hello friends today we'll talk about the seven universities in which you could apply for your masters I'm sure you all must have taken your GRE or maybe going to take it in the coming months but prior to that you will need to choose universities based on your interest and marks you scored so yeah without waiting much let's begin here I have Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT on first number quickly going through some of the courses it offers environmental engineering structural mechanics transportation engineering next we have university of california berkeley some of the courses that offers are civil infrastructure and climate geo system structural engineering engineering and project management next we have Stanford University some of the courses it offers are structural transportation sustainable construction continuing we have universities of Texas at Austin forces it provides our building energy and environment geotech engineering interest uh correct material construction engineering and project management next we have Georgia Institute of Technology process it provides our geo system environmental engineering structural in G mechanics construction and infrastructure last we have Purdue University bosses it offers our construction project management geomatics transportation engineering structural engineering so yeah I guess that you would have what sufficient information thank you for watching

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