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In the three years Donald Trump
has been president, America has changed
in many ways. The country
is more divided than ever, official government policies
are now announced on Twitter, and the red phone
in the White House now connects you directly
to KFC. But one change we didn’t expect
from Trump’s presidency was an explosion of books. From anti-Trump books to books calling him
the second coming of Christ, we’ve seen it all. And who could have
ever predicted that so many books would exist, thanks to a president
who can’t read. (laughter) Now, anyone can write a book. And I do mean anyone. But what’s interesting is how many of these books
were written by people who worked inside
the White House. And the latest book
making headlines comes from Nikki Haley,
former ambassador to the U.N. and woman who just captured
James Bond. And she’s not holding back. TV REPORTER: In her memoir
out this week, Nikki Haley takes on former Secretary
of State Rex Tillerson and former White House Chief
of Staff John Kelly, claiming the two men undermined
and ignored President Trump from inside the White House. Haley writes: “Kelly and
Tillerson confided in me that when they resisted
the president, they weren’t being subordinate, they were trying
to save the country. They should have been saying
that to the president, not asking me to join them
on their sidebar plan. To undermine a president is really
a very dangerous thing. Okay. This is a bombshell
I did not expect. Rex Tillerson and General Kelly were resisting Trump
in the White House? That is shocking. Although it does explain why they were wearing
those pussy hats, but, still, I mean… This is big news,
because this book, this book basically
makes it sound like two of Trump’s top officials
were constantly trying to stop Trump from causing
trouble or getting into trouble. You know, it’s like that thing
parents do, you know, when they swap a real thing
with a toy from their baby. You know when parents do that? Be like, “Whoa, whoa. Give me
Daddy’s cell phone back and you can have
the big boy phone.” And the kid is happy.
They’re just like, “Hello. Is this the president
of Ukraine? “Hello? Give me the doo doo
on Biden. “I want the doo doo on Biden. “Okay. Thank you. Bye-bye. He told me the cow says, ‘moo.'” That’s basically
what was happening. And I’ve got to say, this is
a really complicated issue, ’cause on the one hand, I understand where Nikki Haley
is coming from. America voted for Trump, right? He won the electoral college. And so his policies
are what people voted for, so his staff shouldn’t try
to undermine him. On the other hand,
this is also the same president who suggesting nuking
hurricanes. So maybe (bleep) blocking him
is a good idea? I don’t know. And while Nikki Haley’s book is all about allowing Trump
to be Trump, there’s another book
making headlines right now with the total opposite message. And this book is coming
from inside the White House. TV REPORTER: A warning creating
instant shock waves. The anonymous author
who claims to be a senior Trump administration
official paints a picture of a president
who is unstable and inept. The writer describing
a near-daily five-alarm fire drill, where senior officials
cancel plans and race to the White House
to prevent the president from enacting his latest wacky
or destructive idea. The author saying
behind closed doors, the president makes racist
and misogynistic remarks, describing him as reckless, and without full control
of his faculties. Oh, my God. Trump is erratic,
racist and misogynist? Thank God we have
this inside source. How else would we have known? Oh, wow! (applause) Seriously, I… I don’t get it. We all know this stuff already. Like, these are not revelations. This is like a spy
coming out of Russia, like, (with Russian accent):
“You didn’t hear it from me, “but Russia is very big. I should go.
I’ve said enough.” (normal voice):
So look, the truth is, if you want to learn
something new about Trump, this book is probably
not gonna do it for you. But one person who might
actually have revelations about Trump is John Bolton, former national security advisor
and permanent Got Milk ad. He claims to have
unique insider information relevant to
the impeachment probe, but he’s not telling Congress
about it. He might be saving it
for his upcoming book. TV REPORTER:
An attorney for former national security advisor
John Bolton revealed on Friday that Bolton was “personally involved in many
of the events, meetings and conversations at the center
of the impeachment probe, as well as many relevant
meetings and conversations that have not yet
been discussed publicly. Bolton had been scheduled
to testify as part of the impeachment
probe, last Thursday, but he did not appear. Bolton has a new book deal
with Simon and Schuster, and, according to reports, that deal is worth
about $2 million. Oh, I see. So Bolton might spill the beans on impeachable offenses
by the president, but only for $2 million. Yes, he’s truly the hero
America deserves. Imagine if someone like that
called 911. Just like, “Hello, police, there’s a killer
on the loose.” “Okay, sir, where is he?” “Venmo me 20 bucks
and I’ll tell you.” (laughter) And I’m not gonna lie, I’m not impressed
by the news of Bolton’s book, because what’s the point of
releasing anything on Trump if it comes out next year? Right? Impeachment
is gonna be happening now. And worst of all, Bolton totally stole his cover
from Michelle Obama. I don’t care what anybody says. That is not his look. (laughter) So, look, look, the truth is whether it’s Anonymous,
Nikki Haley or John Bolton, beneath it all, these books are
all trying to do the same thing: profit off the chaos. Because these books
don’t help the country. They just trade on rumors
and innuendo to make the authors money. Like, if someone has valuable
information about the president, they should just tell
the American people instead of holding out
for a big payday. It’s about the president.
It’s about the country. -(cheering and applause)
-And… And you know what? I actually think
I know how we fix this. Like, I-I’m gonna tell you
how we fix this in my new book… called Buy My Book:
a Book I Want You to Buy. (laughter) -(cheering and applause)
-For just $29.99… For just $29.99, you will learn shocking facts like Trump is a bad person, Trump has divided America and Mike Pence
seems like a weird guy. But, most importantly,
my book finally reveals how Americans
can get Trump out of office. So make sure you get a copy
when it comes out in 2025.


