Tons Of Tuition Free Universities In The USA – Easy Way To Find One Near You!

Uber's are their tuition free universities in the USA well there certainly are and there are more and more of them nearly every day and I'm going to talk about that in this video and one of the most recent champions of the free tuition movement the University of Texas now tuition free college is a big topic because mainly because of the upcoming 2020 elections particularly Democratic candidates seem to be espousing this you know college free college for all the problem with their approach is that it would it would involve wealth confiscation redistribution heavy taxation it put more families in a strain situation where it'd be tough I feel like tough for kids to go to college just in general there's a better way and that's that's at the state level and more importantly at the institutional level but it's it's a very very real problem a very real need in this country there are 44 million Americans with a combined 156 trillion in student loan debt that is mind-boggling that is a mind-boggling statistic and student loan debt is more that it's a larger number than all credit card and auto loans put together just a gigantic crisis but you know that means that the average payment on student loans this is average three hundred ninety three dollars a month that means that there are a lot of people paying way more than that so it's a very pressing need but I did want to talk about the University of Texas the University of Texas has been consistently ranked among the ten most affordable power five universities in America it's an outstanding academic institution and they've done something just magnificent and I wanted to call your attention to four Texas resident students who are Texas residents who finished in the top six percent of their high school class or have a high a CT score if they re living in a home a household that has an income of 65,000 or less they will go to the University of Texas free their fees will be free now they still have to pay room and board and incidental expenses those sorts of things but this is just amazing ten thousand three hundred and fifty four dollars a years about the average tuition in-state tuition at the University of Texas so that means that plus fees you know a kid could be saving fifty to sixty thousand dollars over their college career to University of Texas and you imagine is shaving sixty thousand dollars off your student loan debt total I mean that's just huge and yeah I know this a lot of people will say well this excludes a lot of students yeah but it depends on how your perspective you know they its opening the door to a lot of bright students who lived in low to middle income households who couldn't go to the University of Texas because they couldn't afford it so we're taking steps we're seeing universities and Regent systems all over the country take steps to making college education affordable don't give you another example another example would be in the state of Georgia since 1997 the state of Georgia they've got a fund or a foundations is called the Hope Fund and they take the money from their lotto system and pump it into this program but if you're a resident of Georgia and I think it takes a couple of years in the state of Georgia to become a resident and you're you know you have a B average you can go to a Georgia State University or College tuition free I mean that's it that is a good deal there's some fine schools University of Georgia Georgia Tech you know there's just some really fine institutions in Georgia I live in Kansas there's there's examples around Kansas little little church school Berkeley University another Lutheran School in Lynchburg Kansas Bethany College who just in the last few years said hey if you're a high school student and you live in this county where Bethany college is at or the adjoining County you can come to Bethany college tuition free you got to pay for room and board and you never want to discount these small these small colleges and these small universities they they have a lot of scholarships and endowments and and you never think you can't afford that but the point is there are tuition free universities in the USA you just got to do a little looking let me give you another example another example and I talked about this on my channel before but I went to Google and I use what Google calls an operator a search operator and simply I typed in all in title colon and if for our example I just typed in the state of Arkansas free tuition just like you see it you can do that for any state in in the Union and you're gonna find you're gonna find some results but on this first page it talks about Arkansas they've got a program where if you're a resident of Arkansas and you go into a field of study that is high demand probably you know education a medicine might be one and you you know you the scientists stay in the Arkansas and use those you use your degree and kind of payback the state they will pay for your tuition I mean it's just fantastic and I get tired you know of the bad news you know people painting a bad picture that you know if you're opposed to just blanket free tuition for anybody who wants to go to school you know you hate kids you hate college students now that's that's nonsense you're politicians do not hold the key to free tuition in the United States and I I'm I don't care whether you're Republican or Democrat the key is not in hands of those politicians the key is in the hands of outstanding institutions and leaders like we find at the University of Texas University of Georgia the University of Arkansas that's the region systems of all those fine states and other small colleges in the state where you live so if you're a student and you start looking start looking in your state what's available there and maybe hey maybe you you would like to go out of state maybe your family or you need to move to the state of Texas for a year or two before you enroll in and take advantage of some of these programs but I this is goodness this is the kind of stuff that mainstream media doesn't talk about enough its underreported and you know you listen to all that harangue all the clamoring is the election draws near and here's another thing for you guys as the closer that the election gets and this after they settle in on a candidate on both sides they're not going to talk about free tuition anymore because it's really not viable and they're going to get more middle-of-the-road more moderate and you won't hear much about it at all but believe me free tuition is out there in the good ole USA and I want to thank you for watching my video and asked that you if you liked it you would give a thumbs up and subscribe to media cure thanks

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