The Most in Demand Jobs in Canada in 2018

What’s up guys?! How you doing today? Welcome back to this YouTube channel. It’s your guy Igor here today’s video is for those guys Of you who for planning to come to Canada and I’m trying to do a research on which jobs are the Most in-demand couple of my subscribers requested this video they were asking how much do you get in Canada? What are the best jobs to get into? and this kind of stuff How much CSR are making ? customer service representative? doctors? engineer? this kind of stuff So I decided to make this video from a person who actually lives in Canada works here Knows a lot of other people who immigrated here and strug… struggling..finding another job And I decided to break it down into three parts. So let’s do it this way because there is so many articles online with lots of Information that is totally it’s totally out of like it’s totally out of scope It’s something that is it’s not real, you know, the statistics is not real. I’ll tell you from my experience What is more real so there are three types of jobs I would say the ones that.. that doesn’t require any education the second job. It requires some education and third jobs They need a lot of Education like university degrees and masters and stuff like that So the easiest and most in-demand jobs, I would take I would say it’s a customer service representative But the thing is customer service representative Its job that pays really really less money in Canada For example, if you are in a shop here just a salesperson in a store new people in some Best Buy or Walmart You’ll be probably getting and minimum close to $15 per hour With more experience… You’ll get a little bit more. So they’re 95% of Customer service representatives in those retail are making really less money Those guys were making Commission for a little bit better salespeople and getting more money on Commission. Those guys make more for example There are some door-to-door salesmen who are making hundreds of dollars.. but there is only one out of 100 person who is doing that other people don’t make anything on this so Customer service representative is most in demand second one is labor For example when I came to Canada, I got myself a job in a warehouse That was my temporary job in a previous video. It will pop up somewhere here I’ll tell you about my first job and this is where you make little bit more because it’s a little bit more physically demanding job and it’s still really easy to get into would these jobs get you a permanent residence if you come here on a student visa on Work permit probably not because you have to be in a B category, but I’m not going to go through immigration process Here you have to get a skilled job So these jobs that are in demand are not skilled ones, but if you already got PR they are easy to get into also construction general labor helper in a construction site It’s also a good job that is easy to get and base a little bit more But there is also your work in this construction tools hardware there It’s a little bit dangerous you’re climbing the roof, but it’s that’s what it demands That’s what you do other jobs are there are less dangerous But still a little bit embarrassing for example, for some people who cleaners they make a decent money if you get the contract For example, and there are cleaners were making $15 an hour their cleaners were getting $17 per hour Some cleaners have their own company’s Contracts and they get hundred and fifty dollars per house and sometimes they can get three houses done in one day So those guys are making a lot of money, but it’s lots of work and lots of…lots of.. it’s difficult work now Let’s get to more qualified jobs, for example, lots of people, you know That construction guys are making a lot like welder journeyman, for example gas fitter plumber This kind of like carpenter. Those guys are making decent amount of money in Canada But at the same time to get that you need to get a certification in Canada Alright, so if you don’t have permanent residents You can get that certification Atleast in Alberta Because I was trying to get myself enrolled into one of this because they were working in that kind of sphere and good thing I changed my mind. I never did it. But those guys are making closer to 30 $35 an hour with their certification So what happens is once you’re a permanent president? You can join the company as a laborer the company can support you for your education to get your journeyman certificate so basically you’re getting a certain certification training in one trade like an Electrician you go to school for about two or three months and the rest of the time you’re working with an experienced Electrician and you’re getting experience. So I think it takes about three years in general. Some trades are more some trades There might be less I’m not sure but I know that approximately three four years to get the trade certificate But you have to have permanent residents for that and it’s kind of challenging You have to get an employer who’s going to support you, but the good thing about it every year you’re getting promoted So for example effort as a general labor, you would start somewhere. That’s a $17 per hour minimum It also depends on the province in Alberta It’s closer to $20 after one year of your study or probably getting $22 per hour Another year of study you will be getting closer to $25 per hour and then final year once you graduate it’s closer to $30 Employer has to increase your wage and In order for you to grow so basically you grow in that career and you increase your wage So it’s really easy to get it’s high in demand job lots of people immigrants get stuck in it because It’s so easy to get it and you get right away so much of money and you can start your own business Because you have a ticket and for example to work on any of those buildings behind me if you are doing any Electrical work or any kind of plumbing and that kind of stuff you need to pull permits for example for gas lines too.. you have to get a city permit from government and and You cannot just go and fix a gas pipe there because the inspect inspection and insurance company the results of legal processes So you get a paper from there that pays you a lot of money and employer can use your ticket to get themselves Business the other jobs in demand, I would say that are more educated for example like an accountant You know analysts this kind of profession business professions and cannot are in demand of course, but there’s so much of competition So don’t get yourself.. Discouraged Its difficult to get one of those jobs in Ontario a bookkeeper That’s how it starts You start as a bookkeeper and you have to get the CPA, which is really difficult certification in order for you to be An accountant, so if you look how much CPA is making yeah, it’s a lot of money But you have to get there pass lots of exams you get experience in a good company Which is also really difficult to get so business professionals and college degrees in Alberta lots of business professions don’t require any college degrees and at the same time it is it Is a little bit higher pain than for example in Ontario I would also like to remind you guys if you are in Canada just for money and you have permanent residence and you don’t care How much time you’re going to stay here or you’re in the work permit there is a way to make a lot of money So the best way is Alberta when the oil prices are high there is lots of oil rigs oil manufacturing Here, but you’d have to work in like minus 40 minus 35 degrees celsius It’s really cold north like Fort McMurray Fort st. John in northern BC, northern Alberta Those jobs are paying closer to 80 thousand dollars. So for example, if you are a journeyman, you’ll be closer to sixty seventy thousand dollars Per year, if you are in Fort McMurray working there in