Tegan and Sara Talk High School, Sexuality and Drugs

-Alex, you were recently
in Germany for Oktoberfest. -Yes.
-I’ve never been. Yeah, but it seemed
very festive. And here’s the thing —
when I go places — when we all go places,
we’re there half to enjoy, but we’re also there half
to get pictures for the Gram. Let’s be real.
-Right. -That’s why we do anything,
unfortunately. That’s the only reason
I got this show. You know how good
this lighting is? It’s amazing.
-It’s amazing. -We all look so great.
-Girl, thank you. So, I just want to show
this picture real quick, because did you —
-Oh, wow. -Is this what you actually were
doing, or is this for the Gram? Like, did you drink that beer? -That was number two.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, that was my second beer. -Yeah.
-And I still was smiling. [ Laughter ] -Both eyes are open. And, also —
So, you’re not allowed to take the giant beer troughs, is what
I like to think of them as. -Ooh, the lingo. Ooh.
-But I stole it. [ Laughter ] I did.
They were like, “If you do that, we’re gonna kick you
out of Oktoberfest.” And I was like, “Call the cops!”
[ Laughter ] Let’s go.” And now it holds
all my plants next to my bed. -Oh, wow.
-Yeah. -Like a real rebel —
“It holds my plants.” -I’m a plant mom.
-See, because I initially — I was like —
I don’t really know if I would be into Oktoberfest,
you know? Didn’t really seem like
it would be my vibe. But then you posted
another picture, and I was like, “Interesting.”
Let’s check out — I mean — [ Laughter ]
This sold me. -Yeah.
-Explain. -Okay.
So, they bring you pretzels. [ Laughter ]
I had no idea. Every — Every bar you go to,
someone’s walking around. I was like…”Pretzel.” And you’re just kind of like,
“Yeah! Carbs!” You know?
-Did it taste good, though? -It tasted incredible.
-Really? -Okay, a German pretzel
is a real pretzel, girl. I’m not talking like —
-That’s what I’m saying. -It’s not some ballpark pretzel.
This is the real deal. And they bring you big ones.
And so I got really excited. I was like, “We’re gonna need
two more for the table, ’cause this one’s mine.” And they bring you all different
types of dips. I love dips.
-Oh, the dips. -Lots of cheese.
-Yeah. -Dips!
Round of applause for dips. [ Cheers and applause ]
We’re gonna have a little dip. Dip is why we’re all here.
-I love a dip. -So, Tegan and Sara,
congrats on your new memoir. I wanna show it real quick.
It is called “High School.” You got to tell me everything.
It’s so incredible. Such an original read. Why did you choose
to write this book? -So, the book is about
Tegan and Sara in high school. It’s about our origin story,
how we started the band, how we learned
to be songwriters. -Are you okay?
-Yeah. -Is it because I talked about us
in the third person? -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -So that people just remember
that we’re the Tegan and Sara. -I see.
-That’s all. But we —
In the book, we write — Thank you, the one person.
[ Laughter ] That one person was like,
“Yes! I get that.” [ Laughter ] We write about the early
sort of, like, start of our music career,
but we also write about, like, discovering and figuring
out that we were both gay. We write about —
-Taking a lot of acid. -Yeah.
-Are you allowed to talk about that on —
-Yeah, you do you. Listen, whoever you are is who
I want you to talk about. -Okay.
-We’re all real people here, and we want to tell real stories
out here. so, please, whoever you are.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Okay. So, in the book,
we do talk about our adolescent experience with LSD, which was very popular
in 1995, 1996, and 1997. And I think, in a way, the book
allowed us to sort of dispel some of these ideas
that Tegan — We’re very nice Canadians.
You’re a Canadian. You know that.
-Yes. -Canadians all want to be
really nice. [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s Canada. -We’re so sorry for being here,
but you know… [ Laughter ] But we also wanted to talk about
the realness of high school. And for us, sort of dealing
with our queer identity and sort of our body issues and so much respect
for your opening monologue, because, like, the popping
shirt/boob thing is like my — That’s like I’ve been
living with this since I was like 11-years-old. And I just feel like we had
all of this stuff going on, and drugs was a way
for us to escape. So we write about that
in the book, as well. -That’s so raw
and deep and real, and I applaud you for that. ‘Cause it’s not
an easy thing to do. [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, aside from the book
that is also a mirror… -Yeah.
-…which I love, you also have
a new album coming out, called “Hey, I’m Just Like You.”
[ Cheers and applause ] It is your ninth studio album. But I hear it has
a pretty crazy backstory. Do tell.
-Well, when we’re writing the book, we —
Obviously, we write about the origin of us, you know,
starting our band and figuring out
we could write music, and I went on a five-month hunt
to try to find the songs we wrote in high school. We made two demo tapes. I had what we remembered to be
maybe 40 songs. And so, for months,
I searched for them. And I finally got my hands
on one copy of each tape. And the more
I listened to the songs — Once I got over cringing…
[ Laughter ] …and wincing
and criticizing myself and feeling horrified
by the lyrics and — you know, a lot of
the out-of-tune singing — I started to marvel
at how great they were. I couldn’t believe
they were our first songs. And I feel like women
don’t get called, like, geniuses or talented
when they’re young. We get sort of patronized
and treated in a certain way, and I felt like we had to do
justice to those songs, and we needed to put them out
into the world. We needed to kind of, like,
time travel back and get those songs
and give them a second chance. So that’s the record. They’re all songs we wrote
when we were teenagers but through the lens of now. [ Cheers and applause ] -I think that’s so important,
because I think, you know, when you’re in this industry,
and you’re in the spotlight, you can really
have a message about anything. And it’s so admirable
to make sure your message is something that helps people
and makes people feel authentic and unapologetically themselves
and comfortable. We need more of that,
so thank you so much. That is what I’m talking about.
[ Cheers and applause ]


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