Thai dating tips "Smoking VS Dating Well-Educated Decent Good Thai Ladies. By Thailand Dating Coach

hey guys this is be proud owner of that commenting the Coke machine is the high-end dating Service Agency in Bangkok mainly our customer will educate their successful singles business owner professional aesthetics and professional in all areas so in this step I would like to talk about smoking smoking towards dating little ladies smoking is like having tattoos is not popular and is not not the most water for little ladies so I would say that around 95% of well-educated Thai ladies they don't accept someone who smoke so if you can't quit you can if you can change to use the electric smoking machine that can help but for some good Thai lady they don't except someone who used the electric smoking machine so but if you're going to pay someone you know not so well the kids that they don't care just like your tattoo they don't care but you know who tiny ladies and someone fucked with them they could background they have their own preference so I hope you find this helpful and help you in getting good titles and thank you for watching this video

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