camps general labor really harsh environment You can make 80 90 thousand dollars just doing general labor that does not need any education. A lot of people do that and But lots of those people are not married, it’s really difficult to do it If you have a family for example business professionals and analysts and this kind of guys in generally starting starting somewhere $45,000 per annum and in general getting closer to $60,000 an average, but It’s difficult to get there this experience So as soon as you graduate from college or university don’t expect to get a really good job now Let’s get to the third stage the most in-demand and the most paying jobs, for example If you’re a registered nurse those the nurses are making closer to 80 thousand dollars per year 75 80 thousand a pharmacist are making $35 per hour So in Canada if you are an engineer or a medical profession Those jobs are more in demand. I see a higher demand in future for IT Professionals in Canada because IT is always growing But it is always always Medicine here because medicine is free in Canada treatment is free so whatever you’re charging the customer you are Usually charging the government because people don’t pay as a person. I just go to a pharmacy I have a card health card, and I just not to a pharmacy pharmacy You have to pay for medicine If you go to see a doctor if you don’t have health card in Canada They will charge you 150 dollars for a visit sometimes 100 some people which are 75 depending on this kind of stuff And if you go for a surgery, it’s like oh my god thousands in thousands of dollars, but because you have that health card Basically government is paying for you once you’re going to see a physician and physicians are making it lots of studying and difficult to get into but they’re getting closer to Two hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollars per year lawyers physicians And those kind of professions in health sector are the ones that are most paying in Canada And it’s most in demand. So for example if you’re Coming to Canada and you’re planning to do yourself a medical degree.. I suggest you do that But also there is one trick here too! If you have your education from wherever you are from Ukraine or for example India or from China any..any of those countries There is still a certification I’ve heard it I cannot tell you for sure but there is a way To get yourself your education approved passing some tests and other stuff that you can do to get the degree in Canada to get get the license as a doctor, it’s difficult and lots of people do All sorts of jobs.. Some people come here and They are doctors and their home country They do a certification for a nurse and while they are nursing other people working with a doctor They are kind of, you know recertifying themselves as a doctor Of course, it takes a lot of time to study for this profession in Canada For example, if you would to go to study as a doctor in Canada, you’d probably need about 250 $300,000 loan from a bank to do that as an Immigrant government is never going to give you this kind of money as a permanent resident possibly But it’s also difficult difficult to get yourself enrolled into that one So remember this the highest paying is medicine the second highest paying for example dentists are totally crazy They’re just out of out of their minds how much money they’re making if I knew how much doctors are making in Canada I would probably go and become a doctor myself I just studied for business and did my master’s degree in Ukraine I already spent six years for studying and I spent two years in Canada I don’t want to do that.. But if you’re just planning to go to a university and you can afford that in Canada, make sure you get a medical degree It’s a lot of money or pharmacists veterinarians Are also vets are getting good money to that animal doctor guys Also engineers they are Okay, let me tell you this in Ukraine if you’re a business professional and engineer It’s kind of almost similar professions, right In Canada engineers are way ahead of you Now the other thing that might make you laugh is if you’re working in a bank where you’re meeting customers for example in Ukraine That’s a really respectable profession. I’m working in a bank right In Canada.. One of the lowest paid jobs for customer service, so it’s not that good but at the same time you wear you wear a shirt like this once you’re working there, so Medicine is good. If you have engineering in IT Construction those professions are really good. If you can get yourself P engineering in Canada, if you know what it is I already will link under this video just so you can check about the engineering or just Google how to get the engineering in Canada Lots of certifications. So if you have an engineering degree from India, for example, or I don’t know China, Ukraine, Russia Somewhere I know which countries to pick I don’t know Europeans countries where Poland for example Czech Republic if you have an engineer’s degree from those countries And they are not recognized in Canada. Then you can do that P engineering certification to approve that so basically Easiest to get a job the bottom of the pyramid CSR general labor construction Accounting but construction goes higher than accounting because I know as your CPA you’re not going to make more money than a journeyman Alright, so construction accounting.. and goes up construction guys can have their own businesses Lots of people and its really easy to get into trucking industry You have to just get a trucking license, but truck drivers license in Canada can cost you up to $3,000 to get it. So it’s expensive for a full licence truck driver with the training and everything Alright, so trucking is really good money construction if you get like your own businesses But the thing is you’re stuck on this limit. If you want to go higher you have to be an engineer for example in IT Construction mechanical engineer civil engineer something like that higher than that. You start to be like Nurses are starting from the higher bottom and then everything medicine medicine medicine medicine medicine medicine That’s about how it works and lawyers.. And of course if you get a good position in a big company And you are a senior senior manager VP or something. Those guys are are getting closer to what doctors are making I hope this video was helpful guys make sure you hit the like button if you think this information helped you a lot and Subscribe to this channel if you’re new Also, I am driving for uber So if you’re planning to drive for uber is your third job. I think it’s really good option So I’m driving for Uber for part time even working full-time in a really good job right now and leave the link for subscription bonus up to $1,000. I think it’s 300 in Canada right now and something around 400 in Toronto So that’s about the ranges if you use that link and sign up as an uber driver if you just use the driver’s license and The car you can start making $20 per hour right now just on the start with your own car on your own schedule While you build your life in Canada and you get through your study and in tuition and everything I think it’s a good option too to just check the link right under this video to do that also new to this channel consider subscribing I’ll leave bunch of links under this video looking forward to reading your comments now the more comments you’ve made more videos I create this is how I’ve been going for past three weeks five videos a week. Just reading your comments guys Thank you so much for contributing to this channel and helping create this content without you I don’t think I’ll be able to make and answer so many questions So make sure you comment and I’m looking forward to see you next video if you already subscribe Have a good one guys. See ya


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