Teaching music

Music has always been a part of my life. I’ve
been very interested in music, particularly from a young
age and I have a real passion for it and a real flair for it.
Music is a very creative subject and offers pupils an opportunity to grow academically,
personally, socially. So I chose music because I enjoy
it and I see that there’s a lot of value for music education in
today’s schools. I had very inspirational teachers and I want
to inspire others as I have been inspired. And I wanted to
be part of a profession which is very exciting, very dynamic, which is challenging and no
two days would be the same. Music offers children the opportunity to develop
in a whole host of areas. It’s creative, it offers
opportunities for teamwork, it’s time management, there are performance and presentation
opportunities, it’s historical, it’s analytical, it’s a language, it’s mathematical. It’s
not just about performing an instrument – there’s so
much more to it. There’s a lot of extra‐curricular commitment
and, in any school, there should be a thriving extra‐
curricular musical programme. Things like choirs, and orchestras, jazz bands, string
groups. There’s a whole host of opportunities for music in schools
– for music teachers. So there’s a big commitment
and that’s part and parcel of the role and, in any thriving music department, the music
teacher will be running around quite busy. I think education’s very much about influencing
and being an influencer and that’s really why I’ve
come into this – to inspire people as I have been inspired.

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