The Schooling The Learning

I did three album masterpiece tweet out what I left temporal records I start with no memory breakfast which was the hottest rapper in the industry when I started with no linear record that was the hardest in the rap industry they was to only make it more any in the industry please per Fiat members was rocking what they wouldn't get no money like master people are like and I had been around a camp I have been around Def Jam I was on death row I think all the niggas that supposedly had the money Master P had the motherfuckin Sunday three hours in my did the game to be so not to be told and I did a movie called the game my life right after that and I did it all fucking the last meal then I did the chronic 2001 that's my dollar for every droplet any fighters down put her two doggies angels here's Tim he showed me how to put business because I hadn't had a rifle a barbs girl who's talking that dog he's telling she ran a hand over at the level master B showed me how to put a label together how they don't get money how to eat how to make money off my tours how to make money off of movies how to create a different length for me this bit to be thing differently he brought money to the industry cuz I'm telling you the truth nigga see rappers wasn't kidding money miss what I'm trying to tell you never get a girl changed and you get a big ass possession deal or they spend all this money around the market but one kid no way out ask money nigga sold a car to birds in the bank accounts [Applause] and then after that Duke after dissolution three albums three and one three projects I'm with them doggystyle murder was the case dog panel dog father above the rim out of there No Limit okay Mississippi so not to beat Oh No Limit opto and last meal I did three hours and three but off the contract ranch was the master West as it should live on the penitentiary but I struck a deal because everybody else was scared of that nigga Brian everybody with decimals sure that was the monster so P when Pete went to go seen a deal paid him pay me got my publishing bank gave me three albums I did my three arms then allow me to do the East Sider deal while I was in the process of doing my last time didn't get no letter wasn't even here yes didn't take no money from it didn't take an imprint from it he thought his win sold a million records and my record labels awesome poppin [Applause] I'm like a backup oh I'm sorry so now you live in New Orleans yes really is the reason three years in Cali and that's crazy you said that okay because when I first got a bad roads Master P tell me never you can't go back there like so he basically put a wall around the light nigga don't go back to that language that's full of niggas was really still trying to get at me okay and you know I'm saying I was kind of leaking so if somebody works cuz I don't really have my street shit right in there so I went back in New Orleans and I stayed out there but I'm the second album came I started sliding back to LA like but two days here two days there you know he was like nigga stop going back I'm like I can't help it that's when our story giving DJ quake it all up and niggas that was a part of the second out and it started to sound back like Snoop Dogg cuz the first record was south like I'm well fuck right you're the second was getting more like Snoop Dogg then the that's when I got ready to give me pitch please for real game is from the church to the palace I mean I did the third one which was a motherfucking uh the last meal that's what ship was like all the way right we had a lay low dead all kind of records that was sounding like Snoop Dogg was prepped me for the chronic 2001 of them and then he knew I had to be back in LA because my flavor was LA it was good that I can you know jump out of my habitat goodness environment and adapt to any environment and be a chameleon but he'll Samba at the same time I gotta go back to where I'm comfortable that the song um and that's where you start to hear those records start becoming more you know saying like the way they were supposed to say oh wow you did see murder records on the second out and all anytime talk mr. dev from Vegas was thrown at me but originally you are on that record that's my record all right know that originally was my record escort I'm telling you that record was made after some shit happen in there lay an entire phone link is trying to get me but there is two versions oh oh so we have to Mary Jane I want to hone everything because I realize that none of these artists was making real money it was talented I said they don't know economic so when you know economics United get to the money and so that's what I teach my kids and the people around me you know I learn economics understand what banking is understand where the money here because these guys just want to deal like if you look at the guys now that that's probably big right now with social media I just seen him be a young boy he's the biggest YouTube you know for us real antara influences for his music but think about the deals that this generation is there so he did a deal I looked at it if I would have been on his team he did a deal for two million dollars of five records so think about that you got the money up front imagine what they get yeah so we have to teach that to the next generation look at the bigger picture don't just look at that now and that's what I did I was like man yeah that mean that was the girl right now but what about ten years from that right you know I wouldn't be able to live like I spent a taxable million and her couple million you noticed and they hand you a million reached up gold yes right off for them yeah man think about it but you to show your souls for 360 deal that you have no knowledge of because you're in a killer you'd like me I need you right now may not sound like a lot of money yeah but what if you blow up so nobody's thinking about what if they blow up it is it's good some of these deals cuz a lot of people don't want to be entrepreneurs but work so that's where the record company get you it you know I tell people all the time you know the record companies in this generation is really just pimping so it's almost like a basketball player if you got your stuff together you don't have to be a basketball prostitute you don't have to write Nike and Adidas pimpin your care for a book bag and a pair tennis shoe yeah we can create that our own same thing in the music business this ways now with the digital download and and stuff like that you can actually be a millionaire if you take your time if you get a hit record and want to put the time and sacrifice but this generation really don't want to do this yeah and you know people want and they get more money than we've seen everything but people they want to be Instagram famous yes they want to be you know at one point one to be hood famous you know to say what's gonna happen Instagram goal with yeah you go away and then what happens when you not when you're not as popping you're not like everybody think about Michael Jackson at the time when he wasn't hot yeah so that's you don't realize with me what I love about Romeo and me and my fella we're not living for the moment we're trying to build a generational wealth actually it's about knowledge we your ex going for wisdom the money gonna come yeah this about having the wisdom in like you say being able to foresee okay the future this is what's gonna happen in the future it was cassette CDs there's gonna be mp3 that'll be digital download people gonna be flying and five years from now yeah I gotta share this story with everybody man years

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