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Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today we are making the TOP TEN BOOKS cake
as decided by you And it took ages to tally up the thousands and thousands of votes for
the different books. Let me know if your favourite novels made
it onto the cake. You will need to bake 2 trays of my rich chocolate
cake and I’ll put all the recipes and the template for this cake on the
website and there is a link in the description below. You will also need to make 2 batches of the
gingerbread recipe. And then u a pizza cutter to cut around the wall template. But don’t
take off the edge pieces you want to bake it with those on because it helps make the
edges of it and the corners of it not get burnt while ti is baking. Once the cake has cooled use the template
to cut three rectangles out of one of the trays and these will become the seat of the
chair. Then cut the back of the chair out of the
other tray tray cake. And then from the end of that one cut 4 little rectangles of cake. Place some frosting on the cake board to keep
the cake in place then add your first layer right at the front of the board so that you’ve
got a gap at the back for the back of the chair. Brush on some simple syrup and I always
use this if you are not serving the cake the same day because it helps keep the cake moist.
Add a layer of frosting then place the next rectangle on top. Continue to stack up your
cakes . Use the template to check the height of the base of the seat and trim some off
if you need to if it is too high. Add frosting to the back of the chair smoothing it out
as best as you can. Then add a cake support right down the middle
of that to give it some strength. Carefully stand it up and push it into place
on the back of the chair. Add your rectangles into place where the arms
of the chair should be. Use a knife to round them off using the template to give you the
shape. Then cover the whole thing in buttercream and place it in the fridge to firm up. Using the cake scraps cut out some rectangles
to make the fireplace and cover that in buttercream too. Roll out some light brown fondant and
place that over the fireplace, then smooth around all the sides and trim off the excess
fondant. Use a ruler or the back of a knife to draw
horizontal indents around the fireplace for where the bricks are. I find it helpful to
cut one brick shape so that you can use that as a guide to keep them all the same size. Now add vertical indents to make the individual
bricks. And again just using the one as a guide so you get the spacing right. Then take
some silver luster dust and dust between the bricks to create some contrast for the mortar.
Using the template cut the dark brown wood pieces for the fireplace and add them into
place using a little bit of water to make them stick. Don’t add the mantle shelf yet
leave that to dry out. Now add a snake of brown up each side piece and use the back
of a knife to make diagonal indents into the wood so that you’ve got like a carved piece
there. To make the actual wood for inside the fire
just wrap up a snake of light brown fondant in dark brown. Cut a piece in the length of
your firewood and then shape it how you like to be. This would be great if firewood was
really the easy to cut. For some pieces use a knife to roughen up the end so it looks
like they have been snapped rather than chopped Place the chair on a bowl and cover it in
red fondant, or whatever colour you want your chair to be. Use a ball of fondant to push
it down into the corners of the seat there, lifting the fondant as you do. I am using
the ball so I make sure I don’t get fingernail imprints on the chair at all the ball is nice
and smooth. Once you have the seat part right just smooth
over the rest of the fondant. And then use scissors to cut off at the base
at the front and then tuck the excess under. Trim the back of the chair in the same way
and use your fingers to flatten out where the edge of the fondant is. Use the back of a knife to define the edges
of the chair right at the seat bit there and then and the lines down and across the front.
So that you’ve got like a cushion part sitting there. Then press down on the chair with your fingers
to indent it like someone is sitting there. Add a square of fondant to the side of the
chair. I try to add the fondant pieces in just like the fabric would be on an actual
seat. Then add a line of holes for stitching, I am using a dress makers tool for this, if
you don’t have one you could just use a skewer to do lots of holes in a line instead. Add your piece of fondant to the back of the
chair and stitch it into place in the same way as we did on the side. Roll a tiny snake of fondant and add it like
piping around the front edge of the cushion and the arm of the chair. If you have a fondant
extruder then that makes this really easy. If not then you are just going to have to
roll really thin even snakes. Then add another piece over the top of the back of the chair.
Then put the whole thing back in the fridge. Moving onto our walls. Once the gingerbread
is cooled cover it in a layer of chocolate spreading it out to all the way to the edges.
