TEEN vs CHiLD: Last Day of School

– Hey, Mrs. Teacher! It took so long to make this gift for you. I just really poured my heart out into it. (upbeat music) Yeah, but don’t let anybody see you, Mom. Mom, I swear you cannot
let anybody see you. Hello guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I have a really
cool video for you guys. It is because it is the most
wonderful time of the year and no it’s not Christmas. It is the end of the school year. So I’m gonna be doing child versus teen end of school year things, and it’s gonna be super
cool and super fun. So, let’s get onto the video. (upbeat techno music) I have to find the most perfect sweater to match with my perfect outfit. (gasps) How about this one? It’s perfect ’cause
it’s a cat, you get it? (cat purring) This looks amazing,
I’m gonna have the best last day of school outfit ever. Okay, let’s go to school. (snoring) (optimistic music) (groaning) What time is it? Oh, man. It’s way past nine
(groans) I need to get up. It’s the last day of school. Should I be dressing nice? Nah, who cares? We’re good, let’s go. (upbeat music) (optimistic music) (upbeat rock music) (record scratching) (sad music) (upbeat music) Hey Mom, it’s the last day of school so I thought you could
come eat lunch with me. I came in all the way to
the office just to ask you. Alright, you can come
eat with all my friends for some mommy and daughter bonding time. Okay, sounds like a
plan, see you in an hour. (phone clacks) Mom, I forgot my last assignment. I need you to drop it off. (garbling) I checked my whole bag,
it’s nowhere, please. (garbling) Okay, thank you. Okay, bye, okay. (garbling) Okay, but don’t let anybody see you, Mom. Mom, I swear you cannot
let anybody see you. (garbling) Okay, you promise? Okay, no not even the
front desk lady, Mom. I swear and you cannot
let anybody see you. Okay and hurry, I need it now, like now. Like yesterday now. Okay. (garbling) Okay. (garbling) Bye. (upbeat music) It’s the last day of school,
it’s my favorite day. – I know.
– Are you excited? – You get parties. – And candy. – And candy and pencils
and erasers and pizza. – And pizza. I always eat my pizza backwards. (humming) Yum. Guys, it’s the last day of school. I can’t wait to get our party on. (record scratching) What is this? Final exam? (suspenseful music) What? What kind of last week of school is this? Oh my goodness, 500 questions? (shushing) (groans) (upbeat techno music) Hey Mrs. Teacher! It’s the last day of school, so I thought I’d make you a gift. So it took so long to
make this gift for you. I just really poured my heart out into it. So I made you this. It’s you, so you can always remember me. So here you go, have a great summer! It’s the last day of school, I can’t wait. Wait, were we supposed to
get gifts for the teachers? Definitely did not do that, oh. Hm, well, hm, this might work. I don’t even know how long that’s been in there to be honest. Oh, hey Teach. I was putting together your gift, it’s your pencil that you gave me at the beginning of the year. Has a few little marks on it, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Here you go. – [Children] Ew! – Have a good summer. Alright, it is the end of the school year, not the end of the video. It is the middle of the video. So, here I want you guys
to subscribe to my channel by clicking that red button down below and you have five seconds. Five, four, three, two, one. (applause) Okay, let’s get back to the video. (upbeat music) Oh my goodness, you need
to sign my yearbook. Okay, sign it right next to
your face so I can make sure that I always remember you. – Yeah. – For the rest of my
year, okay, there you go. Right there.
– Right here? – There you are, yep. Yes, perfect.
– Perfect! – And next to you write your phone number so I can always contact you. – Hags, yeah. – Hags, yes. Have a good summer. – [Teacher] Yearbooks. – What is this? I thought we turned in our
textbooks for the year. Oh wait, a yearbook. Oh, my grandpa was telling me about these. I didn’t know they still made them. Huh whatever, who cares? (glass breaking) (upbeat music) Tommy, I know we’ve had a really
fun time dating this year, but it’s the end of the school year which means we have to
break up, I’m so sorry. At least I didn’t do it over text so this is real life, I know, but I really have to break this up. My parents, they say I can’t
date you over the summer so we have to end this, okay? It was really fun, thank
you, have a good summer. Oh hey, Dean. (giggles) Well, make sure you call me over the summer every single day. I want you to text me all the time. Make sure you come over to my house. We can have dates and stuff. I’m so excited for summer. We can spend all summer together. (laughs) (upbeat techno music) Last day of school, we need
to make our bucket list. – Yes, for the summer. – Okay, what do we need? We need to have a water fight for sure. – The zoo, definitely, the zoo. – No, we need to go to the mall and pick out all the
ugly clothes that we can. – Yes. – That’s my favorite thing to do. – This is so fun. – Okay what else, what else, what else? – Oh, we need to have a
giant pillow fort sleepover. – Oh and a pillow fight. – Yes. – And braid each other’s hair. This is gonna be the best summer ever. – Pink nails. – Yes. (squealing) (sighs) Summer, I know what I’m
gonna do all day long. (dreamy music) – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin! – Kamri with the world championship, here comes the deal breaker. (audience cheering) Oh, and she wins the
national title, oh yeah. (sobbing) (lovely music) They’re just so cute. They’re perfect for each other. Pam and Jim, it’s just so perfect. (crying) (bell ringing) (upbeat techno music) School’s almost over. – I’m so sad. – School’s the only time
when I see my friends. Always, they’re just my
favorite, my best friends. – Your favorite teacher, Mrs. Smith. I’m gonna miss her. – I miss her so bad. (bell ringing) (groaning) Aw, it’s the end of school. (crying) I’m gonna miss you so much. – I know, we can hang out every week. – Okay, okay, okay, okay. Guys, there’s only 10 seconds left. Okay, here we go, you ready? Summer, summer, summer, summer, summer, summer, summer, summer, yes! (bell ringing) Here we go, we’re out for
the rest of the summer. Let’s go, peace out, Teach. (upbeat techno music) Alright, the end of the school year so I have to clean out
my backpack, of course. My folder, done. That took forever. Hm, what do I have in here? Let’s see. (clacking) (optimistic music) – [Mindy] Bye, have fun in Kindergarten! (whining) Go, bye. Kamri, go. Bye girls! I’m gonna count to three. One, two. (sobbing) Shaun! (infant crying) There’s the girls. (baby crying) Hey! Come cross. Hi guys. (chattering) – Oh my gosh. – [Mindy] Rylan, you survived. – [Child] I made so many new friends. – Thank you guys so, so much
for watching this video. Comment down below what your
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