10 Horrifyingly Bad Teachers 10. Don’t Drink and Teach “Do as I say, not as I do” must have been
the motto of Toro Canyon Middle School’s Tonya Neff. The Southern California teacher was arrested
in 2010 for teaching while intoxicated. School administrators reported Neff after
students noted her erratic behavior. After her booking, the sheriff released a
statement saying that Neff had mixed prescription drugs with alcohol and that she was being
held for felony child endangerment. On the bright side, the middle school teacher
must have left an unwavering impact on student’s on the ramifications for alcohol consumption. Hopefully, the trials of their former teacher
kept a few of them from experimenting before they turned 21. 9. Two Teachers, One Student A smaller student-teacher ratio is certainly
a good thing in most cases: more individual attention, a specialized learning environment,
and less stress on the teachers are some of the benefits. In New Orleans, a student would receive none
of those benefits, and instead would be the victim of a sexual crime. In 2015, Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess,
former teachers at Destrehan High School, were arrested for having sex with a 16-year-old
student. According to reports, Dufresne had an ongoing
affair with the student. Somehow when Respess learned of the behavior,
instead of reporting it, she decided to join in. Allegations hold that Respess offered her
apartment for the encounter where a threesome took place. After more than 40 sexual encounters between
student and teacher, the crimes were finally brought to light. Dufresne, a wife and mother of three, would
admit to having sex with the student, eventually accepting a plea deal for the charge of ‘obscenity.” 8. Wrong Type of Cheerleading Shelley Jo Duncan, an Oklahoma cheerleading
coach, was arrested last year for inappropriate contact with a child. The 48-year-old woman was booked into the
Johnson County jail on charges of lewd or indecent proposals with a child under the
age of 16. To make matters worse, Duncan herself was
a mother and wife of the school’s superintendent. Released documents give insight into the perverse
relationship: “U have no idea what u mean to me,” Duncan wrote the student… “I’m here for the rest of ur life…I
can’t imagine my life [without] u in it.” Other messages released revealed Duncan’s
plans for future sexual encounters, including her wish to give him “oral sex with a cough
drop in her mouth.” Thankfully, the young boy’s mother was able
to get wind of the relationship and reported Duncan to the police. Despite the seriousness of the accusations
against her, Duncan somehow managed to get designated “paid leave.” One can’t help but wonder if her husband
being the superintendent had anything do with that. 7. Cursing at Students Isn’t Motivational The stress and anxiety that comes with teaching
is hard to fully understand unless one spends a day in the classroom. And although students may do things that get
on a teacher’s last nerve, a teacher must always maintain the higher ground. An unidentified Baltimore city teacher lost
hers when she started yelling expletives at her students. Unbeknownst to her, an iPhone camera rolled
as she hauled a student out of her classroom by force. The teacher then turned her attention to the
other students yelling that they are: ““punk a** n****” who (are) going to get shot.” The video went viral shortly after it was
posted, generating more than one million views. After viewing the video, Baltimore city schools
CEO Sonja Santelises said she was “appalled” by the video and subsequently dismissed the
teacher in question. 6. Gym Class Went a Little Too Far Arguably the most scandalous case on our list
goes to Pamela Rogers Turner, a former beauty queen and elementary teacher who admitted
to having sex with a 13-year-old boy. Like Shelley Jo Duncan, Turner was not a typical
“classroom” teacher, as she taught gym at Centertown Elementary in Tennessee. Police reports reveal that it was in gym class
where the affair began with the student. A married woman, Turner, began messaging the
young boy, saying “I think you’re cute” to which he responded “ I think you’re
hot.” In 2005, Turner would invite the young boy
back to her home, beginning an ongoing affair which even had the gym teacher venturing to
his home for sex. The relationship got serious enough that the
boy dumped his girlfriend to spend more time with Turner. Eventually rumors of an affair spread throughout
the community, culminating with an anonymous tip sent to the police. In February 2005, Turner was arrested and
charged with statutory rape and sexual battery charges. Somehow after taking a plea, she was only
made to serve six months of an eight-year prison sentence. The punishment did not have its intended effect. After only one month of freedom, Turner faced
new charges for sexting the same boy, and later admitted to sending him sexually explicit
videos and nude selfies. Turner was sent back to prison and served
six years. 5. Parent’s Blessing Our list continues with an even more bizarre
case of sexual misconduct. A Texas teacher was sentenced to 10 years
in prison after admitting to having sex with her 13-year-old student – and eventually,
Alexandria Vera was impregnated by the boy. Vera would reveal that she initially rejected
her student’s advances before succumbing to temptation. According to court documents, the “couple”
had sex every day for nine months, with Vera even allowing her student’s family to move
into her house. The ruse also included the boy’s family,
who approved of the relationship with the boy’s father going along with the deception
by pretending to be Vera’s boyfriend. One of the most disturbing parts of the case
involves Vera’s 6-year-old daughter. The young girl, seemingly aware of arrangement,
began to call her mother’s 13-year-old lover “Dad.” Called to defend Vera, a mental health counselor