Then add a chocolate transfer sheet on top. You need to make sure you don’t have pockets
of air underneath, it all needs to be touching on the design so just use your fingers to
get rid of any air bubbles. Chocolate transfer sheets have a pattern on them out of coloured
cocoa butter and when the warm chocolate touches it the cocoa butter melts and then when the
chocolate sets that pattern ends up setting in the chocolate. Once you are happy with
it flip it over and press down gently to get it completely flat. and then leave it to set. Once it is set just peel off the acetate and
wah lah have wall paper pattern on our wall. For the other wall I am just making it plain
because it is going to have lots of things on it in a minute.
Once it is set use a sharp knife to scrape a tiny bit off, I want to use this in the
fire place later. To make our door roll out some modeling chocolate
or you could use brown fondant and cut around the template. Add the strips of brown around
the edge like planks of wood on the door. Then take the end of a piece of plastic and
indent down around the edges on the insides of those nits of wood so it looks like it
has been routed to give a bit of a pattern. Then use a knife to draw lines for wood grain
across the door. Just going doing some rounded shapes and lines around those following the
same path. Add a little bit of water to the wall and
put the door in place. Then use a ruler just to straighten the edges. Roll a ball or brown and dust it with silver
luster dust using a dry paint brush, flatten it slightly, then add it into place for the
door handle. Use some melted chocolate to add the walls
into place on a firm piece of wood and I’ve just covered mine in foil. Then add some long strips of brown fondant
to cover that ll the way across and make it look like wooden floor boards. Use the end of a ruler to make indents for
the end of each board. For where our fireplace is going to go add
a rectangle of fondant with indents to make it look like bricks just like we did on the
fireplace. Then add a thin piece of black onto the wall
behind it for the back of the fireplace. Add the cake fireplace into place where it
should go using some melted chocolate to make sure it sticks. Then add the mantel shelf into place on top. Put some black gel food colour onto paper
towel and gently rub some black onto the bricks around where the fire would of discoloured
them. Fireplaces never look clean. Then use the black to colour on some of the
logs and roll them in the shaved white chocolate for ash. Add the burnt log and some more ash
into the fireplace. Then pile on more sticks and some littles
strips of red fondant for flames. Now in the centre of add the chair cake, I
have put four bits of gingerbread under the cake board to hold it just off the ground. Now for our books. Coming in at number ten
was THE HOBBIT by J R R Tolken Roll a disk of black fondant and cut a circle
using a straw. Then use the end of your paint brush to poke a hole through the centre. Then
roll it gently to form a ring. Brush that all over with gold luster dust.
The hobbit was actually published nearly 80 years ago and it follows the quest of bilbo
baggins to get treasure guarded by the dragon Smaug. And if he puts this ring on he becomes
invisible. So he wears it around his neck. Cut a strip of brown fondant and thread it
through the ring twisting it at the end. And we are going to place that just here on
the arm of the chair. Now I was going to wait until the end to make
this one but I am just too excited. Our novel written by my husband Dave is now available
for pre-sale in the book stores. woohoo and I’ll put the links below. Dampen some blue fondant and add the back
cover I have printed out the cover using edible
ink on wafer paper, which is paper that you can eat – it’s used on nougat. Put some baking
paper on top and rub it firmly. The book is called … the deep enders and
you guys have been involved in writing it, from choosing the bad guys name, to deciding
what country 16 year old Murph is from, what movie is playing at the cinemas when he first
sees Mikki, the sassy girl – who’s style you chose. She has a secret which has her on the
run. Thank you so much for all of your input we
have put so much energy and passion into this book so I really hope that you enjoy it. Trim along the edges of the cover then cut
the white slightly smaller than the cover. And add the cover on top. Flip it over, indent
it in the middle then add a roll of baking paper under each side to let the book curve
as they do when they are open. Add a tiny bit of water the the middle and
then add this page from the book printed on the wafer paper into the middle.
Now add lines for the pages across the edges of the book.
And people have been asking will the book be in print, will it be in digital will it
be available in my country – yes, yes and yes – check out the links below for details.
