1. Learning with LA county sheriff's deputies with the class of learning from eyewitness p an eye for a storage in her schoolby all rights I would have shot him in his head too so they are right to LA county sheriff's department is not responsible for that activity we turn it over to you in The newsroom it's De Soto have a good night

  2. This is why we need strict gun control… because people who are determined to kill will totally just give up when they can’t find an AK-47 specifically. Have they stopped telling people “where there’s a will there’s a way” because the people who do these things have will, and it’s dangerous when combined with pain and suffering.

  3. I’m so fucking nasty for this but…. why did dude walking in the school looking like bleach when he got his first sword

  4. They could have tazed that man.these cops think just because man say it's legal,they can kill all they want to,but they got a judgement coming.if they only knew the part of hell they're going to,they would be scared to even look at a gun.and if they don't believe in hell, doesn't mean it's not real .let God be true and every man a liar.I sure wouldn't want to be in no cops shoes,that have killed people when they could have taken them in alive.

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