stressed Vera’s turbulent childhood, which was greatly affected by domestic abuse. The mental health counselor testified that
she thought Vera was someone who simply needed love. The judge was unconvinced, and Vera was sentenced
to serve at least five of the 10 year term before becoming eligible for parole. 4. Calling in a Bomb Threat It’s hard to not feel a little bit of sympathy
for graduate student Nancy Bruni. Tasked with teaching her first class at the
University of Pittsburgh, Bruni made two bomb threats so the classes would be canceled. Bruni was so unnerved about teaching the prospective
classes that she not only called in a threat but left a note about a bomb in a campus restroom. According to the campus newspaper, the University
of Pittsburgh police received a call from a woman who said, “This is kind of strange,
but I received a message on my phone that two explosions were going to go off tonight
at Posvar, one at 6:30 and again at 7:30.” Not very well versed in the art of deception,
Bruni’s phone call was easily traced and she was later interrogated by the police. She would the confess to making both threats,
stating that she suffers from anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. As a result of her health insurance coming
to an end, she was forced to stop taking her medication. Bruni cited her anxiety as the motivation
for making the bomb threats, being at such unease that she felt compelled to make a second
threat after the University did not cancel her class after her first attempt. Students eventually found out about the bomb
threat and became angry themselves that class was not canceled under those circumstances,
ironically giving Bruni the excuse she needed to cancel the class. The bomb threat did eventually elicit a response
from the school. Pitt spokesman John Fedele said police searched
the building with a bomb-sniffing dog and explosives detectors, but didn’t alert students
because the threats were deemed “lower level.” Somehow, Bruni wasn’t arrested. Seemingly the police must have felt sympathy,
as we did, for her condition. 3. Know the Law Leah Shipman, a former Brunswick county teacher
charged with statutory rape and taking indecent liberties with a student, had the case dropped
because of some nifty legal work. North Carolina law states that a husband does
not have to testify against his wife, and thus the state had no choice but to dissolve
the case. The 42-year-old Shipman was a married woman
of nearly two decades before she divorced her husband and married her 17-year-old student
Johnnie Ray Ison. Surprisingly, Ison’s mother agreed to signed
the consent papers allowing the two to get married. And as we said in the previous paragraph,
now that Shipman and Ison were married, the student/husband could not be compelled to
testify against the 42-year-old teacher. The affair began when Ison was just 15-years-old. 2. Happily Ever After Our most stunning case actually has, what
one could call, a happy ending. Mary Kay Letourneau, a sixth grade teacher
in Washington, noticed that one of her students, Vili Fualaau, was a gifted artist and began
helping him develop his drawing skills. According to Letourneau, on one late night,
the relationship turned physical as an innocent kiss turned into much more. Their first sexual encounter took place in
1996, when Letourneau, a married mother of four, was 34, while Fualaau was just 13. The police were made aware of the sexual abuse
and arrested Letourneau, with her pleading guilty of second degree child rape. At the time of her sentencing, she was pregnant
with Fualaau’s child and would later give birth to their first daughter while she was
out on bail. Letourneau was given a lenient sentence of
just six months, with the condition that she was to avoid any further contact with Fualaau. We can all guess what happened next. Weeks later, Letourneau and Fualaau were found
having sex in her car and she later became pregnant with their second child. She was subsequently sentenced to an additional
seven and a half years, and gave birth to another daughter. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Fualauu
remarked how difficult being a father at an early age was: “It was a huge change in my life, for sure. I don’t feel like I had the right support
or the right help behind me. From my family, from anyone in general. I mean, my friends couldn’t help me because
they had no idea what, what it was like to be a parent, I mean, because we were 14, 15.” Somehow, the time apart and the age difference
did not stop former teacher and student, because when Letourneau was finally released from
prison, they got married. The couple have defied all odds and have remained
married for more than a decade. 1. There Will be Blood We saved the most tragic case on our list,
which involved the death of 18-year-old high school senior Sean Powell at the hands of
his teacher’s husband, for last. In an amazing twist, the cuckolded Eric McLean
was able to convince a jury that the death of Powell was an accident brought on after
he caught his wife with the young man in his home. According to McLean, he tried calling 9-1-1
to get Powell to leave his property but then resorted to grabbing a rifle to scare him. Eventually, “he pointed it at Powell, (but)
Powell mocked him and grabbed the rifle by the barrel. When Powell pulled on the weapon, it went
off.” Despite being found not guilty for the first
degree murder charges, McLean was found guilty of reckless homicide. He testified that he hoped that he would be
able to be reunited with his children, who his wife whisked away after Powell’s death. On the other hand, Erin McLean believed that
her husband’s act was premeditated murder. She alleges that her husband knew about her
affair with Powell and that the two had a “twisted” relationship, with Powell teasing
and emasculating McLean. We will never know the truth as to what happened
in this love triangle, but it does have the makings of a Hollywood movie.


