh, there’s so much stuff
I could be doing at my house. – Yeah. – Yeah, I’m like, if I’m at the game, you would think I am a
die-hard, I’m like, yes! And I have no idea what’s happening. – You’re at home and you’re like. – Yeah, I would much
rather do anything else. So, tell me about, you’re an author, so tell me about your new book. – Yeah, so we have a book coming out called Epoca: The Tree of Ecrof. It’s about a young girl and a young boy who grow up on opposite
sides of the spectrum. One’s a princess, other one
grows up in the streets, and they go to a very
prestigious sports academy, and at that sports academy
some evil crap happened, and they gotta figure
out how to save the day. So, even though it’s a sports book, it’s really not much to do with sport. In a sense that sport is
just a metaphor for life. So, when you feel anxiety,
when you feel nervousness, when you have to learn
how to communicate better with others, we have a way
of manifesting that magically into the sport itself,
so kids have a visual of how to learn about
emotional intelligence and how to develop that
through the journey of the characters, and so
that’s what we try to do. – Wow, I love it. It sounds deep. – [Kobe] Yeah, it is.
(audience clapping) – It sounds so deep for, I love that. – We gotta do that for our kids though. Our kids keep gettin’ content
that’s very superficial. – Yeah. – You know? And also, wanna have stories out there that teach my daughters, like,
it’s okay to have ambition. And, the thing that always drives me crazy is that every story with
a female protagonist feels like you need to have
a romantic counterpart. I’m like. – We don’t need that. (audience members laughing)
– No, no no. Like, she loves tennis, she loves track, she loves basketball, that’s it, you know? (audience clapping) Maybe that’s just the father in me. – You’re like, so get away from our girls! – That’s exactly right,
that’s exactly right. I don’t want them to date, so I’m like, yeah yeah, there’s romantic, you know. (audience laughing) – It is true though, it’s like that. Well, so you don’t have enough jobs. You also have a podcast for kids. – [Kobe] I do, I do. – You are so awesome. – [Kobe] No. – I thought I had a
lot of things going on. I’ve met my match. Tell us about the podcast for kids. – It’s a fun podcast called The Punies. And that was inspired by, if you guys have ever seen
the movie The Sandlot? – Yes! Oh gosh, forever. – [Kobe] It’s inspired by The Sandlot. Come on, man, Sandlot’s a classic. We watch it every 4th of July as a family, we sit around with burgers, hot dogs, and we watch The Sandlot. – That’s such a good film. – And one year, I was
watching it, I was like, man, we need something like that again. And so, that’s when I
created the podcast show called The Punies, which
is just about a bunch of neighborhood kids
that play sports together and learn from each other. – [Kelly] Yeah. – Like, very valuable
lessons through sports. We don’t have coaches in the podcast. There aren’t parents in the podcast, it’s literally the kids ribbing each other and joking with each other. – [Kelly] Like Sandlot, yeah. – Like, Sandlot. – [Kelly] That is so clever. – Thank you.
(audience clapping) – [Kelly] Dang, all right.


  1. He’s a really good dancer. I wonder how far he would get if he was a contestant on DWTS. Maybe he’ll be on it one day

  2. Love how Kelly got him to open up, and be comfortable.
    I feel like his answers are pretty bland on all his other interviews.
    Kelly is amazing!

  3. I love how Kelly had no idea what she was talking about when she asked about the NBA dynamic duos. You can tell she really had to read the teleprompter lol.

  4. Kobe has a great work ethic. Tireless. How is your contentment out in the yard under the trees with a book, or with nothing for a couple hours, a couple times a week to everyday preferred?.!

    "I will be sitting outside looking at the view for 2 hours if my kids need me its Vanessa's single parent exercise time." !!

    Just you and the land, breath, & body. Focus internally, feel your breath and your body. Enjoy the view. Free your brain from past or present thought.

    Where are you at peace at your most stillest moment? Don't say basketball Kobe! Literally be still, unless your Alex Honnold. (Super efficient, modern Tai Chi classes coming soon to America!)

    Kobe needs to smoke pot and open up. Kobe once a month at the least, or once a week at the most give it a puff. Stay disciplined. Hydrate. We gonna have a sesh son! BALLIN'.

    Kelly feels a little more soulful around the brothas, me too!

    Kelly how dare you wear that, hussy! (am I supposed to apologize to Kelly Clarkson for appreciating her butt one time at the MTV music awards, is that where I am at?) Kelly Please accept my apology for… OMG I think my life may go by really really slowly. Please cover yourself for God's sake Kelly. Literally.

    Kobe environmentally what do you see that you don't like? If you could volunteer on the show "Dirty Jobs" as a service to God what professional from a blue collar apprentice level would you master.

    Peace and stillness in the moment
    Give Love & Get Dirty

    I am looking forward to an MJ, Kobe, & the current 23 to sit down for a chat.

    Bron Bron made me a better man.

    Faith in God my Friend
    Thank you for the Inspiration.
    One Love, Kyle

  5. I so love watching this show, Kelly you’re awesome
    I have never really paid much attention to sports people, Kobe is great

  6. Kelly is so awesome and so full of life, and her laugh is great. That book Kobe wrote sounds like a good thing for us all to read. I love the Sandlot!!

  7. That was funny with Martha, but Kelly needs to stop over laughing…and clapping so hard… I mean its cool for her to have fun on the show but she is so loud sometimes and over reactive at times. But she is doing good.

  8. Kelly's approach to people of, "Let's just hang out like old friends and get caught up on all we've been doing lately cause we're genuinely interested in each other," works because it's true. She really wants to get to know who's the person behind the public persona "for real!" It's part of the nature of us born at that same time. We want to know the other person's true self cause we genuinely love others, but know that not all is right with the world! I hear ya girl!!

  9. It's crazy, Kobe has done so much after retiring, and is so personable on these shows, it's easy to forget he is a living legend and is one of the fiercest and greatest to ever play the game!

  10. But, Kobe…what a"man" he's grown up to become!! Figured out what makes a real mega star; how you show up to play on every court, but home court always has the best fans to play to. Loved that interview; to see that smile, and not basketball stank face!! Briings out the🔥in me!!!

  11. I hated Kobe when he played. Because he always killed the Kings 😊. He seems like a genuinely good man who loves his family. Yeah he messed up with that whole thing in Colorado. But we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. I can’t judge him or anyone at all.

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