THE BEST TRAIN IN EGYPT | Watania Train | First Class Sleeper – Cairo to Aswan

[Music] yeah [Music] alright guys we’ve just arrived at Giza train station and we’re waiting for a train we are heading to as well as mom so it is a 12 hour train ride overnight and this is meant to be the best trained in Egypt first class really excited to see what it’s like we’ve never done the overnight train like this before more so Egypt is a very server space industry they really rely on tourism so you’ll find there will be a lot of Porter’s or bags helpers so we just jump rope our bus and someone from the train station just took our stuff I think they’re gonna take it to our rooms or they gonna take you to our carriage and we just point out which ones out back yeah the moment we don’t have our baggage yeah hopefully it’s okay I’m fine there it all is [Music] [Music] hi guys we are very similar and we have amazing time he’s gonna help us on the train to follow Sharif is his name okay go let’s go check this train out thirty seven and eight yes seven tonight [Music] oh yeah okay this is quite roomy it is a twin chair which is nice that’s just for Steven and I yeah this is the number one train to go on in Egypt and this is like the first class area and this is the room that we get so at the moment we found two chairs a table with drink holders oh do you think this this isn’t your betters this could be the bed and then that’s the other bed up there we’re still figuring it out oh so you got a mirror hello bathroom oh that could be to another room in here then oh we’ve got a sink oh cool okay so I’m gonna sing sweet kind of wash we don’t have a shower or anything okay that’s for raises but I’m guessing this here must be a bed as well yeah but I guess maybe when someone comes later we can find out how that works but this is our cabin we’re leaving Cairo oh my gosh next stop as well in 12 hours hopefully they told us that a lot of the time the trains aren’t on time so I’m really interested to see what time we actually arrive Yesi pyro I’ll put up the name of the Train for you guys just here I just need to figure out how to translate the name but this is a first-class train and our guide was saying this is an Egyptian first class so it might not be comparable to first class in maybe our countries but if you were interested it is included in the tool we’re on but if you were just booking the train for yourself twelve hours a week for train they’re gonna give us dinner they gonna give us breakfast it was about sixty to eighty Australian dollars to put the ticket dependable where you just thought I’ll give you a quick view of the cabin from this side so behind Steven there there’s temperature control and sound control and there’s a mirror and then up here I found this pillows a blanket and we’ve also worked out that behind here is a bed that pulls down and then this is a bed that goes down which will I’m sure you guys later thank you so much do you feel like something or thank you so much so we’re going to be number train for about 15 minutes and then already grab dinner it especially included in the ticket and let’s find out what they’ve given us so far I see a bread this looks like a thing of tahini YUM which we’ve been obsessed with ever since who arrived in Egypt so it’s more aeroplanes with funds he reminds me of airplane foods we’ve got peas and carrots very hot this looks like chicken oh yeah they did tell us that this whatever it is is vegetarian it’s about like vegetarian the greens and then in here is like a little dessert we shall do a taste test and then we’ve got a little cake let’s figure out what this adds to think like an Opie is it gonna taste like peas we don’t really eat chicken it looks like it would probably taste like fried KFC chicken yeah but what is this it smells pretty good yeah oh it’s a pasta bake or yolk it’s pasta scene what’s really cool that’s really tasty like a cheesy pasta but also sorry about the sound we we can’t figure out how to close our window are you yeah that’s just that’s the thing we got our beds what happened was he came and took our food away and then he asked us if we wanted to have the beds put down now or later and yet she had to use a key and then he pulls it down and then he said good night yeah pretty good I thought the pillows good my lights not working so it’s a bit dark but it looks the same as up there heading to bed it’s actually pretty good sleeping on the train because just like walks here to sleep like a baby but we’ll see you in the morning and we’ll go for a little explore around the train [Music] Oh God here she comes [Music] it’s too bad I’ve ever known yeah I can’t tell how I feel because she has some heart to make sort of happy imma go steady smalls [Music] I’m coffee please now we have breakfast in bed looks like they’ve given us a bunch of pastries some honey a bit of a sweet bread normal bread and a croissant and some coffee all right guys it is 11 hours later and we basically spent most of the time on the train that’s sleeping but I think coming on the train this made me realize how much I love train travel when we were in South America we did so many overnight buses and they were so long and you don’t have like room to lie down and stretch and stuff but on a train it’s kind of like being in a hotel that’s moving be kind of incentive pay for every tonht you’re paying for it right you wake up and you’re in a new destination I love train travel and even though that this is not the most luxurious first-class five-star train like it is seriously fine it is cheap the beds are comfortable that gave you full on proper pillows you got a sheet and a blanket for if you got cold we slept all night I love it you’re being mad but on this week super-comfortable this beats 12 hours on the train and definitely beats 12 hours on a bus I mean we’re able to walk around this bar through so the Train is just like he’s standard Butler he was just a toilet here there’s a sink with running water I mean you can dry your hands there’s no shower in the trunk [Music] it’s funny here oh yeah it’s way hotter here twenty nine a.m. and it’s hot [Music] all righty guys this morning we’re heading to fill a temple you actually have to get there over motorboat and it is the temple for the goddess of Isis she’s the goddess of love well for the ancient Egyptians yes Island [Music] [Music] [Music] find it crazy that this is date three of our time here in Egypt and we went from pyramids to a sleeper train to wake boats on the river coming to another technical so this temple is two thousand years old and as hieroglyphs all over the building that date back years crazy but it’s kind of unique because years ago they built a dam and it made the Nile overflow so all these temples one to water and this one was underwater for ages and they decided to save it so what they actually did was they cut it into pieces and then rebuilt the temple here so it’s like a reconstruction using the old pieces so this is still all like original hieroglyphs they’ve just moved the temple this is the first time we’ve actually seen like proper hieroglyphics on the world RV it’s like you know Egyptian yeah I guess it was like a temple where they celebrated the goddess of Isis but it is massive as well like this columns all along here with all hieroglyphs and entrance is very grand really let me now point to mercy this is how big these carvings are [Music] this room is where they place their offering you know live an altar just here we put gifts towards the gods so insane being in here it’s like an epic window into the night oh that’s just thinking that crazy if you think this once used to be underneath the Nile yeah Wow I’m gonna join in with this part it’s a little cafe that we found just next to the temple it’s pretty hot today and it’s like 3 or 4 degrees hotter than in Cairo so I could do a cold drink oh wow look at the roof is just carpets these guys I found the best seat right in front of the aircon I think some cab has been very very busy there’s like 20 pounds there’s so many kitties I hope you guys enjoyed that video if you are new around here make sure you hit that subscribe button because we have a bunch of Egyptian vlogs coming your way because on the next episode alright guys we just arrived at the house on stilts and we’re doing – sorry we’re a little shop in the market yeah it’s just like in case we going to any temples or something I mean there is intense so and then it gets like a little bit too much because so many people want you to come in their stores [Music] Oh


