Ukraine MBBS Degree Value

hello how are you hi mom I'm good Oh what's your name my name is Albert in which course I'll first course so from where you belong I'm from Patna and from Patna Bihar okay so I want to ask you that many Indians say that Indian medical studies is far better than foreign medical studies so it's a misconception or what then is it equivalent to foreign medical studies are better or not as good as that it's it's totally a misunderstanding a misconception you know what because when we don't know about something we you know it tend to create stories I have very positive reviews about this place because I have my cousins who have studied here when they are doing their PG from Germany or from England or from India and number one number two it's a very good place environment in oh yeah actually you know what and in there when we do medical there's very less scope of doing you know going abroad for us familiar flower but here as we are in the eastern part of Europe we can you know we get this kind of exposure to move abroad for your PG to Germany or France or United Kingdom we use many options over of course yeah yeah it's it's a global university students of 60-plus universities our countries are here so that's a very good place to be so you are comfortable here and enjoying of course I can't ask for anything more so thank you so much you

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