The Kind of Story We Need Right Now: High School Cheerleader Saves Choking Baby

-A cheerleader in Texas was riding on a homecoming float when she saw a little boy
choking in the crowd, so she jumped off the float
and saved his life, which brings us
to a segment called “The Kind of Story
We Need Right Now.” [ Bright theme plays ]
[ Cheering and applause ] This is Tyra Winters. She’s a cheerleader
at Rockwall High School in Texas and she was riding
on a float in her school’s
homecoming parade when she saw this mom in the
crowd calling out for help. Her two-year-old son was choking and she had tried the Heimlich
maneuver, but it hadn’t worked, and she didn’t know what
to do next. -I see the kid, I see a little
bright red face and his mom’s holdin’ him up
begging for help, screaming, asking, “Someone help me!
Someone help me!” -So Tyra did the only thing
that made sense. -I immediately jumped
off the float. -She jumped off the float! [ Laughter ]
This is the kind of story
we need right now. That must’ve been
amazing to see. We don’t have footage
of Tyra jumping off the float, but we do have footage
of her at the gym, so I’m guessing it looked
something like this. [ Laughter ] “Where’s your baby?” [ Laughter and applause ] So, what happened next? -I ran down to the kiddo
and I was like, “I got him.” I just grabbed him from the mom. I tilted him upside down
and I just hit [clapping] a good three back thrusts. -How surreal must that
have been for that mom? [ Laughter ]
Your kid is in danger, you’re desperate for help,
and then, outta nowhere, a cheerleader appears
and is like, “Step off!” [ Laughter ]
You’re probably wondering why a high school student knows
the pediatric Heimlich maneuver. It’s because Tyra’s mom is
in the medical field and she taught her how
to do that. I mean, how badass is that? I mean, my mom was
a French teacher, so, if your kid needs help
conjugating irregular verbs, I’m…
[ Laughter ] …also not your guy. [ Laughter ]
Because it did not stick. [ Applause ]
So, Tyra hit the kid
on the back. The candy he was
choking on flew out and he started breathing again
and what did she do next, stay around to receive
praise and high-fives? No.
-I gave the kiddo back
to his mom and I ran and jumped back
on the float. -She jumped back on the float!
[ Laughter ] This is the kind of story
we need right now. There are a million books
and articles that are like, “Can women have it all?” And this women’s like,
“Watch me build a human pyramid, save a life, and then jump
onto a moving vehicle.” [ Laughter, clapping ]
Tyra’s a senior this year. Can you imagine what
her college application is gonna look like? [ Laughter and applause ] So Tyra jumped back
on the float, like some kind of mysterious
pom-pom Lone Ranger, and everyone was like,
“Who was that masked woman, and why did she have
spirit fingers?” [ Laughter ]
So what’s next for Tyra? Well, when she grows up, she
wants to be a pediatric surgeon, which, let’s be honest,
she kinda already is. [ Laughter ]
On day one of med school, she’s gonna be like, “Boring!” [ Laughter ] There are terrible
things happening all over the world right now.
Most people are just standing by and watchin’ them happen,
but not Tyra Winters. When she saw trouble,
she sprang into action. Literally! [ Laughter ] And that’s why this is the kind
of story we need right now. We’ll be right back with more
“Late Night.” ♪♪
[ Cheering and applause ]


  1. I had to do this to my baby sister once. Her lips had turned blue and my mom handed her to me. Did this same maneuver and a penny flew out her throat. It was terrifying.

  2. WELL DONE , Tyra !! I hope one of the top Med Schools sees this and gives you a Scholarship – not just the ability to perform a protocol, but incredibly quick and clear thinking – to process what was happening and respond. Amazing. Thanks for this, Seth. Most definitely "The Kind of Story We Need Right Now"!!!

  3. Ellen? Are you listening? Get this girl on your show STAT! She deserves more attention, and maybe one of your awesome prizes.

  4. Mom: Help, My baby is choking

    Tyra: Bring it On

    (See, because she’s a cheerleader and “Bring It On” Is a popular movie about cheerleaders and she is one so…… I’ll see myself out)

  5. That is so true. It really is the kind of story we need right now (in fact a whole load of them) when most news seems so depressing

  6. I loved this story and it really is the kind of story we need right now! What’s wrong with the people that hit the thumbs down?!!

  7. OK FOLKS, I have a proposal. The dems are gonna win this thing and if the Senate doesn't remove Trump early next year then the voters will in the fall. So, to soften the blow for the uneducated, MAGA hate wearing, oops Freudian slip, hat wearing Americans I suggest that we all forget politics this Holiday season. Every time politics comes up just change the subject and move on, and don't forget to say "Merry Christmas" and "God Bless" and all that good stuff. Just forget the politics, because lets face it, we've won, he's going down in flames and soon we'll be able to start rebuilding this country and undoing all the damage that Trump has done, so soften the blow for your red hatted relatives and lets start making America joyful again.
    Cheers Everyone, and may the season treat you well!
    Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year!
    And may God Bless everyone!

  8. That would have been Super Hero awesome if she did flip off, and on the float. They should put a cape on her uniform🥳🤩🌹. She’s a hero!

  9. We need to spend a lot more on her and a lot less on Washington DC. They are our future and a much better investment for our country.

  10. I'm actually baffled that nobody sued the cheerleader for child molestation or kidnapping afterwards. That's the world in which we live.

  11. I think all the public need to learn basic cpr and the Heimlich maneuver and basic first aid. So many just stand around like idiots. My grand daughter is 14 and did cpr on a man she found in distress. Anyone can do it.

  12. Clicked this realizing that I would have had no idea of how to help – good on her that she knew how, and that she had the instinct to jump (literally) into action. Also, after this, googled the right procedure to do in a situation like that. That seems to be something everybody should know. Here's an instructional video I found:

  13. 💥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆✨🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗

  14. 90 dislikes.


    Below speculates racists : even though the surviving boy was, himself, lily white?


    No worries.


    90 disgruntled bad habitualists who’ve probably yet to save a single lIFe✌🏽💥

  15. This lady is the prime example of one whom you would want by your side during an apocalypse… A reason in the flesh to push forward if you will

  16. But why didn't the mother know how to do the baby heimlich? I learned as an 8 yr old Girl Scout. This woman has a 2 yr old. I'm surprised he made it that far.

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