The School Nerd Was SECRETLY A Princess And No One Knew… A Roblox Royale High Story

mom I really want to talk to you about something that's been on my mind I just I really want to know what it's like to live a normal life what do you mean love you live a wonderful life one that many could only dream of I know and I'm so so grateful but I want to know what it's like to go to prom have friends and go to a real school I'm just stuck in this castle all day it's not safe out there for a princess people will try to take away what you have but what if no one knows I'm a princess what are you saying everyone in the entire city knows who you are I want you to be happy sweetie if you want to go to a normal school we can definitely make that happen for you but you have to promise me one thing of course I'd do anything you can't tell anyone who you are and you have to be very careful you can't tell anyone your real name okay I've got the perfect plan I'm gonna dress up just like Mia from The Princess Diaries well before she got her makeover because I think she looked just as beautiful before all right whatever is going to make you happy I will make it happen I am The Queen of course you're the best mom oh my gosh I might actually good to go to a real school but first I have to do like a princess non princess makeover just so nobody won't like why mom said nobody can know who I am and I have to keep everything a secret it's gonna be kind of hard to make new friends but I think it's worth it I think I'm gonna get to go to a real school and I of course couldn't go to a school dressed up like this I think I'd stand out a little bit too much so we're gonna have to tone it down like 10 notches or so so I guess first things first we're gonna have to get rid of the crown and and the dress and pretty much everything I can't look like myself at all I guess I need to change my hair but I need something that really isn't my style I mean I don't really wear pigtails too often maybe I could lighten my hair color just a little whoo yes I kind of like this okay and my outfit it needs to be cute but also like hey I'm not an undercover secret princess I just go here I'm just a normal student just like you ooh I like this how about some glasses cuz I do wear contacts so what it might as well I don't really wear my glasses too often perfect my prescription glasses in blue because typically my favorite colors pink but this for the sake of going undercover and going to a real school I think I can sacrifice some pink outfits how about some cute socks so you know match my pretty cute outfit oh I I look so cute and some shoes to complete it it feels so weird wearing sneakers I'm always wearing heels I like kinda should probably take off my makeup I feel so cute I know I'm not in my normal princess stuff but I think this is the perfect disguise I still want to go to school now like can I start today I have to go show my mom my mom look how do I look do I look like myself wow you look beautiful I think you're gonna have a wonderful time at your new school I called and had you enroll into the best school in the world royal high but don't worry they didn't know it was the Queen calling Royal High I've heard so many amazing things about royal high I seriously can't wait thank you so much you're the best mom in the world anything for my little princess mom you're already breaking my cover oops sorry hey what is your undercover name gonna be it's gonna be Mia just like in The Princess Diaries well Mia I hope you have a wonderful first day at school and remember don't tell anyone your real name or the throne can be in danger okay mom I promise Wow real high is so beautiful it reminds me of home but it's a school and it's this beautiful I think the school was made for me I'm a little bit scared though cuz if I make any new friends are they gonna be mad at me if they find out the truth because you can't really keep a secret forever and I don't want the throne to be in danger so I'm gonna have to do my best to keep this a secret cuz I really don't want to disappoint my mom and she'd really trust me to be here and protect the throne but des I've been dreaming of is here my first day ever at a real school and I'm gonna get smart I'm so ready for this uh it looks like I got here a little bit too early but that's okay it's gonna give me some time to familiarize myself wait what Princess Jasmine there's other princesses that go here wait I'm confused it's 5:30 7:00 in the morning gosh I am super early it's still really dark in here maybe there's a light I can turn on or something okay that's a little bit better I decided to switch up my outfit a little bit I was worried the glasses were a bit too much and I changed up my shoes to match my boat maybe I should go try to talk to people see if they want to get breakfast together well moody I'm emo so what yeah so why hope cares whoa she is pretty wow you're pretty I just did I say that too loud whoa look at her earrings thanks to you too oh my gosh thank you my mom the librarian yeah she tells me the same thing and I love your earrings they're so beautiful do you want to eat breakfast together it's my first day here and I'm kind of nervous and I don't have any Fred it's always been my dream to go to school okay sure what is it this easy to make friends my first real friend in real life oh my gosh what if everyone will eat breakfast with us whoa she has a tiara she had princess are you a princess I noticed your tiara and a flower crown she said I think so wait wait wait princesses can go to the school and whoa look at that halo are you a princess too says Princess Jasmine yes what princesses can go to a real school are you all princesses you are pretty too oh thank you why is that girl over there just standing facing the wall that's interesting okay well I don't really know if they're all princesses but I'm hungry I want to see what they have here whose cinnamon rolls and orange juice oh wait it's almost computer class I better go get my book then all right I got my computer book now I just gotta quickly eat breakfast Oh No okay well I guess I should go to class first my first ever class oh I said that really well is it normal for you know some of my aides to just be going to class for the first time whoo maybe I'll sit in the front row next to Stephanie oh my gosh how cool is this wait so you just tie it okay I think I could be pretty good at this whoa I got an a-plus on my first class I'm so proud of myself I did so good I'm a natural well I did learn how to use the computer at home and being a princess you do a lot of online shopping cuz you can't really go into the town for another princess princess Suzanne a good girl has team that is only good girls and boys hi oh we better go get a recipe book before the next class starts come on let's go oh no by baking class is starting I don't think I'm gonna have time to get my book wait so if you go to real school you'll learn how to make cupcakes oh my gosh this is the best school ever start baking uh you see I've kind of seen our chefs do all the baking stuff and I never really got a chance you could you know the last time I was in the kitchen I almost set it all on fire and then I was banned from the kitchen by the chest and all I was trying to do was make chicken noodle soup one egg Oh gross I hate cracking eggs just a little bit of flour and shake it shake it shake it wait it's not working oh there we go whoa okay I might have put too much flour it only says three cups but I might have put a little bit more but that's okay I mean it's not that hard to make cupcakes right Hey what flavor you know I'm thinking chocolate I want to do pink but they all know I'm the pink princess so I can't I can't blow my cover I have to stay strong blue as much as I wanted pink cupcake holders I wonder what everyone else is doing let me go see Oh yellow in orange and and and uh oh they're still working on it um what about blue pink I wish I could do pink but her name is blue but she loves pink oh okay almost lost my baking station oh I love them in too long they're burnt I got too distracted see this is why I'm not allowed in the kitchen cuz I get distracted my mom says I have a mind of of squirrel sometimes because I get very distracted okay well if I put a lot of frosting on it it won't you can't taste the burnt smell right a be better than B for burnt as I did burn my cupcakes oopsies um why don't we put some blueberry frosting too and all the toppings possible to really mask that the burnt smell we'll see what they think maybe I'll give some cupcakes away one for you oh I got a cupcake I never knew if you go to real school you'd be making cupcakes and getting them and making friends and so how you make friends in real life by giving them cupcakes oh I should try it out more often all right it's time for PE whoa because the fastest and most agile by completing the obstacle uh I'm scared uh okay I'm gonna do my very best whoa oh my gosh Wow I'm doing good oh my gosh I'm gonna win with the cupcake in my hand what am I gonna win No way I'm gonna win with a cupcake in my hand has nobody ever done that before can I be known as the lady with the cupcake in her hand who diamonds my mom always says diamonds are a girl's best friend you can't really have a conversation with diamonds so that's kind of weird oh my gosh I think I'm almost finished there's no way and I'm getting rich oh my gosh I'm gonna have to go on a shopping spree after this oh my gosh dinging dinging I'm ringing the bell oh my gosh no way oh wait where am i I guess I'll just wait for the rest of the class to finish while eating this delicious cupcake as of victory oh did he wouldn't second place what if that's a prince oh this cupcake was delicious I think my first day of school is going so awesome I got an a a for amazing I know I know you don't have to tell me do I if I could you know you could just see it in my face I feel like mom's gonna be so proud of me I'm doing so good and I'm actually really proud of myself that was scared I was gonna crack under pressure and tell everyone I was a prince nothing tell I when I was a what's her to what works start with Pete pickle I did not say princess I said pickle okay wait am I seeing this right is that a mermaid I'm confused so there's princesses there's mermaids I feel like I'm the most normal people here and I'm secretly a pickle just because I you know I I've been told that I have a very loud voice so I have to use my quiet voice so I'm just gonna say I'm just gonna say pickle instead of princess because you guys know what I'm talking about and I'm sure everybody else know they're just gonna think I'm a weirdo well I'd rather be known as a pickled and for my mom to find out that I betrayed her trust and I can't let that happen I'm not gonna betray her trust I feel like I wonder if I could trust people here cuz it seems like they're very open about what they are and what they believe in so if I tell them I'm a pickle it won't be too bad right I mean what do you guys think I need your help do you guys think I should keep my secret that I'm a princess and not tell anybody or do you think everybody's here is just like me and that my throne it won't be in danger and I could trust them but I just don't know because I don't really know them and it's my first day but it was the most amazing day and I couldn't be happier and I don't want to lose it so guys let me know what I should do down in the comments section should I tell them or should I keep this a secret alright guys if you enjoyed this video make sure to push that like button that subscribe button that bell vending and make sure it's a follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you want to stay up to date with me I love you guys so much


