The Three Degrees Interview on BBC Breakfast January 28, 2015

fifty years in business and still going stronger three degrees will be here after nine all that's still to come when will I see you again so big it yeah dagger cost of getting the third degree I think Oh ding-dong like it welcome back Oh welcome back indeed if you believe the papers there Prince Charles's favorite group but three degrees don't just have the Royal Seal of Approval they've got history on their side as well yeah they hold the world record for being the longest-running female vocal group and they're celebrating more than fifty years in the music business morning all let me to see you and you was Pete in a minute properly and the trio are in the middle of a UK tour let's look back shall we at your greatest hits there we go when I see you get me what you see minam bebe I will my baby it gets so complicated yuuma get to say the ah Oh Valerie holiday Helen Scott the Freddie pool join us now morning we've just been doing the arithmetic oh geez there's a difference we the longest-serving member and the member who started first okay so who started first 1963 yes okay but then you left yes and then who's been longest-serving member Valerie Valerie for how many years now little uh-huh 100 it's a button it's a thing is something to be proud of do you feel it yeah because you know it's done very many music hardly any musical entities that that you know it's accent stay for that long and I so recognize also well done to you thank you um so how does it is extraordinary story really because I'm just looking at who's been in the band over the last step and well good we won't be new years how many years over some years how does it work how much does it change them since the days that when you were first in it Wow it it well we were we were teenagers in high school so I don't being any of us expected that it would be what it is today yeah and it's it's kind of like a fast-paced snowball it just kept growing and growing and growing and obviously over a 50-year span things have changed recording has changed traveling has changed everything has changed so Freddie you're the newest member because you literally just arrived just about because you joined what four four years ago you're the baby so what is it like what was it like to join the group when they are so well established it was that's really wonderful actually we'd actually toured together before I joined the group I was in another group so we would actually tour it and we've gotten to know each other and and to work with Valerie and Helen is very exciting I jokingly say that I joined a female temptations group because there's a lot of choreography lots of dancing yeah you know I come from a group where we were flowing and you know doing all those flowing things when I teamed up with Valerie and Helen it was like being on a race track it is beautiful yes yes yes I mean using all those muscles and when you want to know how long you know Valerie has been in the group and she said mmm well you know what that because of all that activity going on yes she's thinking I can do it look she's firm that it really says help doesn't presumably important as well how your voice is oh it sound together is that it yeah the blend yes very the blend yeah so how do you choose someone who has the Rahad you know someone has the right blend then well you know we needed somebody for our from middle or second soprano and Altos basically so as long as is that was good then we were good okay so you're embarking on a tourist you literally just about start aren't you it's it's actually a two-part tour and the reason it has to be broken up is because once we finish this leg of the of the tour we have to go to Japan so and we couldn't swap that around so that's why we're doing apart now and then apart later in June and you know fortunately we were able to to continue that to make as we haven't been here in a little bit so it's good that what they were able to do this now you maybe not being here for a little bit this was written was your second home absolute world seal of approval one point mm-hmm wasn't very nice yeah I don't know about the Royal Seal of Approval but we certainly this was our second home absolutely you did play for royalty number time didn't you what was that like very exciting I mean coming out of Buckingham Palace at five o'clock in the morning who could say that oh are you doing teen well nevermind you had a good party there though yes and when you'd playing now I'm you're singing so what do you who comes to the concerts first of all is it people who originally came back in the day or was it as their a whole new generation now knowing me the three degrees are and loving your work I know we are our friends and n our fans they come to the show but often they will bring friends of theirs and aunts and uncles and nieces so we are constantly renewing the the friendship there's a wonderful thing that we don't seem to have what an age limit it starts very young and it just goes all the way all the way and that's really good all everybody enjoys the show which is what we aim for well looking back in time when Sheila Ferguson was part of the group you recorded a special program this is take three degrees back in 1982 Wow I'll use all of them culture I describe is it Souls it pop is it funk is it disco whatever it is it has that time use it has endured over the decades hasn't it it's never gonna bash in really it's never gonna leave I think that during that time it was a little bit more pigeonholing if you will for lack of a better word you either had to be soul or pop or R&B whereas now it's it's more it's just complete crossover you never know what where or how the records going to go so I think it's a little more open now than what it was before they just had to put you in a category now one of my favorite things about pushing that clip is the outfit oh my goodness so fab they're just fabulous and all what I love about the noir slightly different aren't they do you get to choose which one you have cuz I mean I want that one well ever but checking the time we had a designer they'd ride with us so she was the one who came up with all the custom designs hmm and she was the one who made them too so it was perfect how many custom changes do you have in your kids now well not now we don't we tend not to do any color I'm shiny yes where the blonde and get up in knock it down look it's it's different now you're not you're not making costume changes now yes you know it's a different time very good and any chance that you will be back in the recording studio – we keep trying we do keep trying and and we manage to get something in the studio during the summer of last year and then we were out and about and and our producer was doing another something so we we're gonna try again this shows you can do it in your living room for the laptop computer honestly don't eat the juices just get down there plug the mics in and off you go material is very important in nowadays the lyrics that they're they're putting out there aren't necessarily the ones that we'd like to sing so we're trying to find somebody who writes things that we like to text that lovely tea ladies thank you thank you Freddie Valerie and hen thank you all very much indeed the three degrees hello they were are touring the UK now Baron leads tonight it's a nine minutes past nine


  1. It sounds like the interviewers have never heard of them, and did a quick read up on wiki 2 minutes before the interview. Lack luster.

  2. Saw these 3 lovely ladies perform live at 40.yrs of Disco they raise my temperature up.3 degrees or if not more 🔥😉

  3. "when will i see you again" that hit was my shit, im only 35 and i wasn't even born in the 60's and 70's, but during my childhood the good old songs were on commercials and listening to the records my momma always played made me love that song, it's good to see them doing well alive and kicking except ms. fayette pickney who passed in 2009 r.i.p. to her, like a female temptations group, all of the temptations members passed away, r.i.p. to those guys..

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