The PhD in Nursing Program

I started actually in the first step
class in 2004 graduated in 2007 and I came to work here in the department of
surgery it was a nice view for a little better than here and it just seemed like
the logical progression to get a doctorate degree and i really love
research and i really love teaching and so I thought the community program would
be the best next choice for me what really locked me in was my first meeting
with dr. bova it was extremely enthusiastic and she she had the
curriculum with me and the curriculum was so perfect for where I was in my
professional development I was a master’s prepared nurse practitioner I
was developing myself as an expert in my field but in that work I could come to
realize in matriculating with my colleagues on a national and
international level that I had deficiencies in my knowledge and they
were with regards to methodology really so when she showed me the curriculum I
saw theory philosophy quantitative methods qualitative methods measurement
instrumentation and I said this is exactly what I need you my sister give
er a small intimate environment where the faculty are really invested in your
success when I was investigating a ph.d program I called the school to kind of
inquire about the fact that I knew that there wasn’t a faculty member who
specifically had a the topics of interest that I did but I wanted to know
kind of how that would work if I were to pursue coming to the school and I called
the school and the Dean answered to call a graduate school of nursing in heaven
the Dean answer and conduct an impromptu conversation about how they would
support me and my research topic was just
the graduate school truly prepared me in a very different way than that
experienced before it allowed me to really explore multiple systems and
multiple analyses at the same time in the current role as a chief operating
officer I have to be able to look at lots of data and to be able to
synthesize that data into a cogent plan of action for the hospital to make the
hospital successful the caveat to this whole program is allowing you to be
successful you always have that safety net of the faculty who really wanted you
to be successful and we felt that was really very unique part of this program

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