And if you love it please do leave a review for the book because that will really help
us so do that once you’ve read it. At number 9 we have Girl on-line by another
youtuber Zella Sugg. Add a snake of fondant to the wall like a
photo line. dampen it with a little water and add the
pictures from the front of her book. And agin they are just printed out on wafer paper. Zoella has 2 novels about a 16 year old blogger
who’s blog goes viral, then in the second book she goes on tour with her rockstar boyfriend. At number 8 we have another youtuber John
Green and I have done The Fault in Our Stars ice cream cake before so I’ll link to that
one in a books playlist at the end of this video. But for this cake we are going to do
another of his books. We will do Paper Towns. Use wafer paper and edible ink to write a
tiny note with this address on it and add it to the side of the door using a little
bit of water. The book is about Quentin’s quest to follow the clues and find Margo his
neighbour after she disappears. So I have also printed out a map of Agloe
on wafer paper and we’ll just leave that on the floor at the front. At number seven is the Dork Diaries by Rachel
Renee Russel Roll out some pink fondant thinly and a thicker
piece of white. Rub a little water on top and add wafer paper cover on top of that.
Place baking paper over the top and rub it to make sure it is fully adhered. Then just
trim around the edges. Cut the white fondant a little bit smaller
than the cover and use some water to add it into place. Flip it over and make and indent for the middle
of the book. Then using a knife make indents for pages along the sides of the book. Dork diaries are stories about Nikki a not
so perfect self-confessed DORK Roll a piece of baking paper and place it
under the middle of the book. then curve up the spine of the book so it looks like books
do when they sit open down like this. Once it the book is firm just add it onto the floor
next to the chair. At number SIX it is divergent by Veronica
Roth. I have already made a full divergent cake
video with all the factions on it. And I’ll put that in the playlist at the end too. You
guys always ask for what you like, so I have already done some of these.
Add the wafer paper to the blue fondant. Divergent is about Tris who lives in a post
apocalyptic dystopian future, she has to choose a faction, and she is separated from her family,
finds out she is different and there is a villain trying to destroy the government. Add the white to the inside of the cover and
draw lines for the pages. Then turn it around and add some indents on
the spine. Let’s put that one by the fireplace. Coming in at number 5 we have the maze runner
by James Dashner we are going to make this one in the same way as we did for divergent.
This novel is about a bunch of teenagers who wake up inside an unsolvable Maze full of
hideous creatures, in the future, in a dark, dystopian world. It is an experiment, to study
their minds. Let’s put that one on the floor over here
with divergent. Diary of a wimpy kid by Jeff Kiney had so
many votes from you that it made it to number 4 on the list.
Roll a ball of white fondant for his head and use some spaghetti to attach it to the
top of the chair. roll an oval of white for his body and make
a slit for each arm and roll them out to make them skinny. Flatten out the ends for the
hands and trim them off straighten them. Cut a chunk out for the thumb to make it shorter.
And then cut it so he has three fingers and you can round out each of the top of those
fingers. Roll out some black and add it in place where his hips are.
Trim it and split it to make the shorts. Then cut a ball of black fondant in half to
make his shoes. Add some strips around his shoulders for where
the back pack straps are. Now for his legs roll some white fondant around
spaghetti. to give it some strength. Add it into the
shoe and then add a strip of black around the leg for the sock. I suggest that you make
the figures a few days ahead and let them go firm before you add them to the cake.
Then once you add him you can add a little back pack on his back. Add a little nose and a couple of indents
for his eyes. Add a tiny ball of black to each eye socket. Then add his sad face.
Make a hole in the top of his head and add some little tear drop shapes of black for
his hair At Number three is Percy Jackson. If you put
all the spines together you get a cool picture, so we are going to make that into artwork
for the wall. Firstly cut the buildings out of light brown
fondant using a knife. Add that piece to a teal coloured rectangle. Dust some brown food colour on the base of
the buildings for shading. Then add teal waves over the top. We want
to shade those too I’m just using some blue powdered food coloring to do that.
Continue to layer up the waves up making them bigger at the front. Then use a knife to trim
the edges so it is a nice neat rectangle again. Roll some spheres of black, then flatten them
out and add them along the top for the storm clouds. Then mix some silver luster dust with either
some lemon juice or some vodka and paint on semi circles onto the clouds. Percy Jackson is by Rick Riordan – no he’s
not related, different spelling. His novel is interwoven with greek mythology. Percy
is the son of Poseidon the Greek God of the sea and is accused of stealing Zeus master
lightning bolt. So then we need to add some lightning strikes
coming out of the clouds… and then we will just paint those with gold luster dust. Use some melted chocolate to add this artwork
to the wall just behind the chair. At number 2 the second most requested book
was the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. You guys
have requested this before so I’ve already done a hunger games cake with the mocking
jay pin I’ll add that to the play list at the end for you. But for today we are going to make a white
rose from president snow. Creepy. Cut out circles of white fondant using a straw. Then
roll them out even thinner like petals. Roll the first one into a cylinder like it’s
the tight rose bud in the middle. Then place three more petals in a line overlapping
each other. Place the bud one on end and roll it along the petals.
