1. As to any condition…whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual….the Lord can heal you, and deliver you…you don't have to live with it…you can be set free by the Lord….Look to Him 1st, and not the world…2 King 1

  2. The bible talks about God's commandments emphasis on the 's', which commandments does the bible refer to in both the new and old testaments? Ive been wondering this so I can fulfill those commandments but I'm lost

  3. So if you are Christian and divorce for anything other reason than adultery and remarry doesn't that cause you to continually commit adultery unless you leave the new person. Scripture is so confusing on this subject. You would have to quit the adultery because in God's eyes you are still married to the first person. People don't want to be told this. But if it's a different sin you have to stop it you can't continue to live in it. Just wondering why you think it's ok to remarry

  4. For the people making a straw man attack on King James the person…whom the bible of 1611 is named after….#1…that is the RUMOR….he had children and was married….#2…King James did not write the bible…he just commissioned the translation….

  5. Ur message today mirrors what my preachers @ fbc jackson, miss r currently giving us here. God bless u, brother

  6. Pastor, I am going to try to write this with as much respect as I can. Cigarette smoking is not a sin It is a vice, a dirty habit, an addiction but it is not a sin. Firstly, may I remind you of a scripture in Mark 7:15. The scribes and Pharisees were upbraiding Jesus and His disciples of coming from the market place and then eating with unwashed hands. Jesus informed them in verse 15, " There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him but the things that come out of him, those are the things that defile a man" I happen to know personally many God loving people who are absolutely in love with Jesus but for one reason or another they smoke and cannot quit. I know many who wish they never started and I also know some who enjoy it.When they die this would be unrepentant as it is not a sin but according to you they may not make it to heaven or they may not make it in the rapture. We know what sin is. The list is murder, adultery, fornication sodomy, bestiality, lying, stealing, even cowardice but not smoking a cigarette as this does not dull the senses as drugs do. I would say laziness, greed, gluttony, bearing false witness, gossiping is a sin. I will make a little suggestion to you. I would ask you to go to an all you can eat buffet on a Sunday around 12:30– 2:30. This is the best time to watch all the church going non smokers. I kid you not. You will witness men and woman coming there in droves weighting no less than 250 pounds. They eat like they will never eat again. I have witnessed them filling their plates so full and making a trail dropping half of their plate on the floor. They will not bend down to pick it up. The desert area would be a mess as you would think it was stampeded by a herd of buffalo. These same people were like zombies sitting in the church pew while the service was going on. I say zombies because the pastor would either get a scripture wrong or a wrong interpretation of a scripture. No one notices this because they were thinking of all all the food they will eat when service is over. I was both a waitress and a church goer so I know what I am talking about. The people and friends I have who spoke are the kindest most loving Christians who love the Lord with all their hearts. I know pastors like to refer to the scripture of us being the temple of the Holy Spirit and we must not defile the temple. Well, looking in the old testament of the temple of the Lord the Jews would pray, sing, worship the Father and I do remember smoke also mentioned. I am being a little facetious here but this is what many Christians who smoke do. This may not be a very healthy choice to the physical body but smoking does not hurt the spiritual body.I have no problem if you said cigarette smoke was a vice of a bad habit but cigarette smokers will go to heaven if they are under the shed blood of Jesus. In case you were wondering Pastor, no I do not smoke!

  7. That would be "ho"…"hoe" is a garden tool.😕😁 Good preaching, Brother Patrick! Really. I like facts. This sermon is fact-full! Fat with facts! (My religion teacher from the Methodist College I attended my 1st 2 years of school promoted RSV and NIV. but he was the guy who believed the Genesis accounts of creation and the flood , as well as the Virgin Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ were "myths"! So that right there oughta tell ya something! LOL) God BLESS you guys in all you do for Jesus.

  8. shakin like a chiuwawa jacked up on starbucks. Now that is spontaneous humor. Where do you come up with those liners…………………….Yes that is what the rest are and do instead of just bringing the word………

  9. Thank you for the movie tips on the history of the life of the bible. ICant wait to see them. It just never made sense to me the necessity of sooo many versions even in english……….terrible and confusing. Most brothers think I am crazy when I say that evel has his hand in most of the versions to a certain extent.

    When you digress I like to note the points of digression as points-of-interests. There is a reason for everything.
    God bless you Brotha from anotha motha……………..
    All Glory to God.

  10. Just wanted to thank you for sharing about the word last night. I needed to hear that. I had lost my ⚡️ spark for Jesus.Religion became my separation of God. I have repented of my sins,but I still felt far from God.I want to serve the living God with all my heart.
    In the night I saw the word striking me like a missile. amen 🙏 Reviving me like a pile of kindling. The word is life. Sharper than a 2 edged sword.
    Thanks for obeying the Holy Spirit tonight!

  11. Amen brother! An answer to one of my prayers, I read NASB (new American standard bible). I just thought it was more update English, I have had trouble reading the KJV but now I know I must learn to read it. Gods will not my will be done! Love you brother, keep doing the will of God I can't wait to meet you in person!

  12. God bless you, Brother Patrick! There may have been others who needed this word, but I certainly am one of them! I recently had someone I care about very much tell me he didn't believe the Bible was the Word of God, because it was "written by a bunch of men"! I have been trying to put together an historical response to him, but not having had formal training myself, I was struggling. You answered my cry to God for help! I needed to know most of what you presented for my own edification, but I intend to share this video with him and others because you touched on many other aspects as well that I've been discussing with people, I.e., using the King James Bible as opposed to the NIV (and others) and putting man's traditions before the Word of God! I'm praising God for you!! His answers aren't always when we expect them or from the source we expect, but I believe He always answers our prayers.
    I've had the pleasure of meeting you and being under your teaching here in Charlotte on several occasions. I think it's time you came back!!!
    I am a subscriber to this YT channel and rarely miss a video. This one was definitely for me!
    Thank you, love to you and your family and may God richly bless your ministry!

  13. What is your opinion of the “Apocrypha,” which the Catholics include in their Old Testament? How about others like Enoch and Book of the Giants?

  14. Blessings brother! Would love to be part of your revival if i was much closer but i am there in spirit praying for you. Always look forward to your videos. I guess people have been too blessed to need a saviour here in the states. I believe God will work mighty and i for one are awaiting for the gifts of the spirit to be released soon on many believers as it says in Acts. Amen. Gby.

  15. Adam must have been a democrat!! ROFL! You should be use to heat having lived in the Philippines for so long!! You mentioned A LAMP IN THE DARK documentary, it was awesome. One of the theologians/pastors who helped on that, was a subscriber to my news letter for a long time until he saw I believed in the gifts of the spirit. We discussed it and he left being a sub. Very disappointing to me.

  16. Amen and Amen Brother Patrick……….thanks for POINTING out the TRUTH about the CORRUPT New Age NIV bible………. it's so sad that so many don't know about this.

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