Teen dies after fight outside middle school

thirteen year old girl has died after spending several days on life support following an after school fistfight and the discovery of a tumor ABC 13 anchor Tom Cook is here with more from the child's heartbroken mothers yeah what a sad ending ELISA too early to say if that fight led to the death of Kosala Francis or if the tumor she had was a pre-existing condition minutes ago her family and police confirmed to us that she had died the 13-year olds mother says this is the video coming up of her daughter that would got into a fight with two girls at Attucks middle school last Thursday Kassala went home with a bruise on her face after that fight right there but she told her mom she was okay a short time later her mother says Kassala became weak and complained of headaches and then on Sunday Kahala lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital and there doctors discovered a large tumor in her head and fluid buildup in her brain all I know is my daughter was perfect it's fine before his fight and now my baby again it's unknown if the fight had anything to do with gosh Allah's condition or her death Houston Police and HISD are investigating the fight but parents at addicts middle school told us this morning that fights are a big problem there at the school day it's always a fight up here and it's know police they need to do more it will come back on them later on in life the actions and everything so yeah I really I really hate it


  1. They assaulted that girl. Caused her death or not…they assaulted her and need to be charged.

  2. Thats like saying she was going die anyways, is the news really saying that..? Really..? .. not everyone with a tumor dies..

  3. Murder is murder Involantary or not. You don't hit some one with an anurism/tumor/Nothing and if they die not expect charges.

  4. Another reason to avoid black people altogether. They don't teach respect…kindness…or hard work. This is what they teach. Attack and kill. And cry racism

  5. Omg for the mom and family my heart breaks as a older brother this bulling must stop! This is any parents nightmare really anyone's nightmare my sister calls me constantly saying people are trying to jump her and threaten her the bullies need to be charged lock them up if your old enough to fight your old enough to be locked up poor little lady as a big brother of 2 young little lady my heart hurts for you and your family


  7. I encourage people to beat the shit out of kids fucking with theirs. If they can't raise them rite then kill them little bitches.

  8. #RaNaiya Wright. This is sad and sad that another child has lost their life. It's not humanitarian. My prayers goes out to the families whose lost a child for a senseless, cruel, unethical act. There need to be some type of law in place for bullies(unanimous hotline) to report this. It's gotten out of hand and making parents feel uncomfortable with sending their kids to school not knowing whether it's their last day to foolishness.

  9. Charge these bitches with murder fuck they age! This is why I will teach my kids to defend they self. 💯 Cause ill be damned my kids be subjected to this fuckery.

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