Now repeat that but this time with 5 petals in a row
and carefully roll that up. Then roll a snake of dark green for a stem
and add a leaf to one side and leave it to dry out.
Poke some spaghetti into the end of the rose to make a hole for the stem and add tiny triangles
of green around the base of the rose. Hunger Games is also set in a post-apocolyptic
dystopian future where Katniss is separated from her family to compete for her life in
the hunger games. From there in the subsequent books she helps lead a revolution against
Panem and President Snow. Once that has dried out add the rose and the
stem to the shelf above the fire. At number one the book that has received the
most votes by a long way was of course … Harry Potter. To make Harry Potter’s face roll a ball of
fondant for his head and then make it slightly egg shaped.
About half way up add two indents for the eyes, then add two little black ovals of fondant
into place. Add a highlight of white onto each one to make him look alive. Then add
a snake across the top of each eye like eyelashes. For his glasses you want to roll a really
tiny snake, bend it around into a circle. I know his glasses are circle but I want you
to make it slightly squashed so it fits around his eyes better. And then use a snake into
a little water to add it around the eyes there. Then use a food safe marker to draw on the
rest of the glasses. Add a couple of small strips for his eyebrows.
And another strip for his little smiley mouth. Use some orange gel colour to paint on a crease
on his chin, and then lighten that by dabbing it with some paper towel.
And then do the same for the scar above his eyebrow there. Cut a piece of black in this shape and roughen
up along these edges for the edge of his hair. Flip it over and add a snake of black to the
underneath. And do the same for the other side and then
add them into place on his head. The extra fondant underneath just helps lifts the hair
up on the part line so it isn’t completely flat on his head.
Take a ball of fondant and cut it into two and press down on one side down using the
paintbrush and add that into place for his ears. For his body make a rectangle of white
on a piece of spaghetti. And if you can let that firm up first it will make this easier.
Then split some fondant for his neck and add it to the top of the body. To make his tie add strips of yellow across
the dark fondant. And then slice that to make strips of the right stripey fabric that we
want. Take one strip and add another going over
the top on an angle. And then add some white to the front of his
body. Add the tie into place and a couple of extra bits either side of it for where
it would normally go around the neck. Then fold down the top of the white to make
a collar for his shirt. Cut out a V from some grey fondant and add
it over the top of the body. Just wrap it around and smooth it around the
back. We are actually not going to see the back of him so you can just smooth it off
there. Then draw a line around the edge of the v neck line and make ribbing lines using
the end of the knife. Add some creases to the side of the jumper
then put a strip of yellow across the bottom and a snake over the top and flatten it out
using your finger. Roll out some yellow fondant and add two pieces
of maroon with their corners touching in the middle. Then cut out a tiny little shield shape. Add
it into place on the jumper. Then use a food safe marker to draw an outline around the
edge. Then draw a rough lion shape for the Gryffindor shield. Now roll out two cylinders of black for this
legs and add them to the chair. Cut a ball in half for his shoes, and cut
a wedge out of each sole to define the heel and draw a line around the base.
Add a shoe under each leg and then make indents where the pants would be creased when he’s
sitting down. Add some little laces onto each shoe. And add his body into place on top of the
legs. And then add his head on top of that. Then roll a snake and make is arms and hands
just like we did for wimpy kid, but this time give him four fingers. Add a little indent
for each finger nail. Roll out some grey and wrap it around the
arm, press it down at the join and trim off the excess. Then make an indent around the
wrist and add ribbing lines around the edge of the jumper there. Use some water to add Harry’s arms to the
side of his body and place his hands around The Deep Enders book so he can read it. And our cake is done so there you have the
top ten books as voted by you. The Deep Enders is available on pre-sale now, I really hope
you love it. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes,
chocolates and desserts, click here for my book’s playlist, here for my YouTube channel
and here for more info on The Deep Enders! Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.


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