Universities will still admit students who peaceful protest

Universities across the country say they will
not punish applicants for participating in peaceful protests. Several school
districts have said they will punish students from participating in two
nationwide walk outs but nearly 50 universities nationwide say this will
not affect their admissions decisions. The walkouts our response to the school
shooting in parkland Florida and our being organized by student leaders.
Syracuse University and several Central New York colleges have joined the list
of schools refusing to punish applicants for peaceful protesting NCC news is
Amanda Caffey has been following the controversy the conversation on Twitter
today, Amanda. Thanks, Lauren. National school walkout in March for our
lives are two protests being organized for March 14th and the 24th students are
demanding that Congress passes legislation to make schools safer some
school districts have threatened to suspend students who participate in the
protests however universities are saying this will not affect their admission
decisions in central New York Colgate University has said they will not
penalize applicants or admitted students involved in lawful peaceful protests
during their high school years Cornell University says they value civic
discourse as essential to the academic mission and that it promotes public
engagement as critical to inspiring future leaders in Syracuse University
says that their admissions decisions will not be affected by participation in or
disciplinary action associated with peaceful meaningful protests. Students
and alumni from these universities have been expressing their support saying
thank you thank you I’m so glad my daughter is at this school and they’re
really excited that the schools are making these decisions and they’re
thinking them back to you guys Sarah and Lauren

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