Violin Classes Fall Semester 2019

Wow, that’s really pretty! Do you teach violin? I do teach violin! Yeah? Yeah. I teach with the NYC Violin Studio. Oh! Yeah. And we’re having group classes for adults this Fall Semester. Wow. When do they start? It starts September 24th but if you sign up today you save $10 using the code FALL10 Where? If you go to our website,, choose the group classes option, and then select your choice of a package or pay per individual classes. Wow. I mean, I’ve always wanted to play violin but it seems so HARD. Have you ever tried before? No, it seems too hard to start. It’s intimidating. I know, it can be intimidating, but we make it SUPER easy. We have a class for all levels: Absolute beginner, Beginner or Intermediate students. So even if I’ve NEVER touched a violin?… If you’ve never touched a violin or any musical other instrument in your entire life we can still teach you violin. But so many classes say that but you get there and then it’s just never that way. It’s this way with us! We’ve done this class many times and it’s really fun in a group setting. You get to make new friends do the class with your roommate, your friend, your significant other…have a great time! That sounds fun! Yeah, and learn music! Wow Will that really cute dog be there? I can’t promise the dog will be there There’s a concert at the end of the Semester! There is?! Yeah! Do I get to perform in it? Of course! It’s in December, you’re welcome to bring your friends…and even if you’re not going to play because you don’t want to, or for whatever reason, you can come and watch everyone else play, get to see where you’re gonna go in the future with your violin playing and have a good time. Where is the class held? The class is held in midtown west…in a studio on the west side. So…what day of the week? We hold the class on Tuesdays and Saturdays and you’re welcome to check the class schedule on our website Ok. Do I have to come to both Tuesday and Saturday? No, you can come to either one, OR you can come to both, it’s up to you! Ok! And how many weeks long is it? It’s 10 weeks long, and like I said, it starts September 24th you’re welcome to sign up today and get that $10 discount I think I might! Yeah! But the deadline to enroll is the 17th! Oh, September 17th? Yeah, so make sure you save your seat because there’s limited seating. Ok, yeah! I’m gonna do that! Ok good. Ok. Great. Thanks! You’re welcome!


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