Teaching English : How to Write an Essay

Hi, my name is Mike Mitchell, and today I’d
like to explain how to write an essay. In writing an essay, there are three basic parts.
There’s an introduction, the body of the essay, and the conclusion. In an essay, for the introduction,
we generally use what’s called the inverse pyramid, and this is where you start off with
a broad introduction, and you end up with a very specific point, or we often call it
a thesis, at the end of the introduction. The body consists of your arguments or statements,
and then a conclusion will start at a specific point, normally a brief summary of your thesis,
and will generally go back out again, to a broad spectrum. For the body, you have your
choice. You can either have a descriptive essay, or you can have an argumentative, and
for a descriptive essay, you generally are just going to provide information to the reader,
and for an argumentative essay, you’re generally going to debate some point.


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  2. I don't know I liked it )) not bad at least if people have no idea what it is ! they can figure out for themselves!

  3. this is the most useless 1:34 minutes of tutorial I have ever seen.. lacks any kinds of sophistications beyond the middle school backbone of essay knowledge crudely drawn on the board. High schoolers and college students alike will be turned off from this tutorial if anything.

  4. @pierepresentative8 You don't have to use that kind of tone .His intention is good.If it can't help you,just skip it.Don't take other's good intention like trash,ok?

  5. @OMGitzBri95
    I know where you're coming from. I think half of the people watching this video should actually be working on their essay but are just desperatly looking for some distraction.

  6. Ok so Im not sure if its just me but all the videos/articles on "How To Write An Essay" only really tell you the structure of it rather then teach you how to put your ideas on paper.

  7. ermm this is all helpfull but isnt it too basic an all… i need to write a business report on bentley for my first year at uni and i doubt this intro body conclusion will helpppp…does anyone know anything else that might help?

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  11. thank you so much! i have just started my bachelor and im scared so this has helped me alot! thank you thankyou

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  16. SHIT!!! Watching videos about essays for hours and didn't even write a word. It's 11 PM and my essay of for tomorrow! (( IM SCREWED ))

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  19. fml .. I dislike writing essays ! my hands all of sudden feel weak whenever I have to write one! lol thanks for the tips now it won't be so hard for me to write mine. 🙂

  20. Love it , but why dont you people tell us , what to write in Conclusion …. i understand the 1st two parts , but how to end the essay any IDEA please ..
    1" Introduction
    2: Body , with wanted method
    3" Conclusion .. which i am not sure what to do ?

  21. the lesson is quite short,simple but easy to understand.i am a vietnamese ,i am studying about how to write an essay,i need a more detailed one

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