  1. ليه لجايلك اجنبي عارفه عليه تطبطبي وتركبي الوش الخشب علي اللي زي حالاتي

  2. Nice video
    The template was not submerged though, it was transferred before the dam was built in preparation for the project, as the calculations showed that its old place would be submerged by the artificial lake that was to become.

  3. Hey 👋
    I am Egyptian and I don’t know this was a first class train 😅. I actually don’t think it is a first class just so you know that Egypt is good 3:50 لو مصري اعمل لايك

  4. I took this train a few days ago because I had seen the video. I'm not going to blame in on the video so please don't get me wrong, it was my decision. And some decision it was! This train is the sickest Egyptian scam out of all infamous scams that the country is known for. You pay a European price thinking that this is some sort of luxurious train where you'll happily sleep through the night and come to your destination thirsty for more. So painfully wrong!
    Nightmare it was. But not in my sleep, since there was non of it. The train itself came straight out of my nightmare. Let me try to summarise why you should never make the mistake I made:

    The bed is hilarious, to short to stretch the legs (I'm 180 cm tall), hard, narrow and most terrible in every sense. The bed itself won't allow you to sleep. But there's more. The rails apparently haven't been upgraded since they were first laid down so you get to experience how the pioneers of train transportation felt. Jumping up and down, wobbling, trembling. This together with the rumbling sounds, constant stopping at every station with an abrupt halt at the end … Tiny compartment, nowhere to put your luggage and are you ready for this? My dinner included the following: potatoes, potatoes and rice. No, this is not a typo. Two parcels of potatoes and some rice. Cold, hideous and bland. But! I saved the best for last … In case you have to go to the toilet … well… DON'T! This & more for 80 EUR. Welcome to Egypt!

    I cancelled my return journey and bought a plane ticket.

  5. Thank for your all amazing videos.Keep up the great work Jess and Stephen, much love from Sydney.

  6. As a woman I feel I have responsibility to let people especially foreigners know that Egypt is not safe for women. The number of cases of sexual harassment is sky rocketing in Egypt. They come in mobs and pull you from all directions during events or celebrations. Even if you have a man to escort you it's not enough. Because one or 2 men are powerless against many. Even if its not a mob you can be sexually exploited easily because the laws are not regulated and mandatory enough in Egypt yet. Please look up women sexually harassed in Egypt, many will come up, unfortunately.

  7. Egypt has always been on my bucket list but haven’t been able to visit. So this series is just the best. I feel like I’m there thru your eyes.