  1. Actually thge Anonymous book says that Trump wanted to put undocumented people in Guantanamo. So there will be new revelations.

  2. And me being the person who constantly has these book deal people on I am on the appropriate high ground to shame them over their cash grabs on the chaos.

  3. Nikki Haley is an idiot. She had two intelligent men, close to the president, telling her they were so concerned about his 'policies and actions' they felt they needed to protect the American public by subverting them, and all she can say is 'with all due respect'? Lady, no respect is due for a president who's in the Whitehouse solely for the power it gives him. Duh.

  4. It may be a Trump/Haley ticket in 2020. Would hope Pence would resign in shame but more than likely he'll be thrown under the bus.

  5. To undermined a president is a very dangerous thing. I agree… … when the president is right in his mind. Not this lunatic leader of usa

  6. I agree with this. Which is why Elizabeth Warren should go ahead and share her idea for cutting Veteran suicide in half rather than waiting until she's elected president

  7. Corrupt St. Jude Hospital launders money for Donald Trump. "We have a relationship with the Eric Trump Foundation, which was created by Eric Trump, the third child of Donald Trump."

  8. I like trump, he's a legend of idiots… a president who doesn't know how to be a president. America has a big ass spoiled child for a president, haha haaa AMAZING

  9. This is the ass-kissin' bootlickin' Trump friend who broke clean.
    As revenge, her previous master Trump called her 'evil', 'crime-loving' and 'unwilling to defend the nation'.
    There seems to be a pattern here with these swamp monsters…
    1) get in, by sucking up to power
    2) stay in for a while, licking boots, while spreating divisive rhetoric
    3) get out
    4) write a book and cash in

  10. Why is every single person refusing to appear for a Congressional subpoena NOT IN JAIL????? If a judge holds you in contempt you normally go to jail right? I really wanna know why they aren't in JAIL. How the FUCK are any of them not in jail?🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  11. Trevor aimed a much needed klieg light on all the little, uh, spiders(?) and their upcoming books — making money is fine, but not when the information they will reveal is needed NOW. Well done, Trevor.

  12. Nikki Hailey basically abandoned her position before she got investigated for all her lavish spending. I could care less what her 2 cents are.

  13. Oh come on, Nikki Haley revelation is not a bombshell revelation at all. Weren't they the 'adults in the room'?

  14. They missed the Biden call?🙄🙄 next book titled " alternative facts" coming🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Trevor, not a good book cover to hold close to your face. Graphics department needs training on color balance. You aren't crimson-colored.

  16. Is that a potato on her chin, she is obviously positioning herself to garner Trumps bunch of looser voters for her own political interest. I wonder what she will be saying after he is impeached, what a looser, both of them.

  17. Pretty sure Kelly is the one who wrote the op-ed and the new book. This just drives my suspicions home even more for me.

  18. Bolton's book release date is (vengefully) scheduled for just before the 2020 election. So, I think he's betting on trying to tip the election against Trump vs the impeachment hearings.

  19. Rex Tillerson admitted Trump asked him to do illegal things, what other info do we need to impeach this guy this is crazy!!

  20. "But most importantly my book reveals how Americans can get Trump out of office. So make sure you get a copy when it comes out in 2025"
    There were layers in this one

  21. 😂😂😂 I totally agree they should just tell the people if they have valuable information helpful to his impeachment. But his ending book looked pretty legit 😂😂😂😂 like it wasn't obvious you needed to buy the book

  22. there should be a CC button on his forehead.

    1- i could finally understand the shit he says

    2- someone would get to hit him on the forehead 😏

  23. And there is a (sorry for my miss-spelling!!) aledged (but confirmed by some) whistle-blower (who blows whistles really well! ..and C IA analyst, And close Bi.den associate) named Eri.k Ci &ra meII&…

  24. Why? Obama didn’t do anything for the country and waited for payday. Now he complains about Bernie who may keep his promises to the ppl while Obama continue filling his pockets with change.

  25. A Warning Anonymous…I wish the person would come forward. This is serious. I wish folks would stop being scared of this president..grow a pair!

  26. Correction: Everyone CANNOT write a book. If you have enough money though, you can pay a ghost writer to write it for you.

  27. Trevor literally speaks for the DNC "Trump is so bad" every freaking show
    And no im not a "Trumptard". Im just bored by the same show on every network

  28. Well if we're being fair, somebody writing a 'tell all' book around information that's already out there is only a couple degree removed from what this show does, built off the back of sensationalized chaos. It feels silly watching Trevor make a punch line out of it when I have an actual book on my shelf called "John Stuart's the Daily Show presents 'America' (The Book)" that's essentially the Daily show in book form. The only damning factor here is that John Bolton and others on the inside may be acting as gatekeepers to crucial info that's not already out there

  29. Oh Haley, I thought you were smart. Or she is smarter and now she is pretending she knew nothing, after all this time?

  30. Love You Trevor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Haven’t read. But in the interview, isn’t she saying they should say straight to Trump rather than dismissing. Also, so lucky and happy John Bolton is Ggggggggone. He would’ve caused another war.

  32. No word to say other than "Pathological Idiot lair" Donald D Drump 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  33. It may not fix it, but I would say not buying Michael Bolton's book, would be a damn good start. How unfair to America, that you have information that could possibly deactivate an explosive situation, but would rather let us perish if it makes your book less lucrative. Maybe I'll start an online petition to get people to commit to not give Michael Bolton a dime for his book? 🤔

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