#TheCelebrityStopover at St Gabriel’s Primary School

We’re at St. Gabriel Primary School! This is the Celebrity Stopover!!! Hello everyone! I’m a Mediacorp artiste I’m Jeffery Xu Hi everyone! I’m Hong Ling We’re here today to share with you The importance of Chinese Most of you may watch television And you’re aware that we’re actor and actress We’re specialized in Chinese drama So today we have the opportunity and honor To be here to share with you the significance of Chinese Now let’s play a game It’s called charades I will now give one student A Chinese idiom Or a word They have to use actions And convey them To the next student All the way to the last student To let him guess what is the word or idiom Alright You show him And tell him Tell your senior YOU SCARED ME BIG TIME Okay so who likes acting? Do you know what are the four kinds of emotions Happiness, anger, sorrow and joy Do you guys know? Perform for us “Happiness” Anger Anger Joy What’s the difference between joy and happiness? Happiness is I’m very happy to be here today What is joy? So I hope that when you guys learn Chinese You’ll make it into a Enjoyable process And interact with different students And play Don’t revolve around your phones Alright? Chinese is extremely important In the future The ways you guys use them will increase And if you want to act in the future Or anything else Chinese plays an even more important role Please work hard and learn And don’t give up Okay? Is it okay? Yes! Thank you everyone I really had a great time So I hope you like this video If you like to watch more Please click here To subscribe Click here And to like thus video, click bottom

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