  1. Just FYI, Shelley Dufresne was acquitted on all charges. The boy made it up. She took a plea to obscenity which involved no jail time to give the prosecutors a win, so they would leave her alone. The huge giveaway that the plea was BS is the fact that she doesn’t have to register as a sex offender.

  2. Did I miss something in high school? Either they hid it well or teacher student sex was rare 30 years ago. Now it’s always female teachers and male students. Most of who I doubt are traumatized.

  3. Marrying your rapist is pretty normal… if you're a girl. Happens all the time, and very often against the child's will and with the parents' consent, if not actually forced by the parents. One of the many reasons child marriage should /always/ be illegal, no exceptions.

  4. Why are females getting away with pedophilia so easily? Those sentences were light to begin with but then they get their sentences reduced!! How is that fair? If it were a man, he'd go to jail for 10 years and then get stabbed to death because inmates hate pedophiles.

  5. Where were all these hot teachers having sex with students when I was a horny teenager? All the female teachers in my school were old hags.

  6. There's a big problem in the court system and how they seem to be more lenient with women for whatever reason and it needs to be fixed.
    Its legal or illegal, not male or female crimes or sentencing.
    Equal, i dont think so, they get treated like 6 yr old children in court who just dont know any better.

  7. Honey, I suffer from major depressive disorder, crippling anxiety, And OCD as well. AND panic disorder. I know how horrible it can be to be off meds. BUT, I have never and would never call in bomb threats to avoid something I was anxious and scared over.

  8. I hate that if a female child molester is "hot" men spend more time drooling over them, saying where was she in my school, etc, yet if it was a guy they would be foaming at the mouth. To me if u do the crime u do the time

  9. to the next to last case I would say that sometimes it really is love. Nonetheless she should have known better than to add a physical component until he was off age and legally mature enough to know what he was doing!

  10. I’ve been working with kids (camp counselor, day care worker, substitute teacher) for 11 years, and lots of kids have had crushes on me. It’s often part of a child’s development, developing an attraction to an older, “cool” adult.

    Never ONCE have I CONSIDERED reciprocating.

    When you are a teacher, you are in a position of power and authority. Some kids have terrible home lives, and you can wind up as a substitute parent or big sister, an anchor in an uncaring world. It is your duty to help these kids become their best selves, not use them for your own gratification.

    No matter the sexes involved, no matter if the student initiates it, your duty as a teacher is always to turn the child down in as gentle and respectful a manner as possible.

    And if you’re the one who comes on to a student? Then you are the worst kind of scum.

    I don’t mind big age gap’s and relationships, but for gods sake, people, stop fetishizing abuse!

  11. I literally see only two types of comments: women get away with slaps on the wrist for these crimes or I wish I could have had sex with a teacher when I was in high school. Seriously ppl?

  12. In the four years I was in high school we had three teachers fired for having relationships with students. One was female and was sleeping with students that were 18 so not illegal, just horribly wrong. The other two were males. One couldn’t be proven that he was sleeping with students but was so inappropriate on social media with students that he was fired. The last one was sleeping with an underage boy and went to prison. There was another teacher that was known to sleep with students after they graduated. My school was filled with pervs

  13. I had a HS teacher who started drinking while going through a divorce and was removed about half way through the school year. It wasn't enough that you could smell alcohol on him. He had to pass out at his desk for an entire 90 minute class. I would guess they told him to sober up and shipped him off to another school or take early retirement. I just know he wasn't a staff member my senior year.

  14. I had a HS teacher who started drinking while going through a divorce and was removed about half way through the school year. It wasn't enough that you could smell alcohol on him. He had to pass out at his desk for an entire 90 minute class. I would guess they told him to sober up and shipped him off to another school or take early retirement. I just know he wasn't a staff member my senior year.

  15. What's up with all these teachers committing Pedophila? This is disgusting!
    Also, I suffer from Depression & Anxiety (don't meds for it), but it's never gotten so bad that I'd "threaten to bomb" a University. Infact I think that girl lied about her medical condition, since depression tends to be more related to self harm, rather than a blatant willingness to harm other people.

