Previously on babyteeth4 what’s happening Jillian are you alright
Jillian what happened what’s it say Jillian what’s it say
you’re never gonna believe this what’s it say Jillian it’s not what it
says it’s what it is look it’s a picture of a ring why is that such a big deal
this is mommy’s gimmel ring she gave it to me but I lost it and I never told her
I never told anyone you lost mommy’s ring yeah over a year
ago when I took it to Disneyland but the book can read your mind so you were
probably just thinking of it that’s not all that’s weird Addie come take a look
at this wait a minute that looks like it’s see for yourself it’s real Jillian
how did that happen look at the book now it’s gone you’re
telling me I just pulled this ring right out of the book Addie it goes beyond
that I think this book can create whatever we’re thinking of things from
our past our present maybe even our future but why this ring and why now after
you pointed the book at the mirror we need to talk about this so why do you think the book did that
Jillian I think it was a gift why would the book give us a gift it might be its
way of letting us know we can trust it well it sure was a weird way to go about
it hey all I know is that I feel a lot better knowing I have this ring back but
is that really the ring Jillian or is that some sort of replica I don’t think
it’s a replica the tarnish has worn the exact same way the old one was
maybe you just dropped it in the book a long time ago and didn’t know it was
definitely at Disney we didn’t even know about the book back then how do you
think it works then I think someone made this book a long time ago and maybe they
didn’t even realize the capabilities that this book had or maybe they did and
that’s why they got rid of it I wonder if we should ask daddy about this maybe
the book will have an answer good idea here it does say something the girls
know that no one will believe them that’s exactly what I was thinking
Jillian we could tell daddy but he wouldn’t believe us anyway I guess
you’re right but maybe we can still get answers from the book itself here let me
try what are you doing is there anything you see in this room that could give us
a clue look inside nope there’s nothing in here I guess we already determined
that we can’t ask the book directly Jillian remember last time we were
thinking about writing in a book to see if it would complete the sentence I
don’t know Addie do you really think that’s a good idea the book gave you a
gift so I think it’s intentions are good it’s worth a try all right here we go what are you writing this
book is useful for now what we just closed the book it’ll answer the
question how long do you think it’ll take let’s see ah there it says making
your life better this book is useful for making your life
better well that’s encouraging I don’t know if it has made our life better
it’s kind of complicated things hey got my lost ring back didn’t it I guess so
but we don’t even know why that happened I wonder what the best way to use this
book is well that’s your next sentence then good idea the best way to use this
book is alright let’s close that up it’s weird how fast this happens your way the
best way to use this book is your way maybe that just means that anyway we use
that it’s fine maybe there is no wrong way to use it
but I still want to know where this book came from easy enough this book came
from maybe now we’ll get some answers that’s weird
nowhere and everywhere it has always been
that’s not true this book hasn’t always been on the shelf this house hasn’t
always been here either I think we need to be a little more
specific in our question I got it the person responsible for this book is now
we’re gonna get somewhere okay let’s just close it for a second here I want
to read the answer this time what’s it say there’s nothing in here
you did something wrong give it back I didn’t do anything let me see it who’s that it’s a little boy I wonder
who that is this is one of those old black-and-white pictures I can’t imagine
that a little boy would make this book this doesn’t make any sense maybe this
is someone we’re gonna meet or maybe this is someone from the past he looks
familiar somehow it’s really bugging me maybe mommy your daddy will know who it is wait I think I see writing on the next
page the girl’s father took the book away from them
maybe we shouldn’t tell anyone about this yeah I think the books predicting
the future here maybe we can change the future how we’ll just take these two
pages out I don’t know if that’s a good idea Addie
what do you think we’re gonna do break the future that’s exactly what I’m
worried will happen look Jillian this book can heal itself all the stuff that
we wrote in it wrote before is all gone all that’s left are these two pages okay
but be careful look they just pulled right out now I can get rid of this page
and I can go out daddy who this kid is this is making me really nervous Addie
we’ll get some answers you’ll see I know I’ve seen that kid before Addie Addie I think I might know who that
little boy is it’s daddy so that was this book and see
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