  1. Roses are red
    Voilets are blue
    Leah’s a princess
    And you are too😁😋😋😋😋

    I love you lea-Princess Leah

  2. Love your videos, and i love the end intro, cute! I'm your fan

    like right down here! 🙂 (i never get liked)

  3. Did anybody else notice that the queen is like ROSALINA from Mario kart/super Mario Galaxy?She talks like rosalina ANDDD she's wise and rosalina's theme is BLUE and the queen was wearing blue :3I think the queen was based off her :3

  4. Can someone donate me some robix so i can buy the queen's skirt and accesories pleaseee and account cause i dont have any account😥😥😥😥…this how many leah's fan😊😊😊😊😊

  5. I think you should tell a few other princess and prince that you are a princess in royal high and the most specil person to tell is a crush if you have one

  6. hi Leah👋, ithink u should ask your mum and let her know that other Princess's go to the school then maybe she will let u go as yourself.

  7. Maby u could like get to know them more and then and maby tell ur mother that ur friends a very trust worthy

  8. I love your Roblox videos so much but I was wondering is you could try to play Minecraft for a day. Pretty please

  9. You are not just a princess in royals high you are a queen in real life 🥰🥰

  10. I love you leah! But i wish we can be friends in roblox, its my dream tho.. But its okay! I love you leah! Your my childhood youtuber :3

  11. Hi I'm new and I love your channel already 😊😊 can I be in your seires it's okay if you don't to my user is QUEENALYSSAFOREVER

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