  8. بصراحة احلي حاجة في الفيديو البنت عليها جوز رجول و وسط ملفوف زي ورق العنب تتاكل اكل وسيبك من القطار كده كده بيعمل حادثة إن كان حلو او وحش المهم في إنجاز في البلد ومشاريع وتقدم ومش عارفين نغير حال الموظفين في البلد والعمالة والسكة الحديد والغريب ربنا يستر في محطة نووية في الضابعة يكون اللي عنده منوبة بنتة بتتجوز ولا ابنة بيطاهر ويخلع يحضر المناسبة والمحطة تبقا لوحده وفي الاخر يطلع وائل الابراشي يعمل حوار مع المتسبب ويقولك أن مش لوحدي انا فرد في منظومة حاسبوا المسؤولين طول ما في محسوبية ووسطة وسيادة اللواء يطلع معاش يمسك شركة أو هيئة يبقا احنا في السليم ومعلم ربنا الناس طلع لقدام واحنا نتخزوق لوراء وكله في إطار قاطرة التنمية اللي فضلوا يقوللك الاحتكار الاحتكار واول ما مسكوها خلوها مش احتكار خلوه عزبة

  9. I love the fact that you guys never really complain but instead are so positive and appreciate each experience. It makes life so much more harmonious and beautiful. Love Flying the Nest soooo Much. Love from South Africa

  10. I'm from America so glad I found your channel y'all are a cute couple love seeing these places with you and very well made wish you both happiness and sending love thanks for sharing

  11. Hello, nice video! Just wondering… which tickets did you get? Double cabin with beds, the ones that cost 80Dolars? is it 80 for the whole thing or 80 per person? Thank you

  12. If you wanna see the more luxurious part of Cairo the next time you come go to el tagamo3 I forgot what it is called in English but you can just go to Cairo festival city mall cuz it is in el tagamo3 because I feel like most tourists go to 5he more old center of Cairo but ya that’s it hope you take that into consideration

  13. Dears…. thanks for the video! Please let me ask you… did you guys had to book ONE "Single Cabin"tickets for the both of you (for USD 110)? Or did you had to book TWO of them? Or did you had to book TWO "Bed in Double Cabin" tickets (2 x USD 80)????

  14. Thank you for all the details in the video..i cant travill now fir health issues .but your videos let me know all those places like if i have been their.keep bloging from every where. hope always have the strength health and be just you im living the travels through you tow…thank you for that

  15. Egypt's sleeper trains are so similar to China's. It makes me want to go to Egypt. Love from China and Canada!

  16. Sorry the price of the train is too high. Did you know that the salary of the train driver monthly? Sixty dollars a month 😆

  17. I'm egyptian and i want to know that did you see any negatives there ore not ?? and can you tell us if you see any negatives

  18. thank you guys for shooting Egypt in a good way. they are trying now to improving transportation system, specially for this kind of trains 🙂 ill watch all your videos thanks 😉

  19. Oh my god I wish I could take u on a tour in my home town in Egypt it’s Mansoura and other many places

  20. I love you so much and this vedio is the first vedio to see you and not the last vedio ❤️❤️ i am Egyptian 💙💙 from cairo egypt is soo beautiful i travelled to gouna and sharm el sheihk, hurghada, north coast, aswan, luxor, alexandria i also travelled to France in paris and italy in rome and morroco in kazablanka but i want to tell you to visit egypt again and 🇮🇹 italy ❤️❤️

  21. I love your enthusiasm guys, just a little correction here, Isis is pronounced ezees. And of course it was sooo hot in Aswan u just picked the wrong time to visit it, it's best to be visited at winter weather is wonderful then.

  22. حتى وهم مبسوطين بالبلد وبيصوروها حلو وبيطلع صورتها حلوة للناس المرشد بتاعهم بيقولهم "آه هو درجة أولى بس درجة أولى مصرية" يعني انه وحش .. حتى الكلمة والتشبيه زبالة يا اخي

  23. You do greeeeeeat videos and impressions but an advice never go to any market or deal with people using money , it's very very rare to hear the original price or even at least fare , enjoy all your trips to every place you visit ❤👍

  24. الغريب ان احنا كمصريين مبنشوفش الحاجات دي، ينعن ديك امك ياسيسي

  25. I swear that I saw the beauty and nature of my country, which I adore its soil and long for its air which relaxes the soul only through what you offer from the real visual content Yes it is Egypt safety and customs and good traditions that acclimate to all who visit it Thank you from my heart

  26. الغريية انى ساكن فى اسوان و اقسم بالله اول مرة اشوفه
    The weird thing that I live in Aswan and I swear this is the first time I see that Temple

  27. I liked this video . i hope you guys enjoyed in Egypt … And welcome anytime to visit us ..there is to mine wonderful places also i suggest for you Sharm el sheikh .Red Sea. come to dive with us.

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