TS degree College admissions 2019 || dost app detailed information

so hi friends good morning everyone nappy racino married so soon are you ESPN education youtube channel so friends oka hypomanic Telangana intermediate results consume de la mulana paddock in II already degree professional course on quantum all that's a molten than a twenty would dish and thicker ah those they are pucara degree online admissions cos Omega dot degree provincial up with our Lord occasion Georgia ironic government's at the county at America Anila Thome Rotary Club Perignon generative kitchen a degree provincial equivalent pressure could notification charge ironic proceeding only then if someone is a detailed information Milan Iguodala to them so friends you put a vacuum an attorney sub sketch you know the one Sox we're just going to add everything on my friends and family QC h ND he video us the topic on oka like Jesse support genja David enemy coach it when they proceed doors may open may open any comments in recession locum and jenni hundred percent in triplicate and there is indeed so ink and of money all ism didn't someone the detail in a very very low to them so let's start our topic so friends Monica Telangana content person is delicate Allah and Rasulullah Prabhu top private degree colossal Oh online privacy alchemy to mineral notification with Ilocano in the Guru Aram a mullah monitor with diamond rates Amit Shah summer I should know American is name this Kunar way they may patent Incheon lender because the precariat prayer among Conde degree Paradiso leukorrhea are those two minicar are degree online system of Telangana Abdul or I could have said for our research into schools who do thee may remain T they were Christian pre-clear Khorsandi interlay that semana with the urato noir their castes Quranic a rule he particular theme open in a private degree called lacunae colossal Jotham those two website low in the bottom sure Munna top with the Amanda Lee odd very low Jurina is some excessive evasion I get along a low need to me the university lupica low / – Lu Roger al Farouq shallow police a developer creepy song shallow church in Challenger in D / x loofah little Eduardo sounds kind of sermon it's emotional or injury in the songs Carlos Susan J mu guru this is a VC Latoya Cara committee near purchaser a thin yellow rose alone avait des koala nick committee ki-moon data with dia Mandela guru with each indie so friends CD Okubo Telangana intermittent Taylor Malone a perky Telangana government to do CUDA we shall one day impermissible both on a degree produced a apparent Wendy notification any law Monaco to Medina Lauren jerusem thee so he different Diwali we de Lune in 20 information so friendship particular channel a subscription evil one socks which is coated everything I'm a Princeton p.m. Ricky chid he we do not have occasional act any other enemy opinions and comments low opinion a combination of low command G so thanks for watching Jane


  1. Good explanation bro..
    I need help that i studied inter in maharashtra state board but i have to do degree in telangana. What is the process?

  2. Bro Inter lo one subject Fail ayyanu Recertification Kattanu ha results vacchake Degree ki apply cheyyala leda eppudu cheyyocha plzz reply bro

  3. Bro alage hyd lo unna University and institute lo a clg lo anni Mark unte seat vastundo oka video cheyandi bro it's my recvest

  4. Hi bro I am Mahesh naku inter lo 889 Mark vachay naku nijam clg lo seat kavali na cast BC-D vastunda

  5. Anna nen last year inter ayepoyendi last time dost adimition lo oka clg seat occhindi nen akkada certificate's. ecchanuu but exams rayale eppudu malli vere clg lo degree 1st year join avalanukuntunna diniki patha clg adimition cancel chesukovanna emayena vuntada plz give me reply

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