Tomi Lahren And Laura Ingraham Get SCHOOLED By Kaepernick In "Patriotism"

in the effort to stand of what he believed in is option to sit before we go here's a patriotic response to NFL players who refuse to stand during the national anthem the words stand will be laser engraved on the barrel of a new handgun from firearms maker Sig Sauer great guns by the way made in New Hampshire and it will honor veterans and first responders the American flag will be on the other side and a portion of the sales will be donated to a group named honored American veterans a field which works with wounded veterans and active duty military personnel Laura Ingraham thinks this is a fair response no sorry a patriotic response NFL players kneeling expressing themselves like how the First Amendment reads Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances NFL players she supports Nick Boza here with Donald Rose an Francisco quarterback I'm sure nobody ever heard of when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now that NFL owners don't want to pick them up because they don't want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump Jubilee and wants them to shut up and dribble how does a handgun patriotic plus the American flag looking good on the side of that pistol check this out you got a real nice laser engraved US flag draped over our Nitron finish back here at the serrations you have the blue field with the white stars and as you transition out the slide you got those nice subtle red and white stripes and stand boldly engraved on the front not looking good a violation of the US flag code 36 USC 176 the flag should never be used as wearing apparel bedding or drapery eerily similar to this true American patriot I don't see color oh by the way also violated the US flag code nailed it guns and Rick Strom we have a history I personally think Dana Loesch is scum of the earth who sold her soul to Wayne LaPierre in the NRA for some dead presidents therefore she is an American and disdains I scream I only speak facts for which she co-signed admitting her disdain for the most American thing of all by posting as her Twitter background kettle meat black I was a very politically active teenager and I'm on this stage as a result of that but the gun a device designed to kill engraving stand on the other side NFL players pioneered by Colin Kaepernick simply simply brought to light the grave and lethal injustice as minorities face in this damn country Kaepernick in the long run surrendered his livelihood because the fight is bigger than himself take for example this right-wing gun nut and man who strongly endorses just the white side of a black and white cookie Brad Johnson when the Second Amendment coalition was announced by the white supremacists President Johnson the United Sporting company's CEO was appointed now follow me here as a member who was in bed with Trump by the way changed the sheets bred mr. Johnson wanted to take a stand gun maker six hour was approached by you guessed it Brad Johnson and United sporting companies 9:30 a stand is the obvious choice to represent the heritage and tradition of American citizens who proudly stand for our great American flag Johnson would say we felt that the stand idea was a great idea to honor our country and those who serve America largely backed by people like this what's your name are you Big Mike you just you don't yet articles posted by pro-gun websites and I quote United's sporting companies not going bankrupt it's like saying Steve manukan proud of his teeth and creepy smile how is this not a shot at NFL protesters take for example the limited-edition stand gun comes with a copy of the national anthem on a card that reads proudly stand for the national anthem next to a picture of the firearm but what better way with a network in Trump's pocket to push a man's entire well-being than featuring a story that riles up trumps base more than Fred Trump at a KKK rally a segment of promotion this topic hits home as Trump takes the stance and it's cult-like following tune in to outing gay people at Dartmouth host and come at me vape bro Sean Hannity want to hit the NFL protests even harder without understanding their entire message buy a gun want to silence the kneelers buy a gun withstand on it want to shoot the messengers buy this damn gun you unpatriotic Colin Kaepernick was kicked out of the league for not endorsing violence not promotion a manufacturers producing weapons to kill he promoted the right to live the right for equality and the injustice is continued on Trump's state-sponsored Network


  1. Not all trump supporters are racist but all racist are trump supporters. I'm republican I love my guns and I don't like gay marriage but that a topic for another day. I don't support this moron that's for sure

  2. If he was worth a shit, he would be playing. 1st Amendment does not apply when working under contract. Quit and kneel on your lawn each morning. Sign a contract, and abide by it. He is not black, nor white. He screwed the pooch all by himself.

  3. In Canada and other first world countries Kaepernick would be regarded as a national hero.
    But America is a shithole..

  4. Exactly amazing how they talk about respecting the flag and then they totally disrespect the flag truly breaking the U S Flag code

  5. How did the smarted party went full Fascist in such a quick time. It’s sad. It’s scary and it’s disgusting

  6. Beautiful handgun!! I think you are an American hating, ass eating faggot who does this show to bash Trump and America and call this show a sports show. Your hero Don't play football anymore because he sucked at really bad the last 2 season's he played and choose to be an activist instead of making his game better. Keep your political bullshit out of sports you American hating little ass eater!!

  7. The funny (SAD!) part of all this tRump vs the NFL nonsense is that this is all a personal vendetta on tRump's part. He's still pissed they wouldn't let him buy an NFL team, that the NFL publicly embarrassed him. So he's using his ill gotten office to publicly harm the NFL brand. Which is against the law, in case anyone was wondering.

  8. Why in the world do we have to rely on proceeds from firearm sales to help our “HEROS” ? They should be taken care of by the same Warmongers who send our youth around the World to become maimed in Body Spirit and Mind 🤬

  9. Kaepernick wasn't kicked out of the league. He, like hundreds of players each year, was not signed by a team. Big fucking difference. Try getting a host that has a vague idea about sports at least.

  10. Her taxes pay those 2 dudes to play football. The right wing, pobucker mind works in mysterious ways.

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