  16. Grandfather clause needs to work in reverse too. You can't just commit a crime and then get married to be absolved of it.

  17. Amazing how all of these cases happened in the US. This guy I don't think is from the US. What to you think is his motivation or agenda.

  18. The most striking thing about this video is how if the genders were reversed, the punishments would be so much more severe.

  19. I had w psychotic teacher when I was in 7th grade circa 1986. He. Would get aggravated with us and literally throw things. Once he threw a chair at me and best friend. Needless to say he was quickly looking for a new job.

  20. When I was in school I had a science teacher called Mr Taylor.

    He had broken up with his wife and a messy divorce. And one day he came into class with beers and started smoking a joint, sat there telling us all how women are bad, we should not get married and schools don't teach us anything.

    Last I heard he o.d. on a cocktail of coke and alcohol.

    English way.

  21. Cussing at students, throwing things at them, telling them they are worthless and disgusting. Sounds like some coaches.

  22. Geez! if the teachers and students are really in love.
    Why can't they just wait until the student is over 18 or 21? If they are still in love than everything would be legal.

  23. Check your facts. #2 was given multiple chances, a man would not have been so lucky. They are now divorced.

  24. I don't want nothing young but some veal..All the best things get better with age.. Humans included..I can't help but wonder if they have this twisted mothering instinct because these are kids who will need to be taken care of,NOPE..A 13yr old boy doesn't understand his own body,emotions and probably still has to be told to shower..
    You gotta be mentally ill..

  25. Damn, I thought I had bad teachers! I’m surprised you used sex related bad teachers! There are teachers that do other appalling things too!

  26. This is disgusting. I can not believe this is not being talked about more and in a more negative light. These women are predators🤢🤮

  27. I had a teacher who would pass out drunk after he gave us our work so we would go have bongs and ciggy breaks. He was the best teacher lol.

  28. Well when I was in middle school in Arkansas my bus driver well she was drunk and high every time she drove and there was mostly kids on there and only a few high school students I did kinda guess it but I was really wasn’t sure so I didn’t say anything cus I really didn’t wanna get in trouble if I was wrong but she did get in trouble with the law actually I know she was drunk or at least hungover I’m really not sure she was high but she seemed kinda high sometimes it was on the news too

  29. Hey. …where's Bridgette Macron? She seduced her husband now French president when he was a student in her high school drama class.

  30. A teacher having sex with a student is not legal, even if the student is above the age of consent. A teacher having sex with an UNDERAGE student is a felony. But what is not right is that if the teacher is a female and the student is a male the teacher gets a really minor punishment. But if the the teacher is a male and the student is female the teacher gets a much harsher punishment. And if both teacher and student are males the teacher can get up to basically a life sentence. Don't get me wrong, all these actions are wrong, but the disparity in punishments, which are not based in statutory law, are a prejudiced disgrace

  31. 'Dufresne' is pronounced Doo-fray-n, as in like, Andy DuFresne from Shawshank Redemption.

    The sound 'frez-nee' doesn't exist in modern English.

  32. DUDE. SIMON. You need to Google the pronunciations of the various proper names of people in your videos.

    You do such a great job in your presentation, but the number of (actually pretty famous and widely-publicized) names that you butcher in pronouncing ASTOUNDS me. Like, even a Brit should be better acquainted with these names. 10 seconds and a Google search will let you get it right 100% of the time, even for really rare or difficult ones.

  33. Can't help but wonder if there's a mental component to these adult women seducing teenaged boys. These women are attractive and can certainly get a man of legal age.

  34. grew up hearing about nothing but males sexually harassing and raping young children/teens.
    My question with all the male rapists who are teachers why not list ONE??????

  35. Who thinks that these hot female teachers having sex with their students belongs on the BEST TEACHERS EVER list!?

  36. My step sister is a hag who has been investigated twice for child abuse and just got moved to different special ed class-

  37. To all the pedantic assholes here who suddenly know how to pronounce Dufresne : Yes, we get it…..You've watched Shawshank Redemption.

  38. All these women who molested their student are terrible. I also noticed how all these “horrible teachers” are women 🤔

    I know of terrible male teachers who’ve molested, kidnapped and murdered their students… why not one mentioned even one of them but you put the most relatable one (bomb threat call in) at #5?

  39. Have you noticed how all of these teachers are American? I wonder how many examples there are from other countries…

  40. Doubt the teenage boys were coerced into sex. It was very wrong but come on now someone grow balls and say it. As adults and teachers they should know better know matter what its wrong

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