The Girl in the Book Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Emily VanCamp, Michael Nyqvist Drama HD

Good morning, Alice. I need you to manage the e-book of “Waking Eyes.” I thought you’d be the perfect person for the job. What? You’re doing the “Waking Eyes” release? I totally identified with her, didn’t you? Oh my God. Look at you. What are you doing here? I just finished my first draft of my new
book. So I’m here to deliver it. It’s been far too long. This is Milan Daneker. This is my daughter Alice. Hi. I would like to read your story. It’s nothing. Why don’t you let me decide? Why don’t you just say… “Hey, about that little thing that happened fifteen years ago that you never owned up to or apologized for like you should have?” It’s my job. This is the new story. I’m not really sure about the ending It’s good. You made notes all over it. It only becomes real if you give me concrete details. You’ve written seven novels since “Waking Eyes.” None has become the kind of cultural icon. How does a man in his forties perfectly capture the essence of a teenage girl? It’s just something that I do. See that look in a guy’s eyes like he wants me. The only thing that makes me feel real. Your mother told me what you said. You maybe misinterpreted something. It’s perfectly natural to have feelings for someone who you look up to. I do this because I believe in your talent. I know. You were one of the few people who ever actually seemed to see me. It’s a beautiful character. And I’ve been living in her shadow for fifteen years. You used me. “Still she haunts me phantomwise…” “Alice moving under skies…” “Never seen by waking eyes.”


  1. Can't blame the trailer for giving away the plot, because I have no idea what's going on…literally only here for Emily… XD

  2. Living in someone shadow means being a shinobi. Shinobis are all outcasts. Being one overseas is as dangerous as being one nearby for the ninja. Unfortunately this is true she was used but what she didnt know is that all women are treated equally meaning the muse is also being used everyday as well as the ninja warrior.

  3. Wait, so… what the heck is the plot? This trailer is all over the place. I get that some author stole her ideas as a child, but… what…

  4. Interesting film in reality pedophiles mark their victims & the cycle begins, sadly the victim marks another & so fourth. I do not like the ending in this film wish the pedophile got incriminated maybe there's a sequel when the Avengers kick his ass & a villain kills him.


  6. This movie is so heart wrenching in dealing with the sexual abuse and realizing it so many years ago, and no one cares now so sad and depressing but a great movie not boring kept me interested the whole time

  7. Michael….too soon gone at 57. Rest in peace… "I testify, O my Lord, that Thou hast enjoined upon men to honor their guest, and he that hath ascended unto Thee hath verily reached Thee and attained Thy Presence. Deal with him then according to Thy grace…" ~ Baha'u'llah

  8. another story with another estranged father. starring Emily Vancamp. She's amazing but I feel she can do more.

  9. If yall are so confused by the trailer…..why dont you watch the movie?? didnt know trailers were supposed to actually answer all of your questions

  10. ok ok ok. so wait. is this all about this author guy praying on young female writers???? and about the trauma that these girls feel after??? dude this trailer was all over the place hahah

  11. Concept is good but making the movie is not worth in my opinion ,but reading the novel might be better than the movie to understand and feel the emotions that the girl goes through her emotional and painful journey.

  12. emily can't carry the load…the girl in the book should've stayed there instead of ending up onscreen…

  13. This reminded my a bit of Music & Lyrics… like the whole almost subplot part of Music & Lyrics haha 😂

  14. Well, Emily Vancamp is a great actress. I loved it! She’s definitely going to take REVENGE lol I watched this excellent film on my boxxy software for free.

  15. Emily VanCamp, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Stiles should play as sisters. Not that they look anything alike. They just give off a similar strong vibe. I don't know. Anytime I see one of them I always think of the other two. They just feel as though they should be connected somehow.

  16. It’s kinda like the movie Colette, her husband/boyfriend takes the credit for being the writer of the books she writes.

  17. Emily Vankamp is one of the best actresses I’ve seen in years. She was phenomenal in REVENGE. I cannot understand why she is not more popular.

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