This teacher is helping indigenous women in Mexico get online #innovarparami

What I want to inspire in other women is that there are no limits, no one should ever say to you: ‘how can you leave your kids to go and study?’ The community most affected by the lack of digital literacy is women from indigenous groups. I started the digital literacy programme specifically with the Otomi community Angelica was conscious of her need to intergrate technology so she took the chance to do the courses that the university has on offer. It is two hours from my house. It’s far, but I gain a lot from going to the class. I didn’t know much, I didn’t know more than the basics. This course helped me learn how to upload pictures of my dolls I now have a card where my website is shown and give it away to everyone so that they visit it. Thanks to this platform, people look for me People can locate me so that I can make the dolls for them and they request the designs they like. I think it is important to bring technology into education so that people have digital tools that help them build a better world. It’s a dream come true to reach all my goals, and I have many more to reach If I can do it, other women can do it If you’ve had your wings cut off, put them back on so they can keep growing.


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